Dark Lyrics


1. Reality Defiled

I'm a human being
Insane and retarded
Malicious and destructive
I no longer have control
I'm infatuated with my perception of love
This life is full of blackness, though I maintain hope

I clutch to the dying
Insanity provoked
Holding onto nothing
Falling into unknown
Unconscious and foolish
Blind to present-future
Withering and fading
Forward into the past

I'm falling into space
I follow my own path

The living are chaotic
Consciously unperceptive
Focused on escape
Reality defiled
Rapacious and selfish
Blood thirsty animals
Competing with each other
And against their own reflection

Dwelling in their cages
Feeling safe from harm
Ignoring all their problems to abandon what they see
Listening to no one
Addicted and compulsive
Erasing their minds with lies they love the most

I hate myself for reasons that I am not
I hail myself for reasons that I am

I am that I am

2. Misanthropy

Condemned to the fate of men
Convinced that he knows
Everything there is to be
Tricked by what he sees
His passion is displayed
In carnal acts of rage
So called facts carved in stone
Lined with blood to set the tone
Comedy and tragedy
Are one in the same
The play begins with innocence
And ends in the grave
To believe in prophecy
Is to betray intuition
Magical and blasphemous
No competition won
In this shared reality
There is no difference
Between truth and lies
Or life and death
Nothing is certain

We have all been blind
To fallacy of time

We have already died
We are already dead

Everything that you have feared is here and is real
Anything imaginable is happening all at once

This planet is corrupted with sickened human filth
Plaguing the generations to never awaken again

You caused all of this to happen
And you will never ever admit to it
You started all wars
And you will never win

You will die
You are dead
You are a lie
Get this through your head...

You were never alive!

3. Master And Slave

The eyes of the icons are rotted and black
Gazing into nothing
Never to breathe or blink again
Abysmal awake nightmare

The living are unknowing
The living are condemned
The living will all suffer
The living know no end
Time isn't living, time isn't dead

Indulge into the pleasures of flesh
You will not have it when you are dead
And finally free
Forget the knowledge of everyone else
Think for yourself
Master and slave together in one
Obey only your self

Open you eyes
Open your mind

4. My Will Be Done

Incarnate into flesh
A shadow of a higher being
Dying and decaying
My eyes resemble nothing

My mind is just a tool
My hands command my purpose
My will be done

In darkness I see
The soul knows it's self
Death means nothing
This is just the beginning

This is just the beginning

5. Growing Gods Of Greed

My hatred for humans is making me insane
I can't stand anyone they make me demented
Consuming and ignorant
What we are makes me sick

We are nature's bane
We are parasites
We are full of shit
We are egotists

We deserve to die
To save this planet
We are fucking up
To support ourselves

We are growing gods of greed

Festering and writhing feeding on ourselves
Constant search for entertainment,
Selfish evil pigs
Hellbent on our desires to fulfill our egos
Destroying the earth to create more suffering

We all need to support suicide

6. The Dragon's Mouth

Roaring hunger of the beast cracks the sky
It's eyes inflamed with desire
Flexing it's armoured wings
It exhales a putrid stench

Snarling in anticipation
Saliva dripping from it's mouth
The whole planet quakes
When it's stomach growls

Soaring through the sky
Shadowing the Earth
Consuming all it wants
Spreading fire in it's wake

7. Regression

Stay inside
Hidden agendas glisten shady eyes
Raping voice in the back of your mind
Programmed to betray your self
Pretend to love this
As if it were made for you
Just act stupid
Buy the new mask everyone is wearing

Facade behind facade
Never ending synthetic guise
Choose to be desensitized
Trade your innocence for lies

Stay inside
Hidden agendas glisten shady eyes
Raping voice in the back of your mind
Programmed to betray your self
Pretend to love this
As if it were made for you
Just act stupid
Buy the new mask everyone is wearing

Facade behind facade
Never ending synthetic guise
Choose to be desensitized
Trade your innocence for lies

Stand in line
Today is a day for progress
Move in line
Today is a day for progress
Sell yourself
You're only worth what you're paid
Worship money
It's the reason you exist
Shut up, keep moving
Tomorrow will be worse
Shut up, keep moving
Tomorrow will be worse

8. Carnal Carnival

This is a pain I cannot sedate
With each breath I take I'm closer to my fate
I am myself, I am what I create
I am myself, I am my hate

My hate is a burden
My love is dying
My mind is burning
My eyes are lying
I trust no one
Everyone's a stranger
I can't trust myself
I know myself too well
The curtain has been lifted
The past is evidence
It's draining me of substance
My hunger only grows
I cannot recede into my personal shell
I am forced into my personal hell
Searching for answers in all the wrong places
Twisted and demented
It's a carnal carnival

The darkness that I know
Is the darkness that I am
I want to disappear
I want to be happy
I want to know I'm safe
I want to know my purpose

I see through your plastic mind
And your recycled beliefs
You survive to be satisfied
You use your sins to pacify

Lift the veil up from your eyes
The future isn't real
Pay attention, or you may owe it

9. Chosen Ignorance

Gorgeously defiled
Maliciously reborn
Into every second
Lost with every breath

Darkened with intent
Radiantly cold
Restlessly judgemental
No life amounts to yours

Paranoid and anxious
Miserable and scared
Entrapped in chosen mistakes
Reclusive in your fear

Reaching for no answers
Blissful ignorance
Addicted to what kills you
You are suicidal

10. Selfless

Living just makes me want to die
Hopelessly searching for hope
Everything in my eyes are lies

Broken dreams compel me to go to sleep
My broken heart makes me forget most things
Cruelty embedded within me
Entombed in heinous honesty

I hate everyone
I fucking hate myself
I resent this way of life
I must find what's lost

Love and comfort are so distant from my spirit
My memories fatigue my mind and body
My mentalities are chains that bind my being
My survival seems like it is not for me

I'm insane
I'm alone
I'm depressed
I hate my self

11. Illogical Nonsensical

The voice of reason commands hordes
The voice of progress is found to be obscene
Illogical, nonsensical
Delusional and awestruck
Human being/beings

Profound existence neglected by
Non understanding of duality
Your hypocrisy is held like daggers
Toward you and others

Fuck you!

Awaken your senses
Abandon your sense

12. The Great Machine

Dying in your head as you rot in your seat
Wasting away, the cycle repeats
Lost and worthless by self defeat
The path to hell is a one way street

Fucking look around you
These walls weren't meant to be
You have been a victim
Of the great machine

Sweating blood for corporations
Signing off your rights
Forced to praise the government and stay within the lines

You have been led to believe that you cannot be free
You have been trained and brainwashed by your society

13. Bleeding Servant

Living to continue life only to die
Working for some thing until there's nothing inside
Hoping to find the answers to life's great questions
Bleeding, rotting, twisted, mangled;
Our great future

Shackled servant
Bound by servant
Bleeding for them
To bleed for you

Forced to face the judgement
On uneven scales
Forced to sell our selves
To support this evil

The will of the people
The will of all evil
Given sacred life
Thy will be done

14. Propagating Disease

Continuing misery
Controlling emotions
Blood thirsty and evil
I am demon
I am plunder

Falsifying morals
Justifying malice
Propagating torment
Gratifying disease

15. Disconnected

All things are divine
Everything is one
Separation is illusion

We are disconnected

We are parasites
Feeding off the Earth
Building monoliths to cage
Hiding from the truth
Seeking out God everywhere except within

When our selfish desires outweigh our needs
We have lost ourselves to substance
Not to trust ourselves or anyone else
We have lost ourselves to chaos

Opening the heart to our dual nature
Reunites us to contentness
Coveting false idols and material possessions
Disconnects us all from infinity

Losing sanity trying to remain
Distracted from collective consciousness

All things are divine
Everything is one
Separation is illusion

16. Outside The Box

I know it's selfish to say I didn't ask for this
This time of war, starvation, greed, and ignorance
I try to reach out toward someone
I want to know why we can't just be one

Too many people like to pretend that nothing's coming
Poisoned labrats
Here to keep the power running
Will you give up the servitude you call necessary,
Or will you support the evil as it's growing?

Unknowing worship of gods that had their names forgotten
They're smiling down on human culture's deconstruction
Can you figure out what this life is?
And if you have, can you define it?

Do you feel lost in this society?
Do you feel like a victim of a lobotomy?
And when you want to reach out toward someone
Does it seem like there's no one?

People with their brains off, but their phones on
Communicating to each other like aliens
Betraying their own intelligence
We'll have a future full of idiots

We have lost our place on this planet
We have lost our connection to it

17. Digital Possession

This generation
Is corrupted
By technology
You worship it

The media
Is a lie
From all that's real
To be lost
In dramatics
To satisfy your ego

You have all forgotten your place
Material possession is shit
You are not a part of it

Dead in you head, you are nothing
Without fucking electronics
You may as well kill yourself

18. Living Ghost

Lost in the light, and weak in the dark
Your mind is a cage, you're trapped in your thoughts
Driven by spite and nourished by none
Endless and hopeless

Constant and pure, the evil in you
From all of the pain you've had to endure
Your eyes do not see what you have become
Endless and hopeless

The answers to life are not in your reach
The gods do not care about your defeat
You're wasting your time with the objects you seek
Endless and hopeless

Rotting slowly, the cycle remains
Closer to death, everyday
Suffering ends when there is no life
Endless and hopeless

You were born to be free
Unbound by society
Freedom from hypocrisy
Freedom to conspiracy

If you never question
You will never know
If you remain silent
You're a living ghost

Humans are demons
We all live in Hell

19. False Reality

This isn't real
You are alive
This is a false reality

Nothing is real
Is there a purpose?
Voices inside
They're screaming

False reality

20. Virus

I refuse your ways of ignorance
I choose not to suffer for anyone
I reject the hypnotic brainwash
That we live with every single day

Evil men with power have no power over me
I banish their religion of deceit
I defy this mechanical society's ways
And their sickening addiction to pain

Technological manipulation
Controlling the population
Cultural deconstruction
Separation of a nation

21. I Rise Above

I try to disconnect from reality
In the middle of dualities
Balancing myself on this high wire
Above our culture of shit

I try not to look down
I stare toward the horizon
I keep moving toward something
Struggling to escape from nothing

I reach for the sky
Standing above the world
I am too far to fall
I rise above it all

22. Plastic Utopia

I am disgusted
Suffocating in plastic
Molded to achieve
Ceasing to be
Though I will die
The facade will live
Soul pollution
Mind controlling pain

Suffocating in plastic
Ceasing to be
Suffocating in plastic

All music and lyrics written, recorded, and produced by Anthony House

Thanks to slaughterhousevlad for sending these lyrics.

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