Dark Lyrics


1. For Naught

Dwelling in such monotony are the sheep of the Lion
Labeled are we in relativity to that of serpents
Progressing pandemonium ensues in one's own mind
When one questions the nature of existence

O, pleasures doth thou encase thyself within
The shackles of lust and gluttony bare a burdenous weight
The origins of liberation lie within neutrality
Total neutrality of the conscious energy

The wool of the sheep hath been cast over our eyes.
Plagued by the illusion of honesty and purpose
We follow the shepherd into the Lion's den

This existence of such trivial repetition is waiting for the flame to be doused

Never shall we dine upon the scarlet fruit
We shall never faulter nor wither from way of light

We follow the shepherd into the Lion's den
We follow our ancestors' footsteps into the graves

2. Shadow Shifter


3. Primal

I am my own god, soul-bound to reign in Hell
The power of ancients flows in my blood

I am empty, possessed by my self
I am the will of God possessing a human form
I create to destroy, I destroy to create
I die to live
I live to die

This is all a dream, nothing is everything
Everything is key
You are an ancient being

You decide your fate, you are what you create

4. God Complex

I am god
A verb and a servant
A vibration in space
Without a purpose

My will is my command
Trivial progression
Chaos and control
Are my names

My will is my command
Mundane absolution
Restlessly constructing
Monuments for nothing

5. Savage

Paranoid animal
Complacent, misinformed
Pro-creating parasite
Flesh bound soul
Complex and primitive
The beast inside devours lives
Sadistic, sexual
The beast inside
Commanded by ego

Political, absolute
Forget sacred knowledge
Become spiritually demented

6. Powerless

Something is controlling me
I am not myself
I am no one else
It twists my emotions into stress
It warps my mind and makes me stupefied

My reality is struggle
Sometimes I cannot win
All I strive for is triumph
At times I'm powerless

I focus on my strife
I purge myself of hate
I heal myself
I forget my pain

7. Mental Oblivion

Boundless streams of poison contaminate purity
All knowledge resides behind the guise of mortal lies
To see through this darkness, you have to close your eyes
Feel yourself becoming what is in your mind

Swimming through poisoned waters, struggling to breath
Wadding through human garbage, to find what is sacred
Reaching for the answers, through endless mounds of bullshit
Trying to feel comfort in understanding nothing

8. The Galactic Ocean


9. Duality

All is one

Hate and love
All is one

Life and Death
All is one

Connection to the open sky will guide you into the light

Stare into the abyss
Stare into yourself
Be one with chaos
Be one with nothing


Everything and Nothing
All is one

10. Catharsis

To be human is to know nothing
To be delusional and controlled
Fearful of life and death
Constantly uncertain
Bleeding for comfort
Ignoring the heart

The end justifies the means
Destruction controls all we make
Blaspheming Gaia and ourselves
What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine

To be a servant to your fellow man
To strive for the goals of others
Chosenly humiliated
Less than animal
Confused by your ego
Reflecting all that you are
Reflecting all that you hate

The end justifies the means
Destruction controls all we make
Blaspheming Gaia and ourselves
What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine

They have lied to you your whole life
Leading you astray
You have every right to be
Naturally free
You forget who you are

They have lied to you your whole life
Leading you astray
You have every right to be
Naturally free
You forget who you are

11. The Soul Triumphant

To rise above the darkness
You must feel the light
The force within your body
Is radiant and bright
Your consciousness is holy
Your heart is pure and bold
Your pulse echoes through dimensions
Your passion is your strength

Transmogrify your misery and let your soul take flight
Your rage burns like fire and fuels you to survive

The suffering of this world
You will rise above
With focus and precision
Your will is your perfection
You've been given time
And you wield it as a weapon
To transcend above madness
Your glory is your strife
Though the world is crumbling
You face it with your might
Be steadfast through your struggles
Before triumph, you must fight

You are the strength
To rise above

12. Deconstructable

Hearing voices
Visuals shape shifting
Mind controlling
Mind collapsing
Falling further
Into deepest darkness

Illuminated by light
Is my purest self
Without any concern
For the things that I can't control

My ego is compromisable,
My triumph is my weakness
I am I alone

13. My Blackest Essence

I travel on time
My path is clear
Only uncertain by my own fear
I walk blindly through alternate dimensions
I believe in my own way

The sky above me, the ground below me
Gravity commands my every perception
Galaxies revolve around absolute nothingness
Every path I see will lead me closer to death

14. Limitless

Invert your sight
Travel on the winds of time
Find within eternal sky

Spread your wings, begin to fly
You just have to try
Breathe the air into your lungs
Fire in your eyes
Power flowing through your veins
As you calm your mind
Elevate your consciousness
You are limitless

This dimension
Was made for you
Use your power
As you see fit
You are a god

15. Selfish

Easy, everything will be alright with time
You are intelligent, do not worry
You don't need to prove it
All you need to know is to be your self
You are no one else
Believe in your self
Forget everything that holds you back

Everyone is a teacher, you're your worst enemy
Only you can save your self from negativity
Meditate to escape, then you will be free
You must find within your self your own tranquility

16. Celestial Mirror

I look toward the sky
I wonder why I am alive and why I'll die

I belong here to learn not to fear
I shed no tears for passing years

I release my pain from inside
I will find my answers with time

17. Shaman

My heart beats with the pulse of the earth
My mind is a holy flame that I must maintain

I am strong, my soul flies through the sky
Far above the misery of life

I am not alone
My body is my home
I learn more with everything I'm shown
I am not unconscious, I keep myself aware
Do what you believe in, I do not care
I hear the words you say, and I take them to heart
Every single person plays a part
In this reality that sometimes feels like a game
Do not be scared, you know how to play
Believe in yourself, do it your own way
Do not believe in what other people say
And you will be happy for all of your days
Focus on what's now, and forget your past
Focus on the future, and you'll get there too fast
Do not focus on the pain in everyone
Love yourself always, and all battles are won

18. Immaterial

Locked inside behind my eyes
Eyes see nothing when the mind is blind

Opening celestial passages within
Deep exploration of the soul

The human experience… Immaterial

Wave forms of light bonded to flesh
Only to be forgotten

Thoughts are real, they command you
You are not real, this is a dream
We float in the air toward gravity
Sinking into the ground
Returning into cycles

Awaken your being of light
Command your darkness

All is evil
All is pure

All is one
All will end

19. Cycles Of Torment

I foresee the end of all time
For I know the beginning
A linear path into decay
A twisted path through chaos
Battles are waged in cycles of torment
The living understand this
Though feed the evil within themselves
With the purest of intentions

I see my end
I will not win
The fight with death
I am not I

I am the start
I am the end
I am the dark
I am the light

Falling from grace is inevitable
We are subject to cycles
This life I leave is destruction
The path to home is life

All music and lyrics written, recorded, and produced by Anthony House

Thanks to slaughterhousevlad for sending these lyrics.

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