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1. Victim Of Glory

Black is the sky
Fire, smoke and violence
Can you hear the warriors scream
In the night
Dead bodies lie
On the ground and in the river
Life or death is on the line

See me, hear me
Look for the blinding light
See me, feel me
Kill or you'll be killed tonight

Your father was like darkness
And your mother was like pain
Fighting with the evil
Cross this bloody rain

Victims of the glory
When the time has come
Pray for your enemy
Or else your soul will stand alone

Cry into sky
Never die
I will survive tonight
To the morning light

2. The Prediction

When the last tree has fallen
And the last game turned to flesh
When the last deer's been hunted dead
What's up when it makes much cash?

Last baby seal has been hooked up
Last tiger also lost its life
For noble ladies dressed in furs
What's up it's for the beauty of my life

For the last threatening sign
When comes the day?
When comes the time?
When gonna be the judgement day?

Whales sink down harpoons in the back
Perish I pain, being chased at any price
Rivers will be dirty and black
They say: what's up!
But we've got just one life
Surgeons turn your face to perfection
The questions: what will be to the latest craze?
Animals get a lethal injection
Screaming out: "We are the human race"

The woodlands are dead
The latest spring has dried up
Too late thinking ahead
Dry sand, look around
You're alone in this land
Nobody's here to hold your hand
It will be a nightmare
Please, please awake
We can't eat money
We are the human rece

When comes the day?
When comes the time?
When will there be the last threatening sign?


3. Sand Greek

It's the night on the battle fields
The souls of the murdered warriors
Go around
Any cry for revenge

Here I am, born to save my nation
Come and fight with you, here is the location
See the blood red sky tonight
Thousand warrioirs have died

The wolves roaming cross the battle ground
The souls of the dead they have found
Wolf warriors running up the hill
Searching for the enemy to kill

I call my nation!
Can you hear me in the darkness?
Be not afraid and fight!
To survive is your right!
I call my nation, call my nation...

Great spirit please help me in this heavy hour
Give me courage, give me power
Love is lost in this cruel time
Only murder and only crime

Tomorrow, I'll destroy their bloody fame
The arrows rightly find their aim
I drive away them from this land
White man you will devour sand

I call my nation...

4. Project Daydream

Hear the secret order
Project daydream has begun
Deep in your empty mind
A deadly fear awakes

Military instruments
Ready throughout times
Waiting for your data
Waiting for the sign

Helpless souls
Flying with black wings
Life and death
Flashing through your drain
Broken eyes
Looking in the mirror
Search in your mind
Seeing endless pain

Forgotten things remembered
The time to kill has come
Discover faceless enemies
Or else we hear your painful moan

5. I'll Be There

The time you feel so sad
Always wasted
The day is gone, but I'll be there
You see the lights go out in the city
So think of me and I'll be there

Another day, another light
Will shine in darkness it's so bright
The sun will rise for you and me forever
A new day dawns after the night

I'll be there
I'll give my life
Baby come and feel my love
The love I give will make you strong
I'll be there forever again

You be absorbed in thoughts
Always dreaming
The time goes by when you are alone
The stays a look of smile
You see a picture of mine
You trying through
You try to close your eyes to see

I'll be there
I'll give my life
Baby come and feel my love
The love I give will make you strong
I'll be there forever again

And don't return
On the way you go
Tomorrow is waiting for you
Don't turn around
Be by my side
Together we will see what we can do

6. Tears In The Darkness

Helpless calling
Tears are falling
In the darkness of the children's room
The face is burning
He can't move his hand
The only witness is the rising moon

Grandma has told him
There's a god on your side
Maybe he's already sleeping
Or getting drunk tonight

Little souls are calling
Screaming all over the world
Victims of hate and dissatisfaction
They blame them for their
Busted life

They did not really want him
No fun to raise and live him
So he's been alone since the day
When he was born
They need and abused him day by day
But the was afraid of running away
He lives in a fortress, fortress of pain

Broken and mistreated
The smile has left his face
He is a victim
In a bad, black game

7. Stonehenge


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