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1. Unseen

Every morning I look at my reflection and question who is staring back at me. Do I choose to be bitter, spiteful, and quick to make enemies? All my words are daggers, my tongue is poisonous. Always quick to judge and slow with forgiveness, I keep burning bridges before I
finish crossing. Spiral through the free-fall and pray for solid ground, spiral through the free-fall, I can’t find solid ground. Reaching towards the heavens, looking for a hand, a hand I’ve never seen in this darkness. Who can pull me from this darkness? Stop the tide
from drowning me, in a sea of my regret. When all hope is fleeting, the waves carry me to shore so I can start again. Fix my eyes on a new horizon, free myself from the burden of my past and pretend who I was yesterday is gone. Each time that I claim that I’ve been
reborn, the voice inside tells me that I can never change. All my words will always turn to daggers pinning me to the wall. Now I’d die just to feel. Every emotion I showed has been a clever forgery. Every memory held regret and I was dying just to feel something real
besides the shame of feeling every choice I made hurt you. If it meant I could feel alive, I would show the world the truth and let them take me as I am or cast me aside. At least I’d feel alive. Feel alive, or cast me aside, cast me aside.

2. Crossing The Acheron

Together with all the souls, flowing ever onward, into the mouth of darkness, Charon ferries forth: always rowing, always pressing forward. Sirens sing over waxed ears, but I’m tied to the mast and sleeping. Currents converge. I’d drink the entire river and name myself
Lethe if I could erase the memory of the day the world fell silent. If ever there was a Hell, if ever Hades spoke, I’d know the place of torment, his song, his signature. Crossing the Acheron, crossing the Acheron! Poseidon, Earth-Shaker, Storm-Bringer, drive your
chariot here, drown your chariot here.

3. The Power And The Glory

This time I offer it all for this. This time I lay myself on the line. You’ve got to know I’d throw myself in, whole heart and whole mind. Push everything else aside, pull my next step over my eyes. Bring the future upon myself, smash it over my head. And I never thought
a night this simple could freeze the hands of time. You’re the only one who can make time stop. So breathe, just breathe, and feel the air that fills the lungs. Cease the thought, just to be. This is the moment I’d always longed for. Here we are, face to face. This is
now. I am here and this is now. The power and the glory are yours to take! I now can comprehend the depths that I withheld. My deepest sympathies for ever pushing you away, but from here we move, we continue forward. This is not the end, this is the beginning. As the
future comes like a freight train barreling down the dark tunnel, I see there is no escape hatch. There’s no way out, I can’t turn back, and this time it’s okay. This time I am… this time finally, I am not unnerved. This is learning to hold your breath, this is learning
to swim in a hurricane. This is royalty draped in rags, draped in the rags of peasants.

4. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

I dream the most awful of things. In the morning I wake and my hands are blood red ’cause all night I’ve wreaked havoc and death. I’ve burned down the buildings I have built. Burned it to the ground. Burned it down! Alone I manifest the gears that set in motion the
systematic collapse of my sanity. The clock strikes twelve and dies, the birds that fly will fall. Upon this stage I’ll set it straight: life and death will tangle. I am the machine! While I sleep, I can see what I’ve become. I am the machine! My veins are wires, my skin
is stretched over steel. As I stare into the mirror, with every star ripped from the sky, no regret, and I’m forgiving myself for what I’ve done. My chance to get out of this place has come and gone, still I’m standing here before the cheval glass. This is empowerment.
This is the fuel in my blood. I feel this gasoline in my blood, feel the gasoline burn. Through every adversity, I found a way to justify, now look into my eyes! My nightmares will come to an end as a red sun rises over head. Sunlight floods my eyes, washes out my skin,
the long shadows shorten, another day begins. As I stare into the mirror, with every star ripped from the sky, no regret, and I’m forgiving myself for what I’ve done. Life is new every single day, and every nightmare shows the beauty of the dawn, but even in the darkness
of cold and starless nights the Earth sleeps aside her mistress in the sky.

5. Serotinous Seed

The air weighs heavily on my back and sits as stone on my shoulders. I wake face down on the ground with the smoky taste of burned soil. I open my eyes to a charred landscape of trees and homes scorched to black, of hills of dark and smoldering ash, to towering stacks of
skulls. Death blankets the whole earth like a dust that spreads its wings and settles on everything. The smoke trails on for miles. We fight just to breathe. I am the serotinous seed. Amidst the black I bloom, birthed of blood and fire, built to prosper in the black. I
am serotinous, built to defy the hand of death. The white sun is smeared behind a charcoal sky, the bullets of light pierce through the inky clouds. Blessed with the strength of life, blessed with a life in death. I was made to take the hard road, blessed with a curse.
Bring your fire here, call me to rise, and I will reach the heavens. I am the serotinous seed! Raise the siege, raise the flags. Raise the siege, “Cry ‘havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war!”

6. Surrender (Bleach The Flag)

I never cut you down, never broke your knees. Everything is inspiration, except the words you speak. Kick me when I’m down, pack the wound with salt. You can break my skin but I would never let you crush my ambitions! Dear doubter, yeah naysayer, I am no soothsayer, but
my will is strong and I will lead this one. There is a difference between us: the rationalist versus the dreamer. This is Morpheus bound by Socrates, the thought of flight layered deep in crude oil. Wave your colors, dig your feet in, show me your teeth, and we’ll
prepare for war! Tribes of the world clash. We bury the skulls within the earth, hide the bones beneath, beneath our ancestors, and pretend we can hide our guilt below our apathy. Bleach the flag, bleach the flag. The earth will bleed its colors, the eyes will be bled of
tears, the rivers will run dry. Our flags will be white. There will be peace. Our flags will be white. War has no winner. Put down your gun, rip out your teeth.

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