Dark Lyrics


1. Flickering Flame

Severed self in noctum
Ferocity in calm
The storm of the eye
Tempest in paradise
Suffering soul in a frozen home
Where time is still

2. Eden Falling

Entangled in a twisted web
Your mind is suffocating

Disintegrated thoughts of a mind that's decaying
In all it's grace, the world is falling
Imploding itself slowly
And you're standing before me
Collapsing love
The kingdom is in flames

Bestow to me sanctuary

3. Revoked Relinquished

Damnable graciousness
In the midst of atrocity
Dead men tell no tales
Except for the bones in the closet

Behind closed doors
In the domain of the evil and wicked
In illusion of secrecy
The demented take advantage, and defile reality

Conscientiousness has been dismissed
"Common Sense" was just a book
Consciousness is in duress
Herein thyself thy never look
Lest you can withstand the power
Of the intrinsic, inverted, internal sight
Cast a blind eye on that which you've buried
Silence your tongue among the feeble and weak

4. Phoenix

Lying on the altar, unborn before the mass
The wolves eyes shine through the darkness,
Your soul is split in half
The duality of you, separated in two
Displayed for you to see, your infinity alive

Conquest for absolution, the lust to dominate
Will sink you further down into an early grave
Vindications are mundane, lest you're untouched by sin
The ruling of your judgments is a trial no one wins

I am the judge, the jury, the executioner
I am my own worst enemy, I am my own lord and savior
A true warrior fears no death
At even odds polarizing our own selves

The wind howls like a monster through the ruins of God

5. Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

In the times of Babylon, the Kings would sit
On a throne lower than the people's heads
Bowing to his subjects, holding his own grace
In showing servitude, exposing humility

These are the Kings of men
Not the weak disciples who demand respect
In expensive attire and luxurious homes
Who are these men trying to control my soul?

Business men
Religious zealots
Conservative fascists
The envious and falsely proud
You will get no respect from me

6. Funeral Pyre

Dagger like eyes stabbing holes through my privacy
Tearing a hole through my illusion of security
Playing a game with what I call my reality
Farming my blood and reaping my sanity

They try to shift my thoughts into monotony
They try to turn our lives into a monopoly
They provide you Hell when you strive for divinity
Being pure of sin is impossible when you support society

Opening the gates of Hell,
It's easy to unveil
The demons welcome you with smiles,
As they drag you in the fire

7. Disembodied Disempowered

Realize that you are blind
You've never known anything at all,
You have understood even less
You are lost forevermore

You are on a lower plane,
You must realize your place
No matter what you've read or heard
Nihilism shall devour
The blood of decapitated saints
Flooding the civilizations of men
Choking on the holy water
Poisoned by others

8. Spiritual Solidarity

Sorcery and witchery
Magical dynasty
Destiny beckoning
Transcending mortality
Awakened by divinity
Polarize the suffering

Use your will to be set free,
By the chains of hypocrisy
Celebrate this dignity,
To rise above our misery

Disciples of the true God,
All our souls will meet there

9. Claustrophobic Monophobia

Seek thyself, ye shall find
Covet power, ye shall divide
The conquered moment is yours to keep
The more you owe, the more you reap

Their twisted egos, their sharpened daggers
They sling their arrows from behind cover
They'd sing a different tune, if they were alone with you
They'd grovel for forgiveness, fearing what you'd do

10. X

Wading in feces
Piss, shit, and blood
Choking on vomit
Sinking in sludge
Your flesh is melting
Your heart is racing
Fatigue claims you in this putrid sea

Your subconscious mind wraps you in it's tentacles,
And makes you lose your strength as it drags you down
Into the darkest depths of the deepest abyss
Revealing the most complex puzzles of your consciousness

Music and lyrics written, recorded, and produced by Anthony House 2016.

Thanks to slaughterhousevlad for sending these lyrics.

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