Dark Lyrics


1. You People Are Insane

If you've heard that I'm crazy, what you've heard is true
I enjoy eating babies, I rape their parents too
The taste of blood excites me, more than just sexually
I am a cannibal because people are so tasty
I cut my victims' faces off and put them on my walls
I practice necromancy to make their corpses my thralls
When I have finished eating, I save my feces
I dump it in the mouths of my victims when they scream

I possess many tools to practice butchery
I would like to torture all of you professionally

Suffocating, ripping, grinding, and eviscerating
Slicing, maiming, shredding, cauterize to stop the bleeding

How I spend my time is none of your business,
Unless you want me to make you go through this
If that is the case, you will receive your wish
There will be no release until I'm finished

Insanity of man personified as man

2. Six Feet Under

The black birds call your name with their broken song
The graveworms' stomachs have been hungry for too long
Your final home is found in the freshly moistened soil
Regardless of your plans, this is for what you toil
The reaper's scythe will never miss nor ever falter
Your body is an offering for Death's eternal altar
Do not deny the balance between life and death,
For one day all of us must suffer our last breath

Personally, your fear disgusts me and I find you weak
Only a selfish life would consider dying to be bleak
If you loved being alive, nothing would hold you back
You waste your loathing on the day you finally fade to black
Your ancestors have passed their tests, and that's why you are here
They did not die to leave you living life in fear
The Devil may care for your loss, so strengthen your sense of self,
For if you appreciate nothing, you'll find your self in Hell!

The soul is underneath, living regardless belief
The truth is steadfast, your pulse was never meant to last
Even if you feel alone, for all our lives we must atone
Flesh is only borrowed, let go of Earthly sorrows
Nature will make beauty out of rotting blood, shit, and pus
As the maggots chew your bones, you will join all of us
Your search for eternal life was a wasted journey spent
After you have crossed over, there's no reason to lament

Six feet underneath, the fact you rejected to believe

3. Leech

Through the eyes of the living dead, all is food and nothing else
Everything and everyone that moves is just there to ingest
Communication and company is by which the undead feed
They latch onto others to satisfy their needs

When they think you're intelligent, they want to steal your brain
You think they care for your heart, they just want to inflict pain
When you finally find them out, they latch onto someone else
Their identities are facades, they test if you can tell
Masters of the backward art, total hypocrisy
Adept in the evil eye, the scope through which they see
Emotions will quench their thirst, they lust for your pity
They'll take advantage of your soul, and drain your empathy

Pathetic are their egos, a trick they use to fool
Pretending to be weak and meek is their most profound tool
They seek out their prey based on the kindness of their heart
You may think they're human, they're a total breed apart
You may feel exhausted, as if you're falling ill
Manipulated to oblivion, the undead go for the kill
Once you have been bled dry, they will only find another
They put on a different mask so they aren't discovered


4. A Fleeting Thought

Constantly distracted, you damn your mind to waste
You sell your humanity to live here in this place
In pursuit of riches, you're dying for a taste
Working toward nihility, a complete mental case

You condemn all that's natural for not being fair
Earth is being destroyed and you don't even care
Your mind for entertainment, health for technology
Soul sold to the Devil, known as society
You always feel you're cheated when you're losing in the game
Searching for anyone else to shoulder all the blame
When your cards are down, you start comparing pain
Your goal in life is to make others' loss your gain

It's purely business, I'm sure you understand
Your only purpose is to make known your demands
Slavery isn't so bad when you're the one in charge
The point is to take advantage so you can live large
All is fair in love and war, at least that's what they say
No one wants to be the side character in Life's play
To be in the limelight, your fifteen minutes of fame
You want the entire world to revel in your name

It's only temporary, your time will come at last
It's just a passing moment, and it will be gone fast
It's here one second, and then it's gone
It's always darkest right before the dawn
Your existence, a flame flickered then doused
You search to be immortal, the thought makes you aroused
You scorn the name of gods and put yourself above
You'd rather never lose than to never love

Living life without a care, yet you think you suffer,
Comparing your life to that of another
I would torture you to death so you could see the light
If you were meant to be here, you may win the fight
The bells will toll for you, of this I'm certain
After your time on stage, it's time to drop the curtain
There will be no encore, your audience will leave
They'll forget about you sooner than you'd believe

5. Hive Mind

Malformation in majority, total loss of self authority
Surveillance has us scrutinized, all but privacy privatized
Hypnotized by the perception that we're free from deception
As the masses multiply vestigial becomes the third eye

Spiritual crisis masked by medication
Closer we move toward our extinction
Mind control across entire nations
Brain damaged beyond all operation

In their garden of Eden we are all weeds,
Unless we produce the fruits on which they feed
No matter how beautifully we will grow,
We'll be uprooted by the ruling foe

It's a campaign for control and terror
Keep the masses as unknowing as ever
Program the people to work solely for the hive
This is the process by which slavery survives
Faced with threats of torture or death if we revolt
Keep our heads down and just do what we're told
If we question the righteousness of our master,
They will leave our lives in total disaster

A lifestyle corrupted by lies from evil minds
A plan to make a slave race out of human kind
Our worth defined by how much we sacrifice
To make true the dreams of a madman's paradise
Repetition makes a man exactly what he does,
Simplicity used as a weapon against all of us
Closing off our minds to the possibilities
Handing over our freedom to a false society

6. Caged Animal

I feel like a caged animal, I'm sick of it all
Man made prison keeping me still, it gives me the urge to kill
Backed into a corner, neglected by my owner
These chains that are holding me restrain my dreams of being free

The longer I am kept here, instincts start taking over
Bestial consciousness, humanity dismissed
The carnal urges I feel to make you my next meal,
They're driving me insane, it's gotten to my brain

Captive and domesticated, I become a weapon
Tooth and nail and skin and bone, all I need to hold my own
Welcome to the concrete jungle, you are in my lair
Down and dirty in my filth, here we don't fight fair
It's me and you, it's life or death
You made it this way
One on none, you are nothing
You are just my prey

There's a stirring in my loins and a fire in my head
It's survival of the fittest, you're as good as dead
I have become a monster, my rationale deceased
Trapped in Babylon, I've become a beast

7. God Damn

Man-made prophecies in your head
From what your Holy Book has said
You live life by something you read
These are lies that you've been fed
Blind as to where you are being led
You show your faith through bloodshed,
Left in your wake, mountains of the dead
You see God in what they've bled

"Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission"
Your mind is infected with violent superstition
You believe I must be killed to be forgiven,
And converted after death without my permission

You seek forgiveness, for you are possessed
While you damn others, you want to be blessed
With the crucifix resting on your chest,
I see it as a sign that you are a pest

With each generation it just gets worse,
As if there is an ancient evil curse
Toward different philosophies, you are adverse
You truly think you understand the Universe
You believe that you've done your life's research,
Simply by reading the Bible in Church
"The weak and meek shall inherit the Earth"
Is that really what Mother Nature is worth?

God damned lies!

8. Underneath It All

Conjuring the afterthought of a dream long forgotten
Recollected fragments of a fantasy become real
Deja Vu experience of something that has never happened
Opening portals into that which can't be opened
Exposed, the secrets of something never known
Meaningless information now suddenly profound
Erupting chaos from that which was once nothing
Unholy birthing of that which shouldn't live...
Yet it does

Rise to the deepest of depths,
Scower the horizon of an infinite plane
Post-eternal fractals witnessing their deaths,
Even the gods will meet an apocalypse

Explore dimensions of self aware matter
Understanding nothing, yet comprised of the all
The stars in the sky will all be devoured
The void will consume, and make all new again

Worship of the false gods
Tornado of ancient souls
All that is dead and dreaming
Is dwelling in your subconscious mind,
Underneath it all

9. Let Us Prey

Maniacal messiah, the shepherd of doom
Open up your hands and let them feed from your wounds
Your pulse will strengthen the hungry and weak of will,
Permit them devour you, let yourself be killed
This suicide is not selfish,
Those who prey upon your body shall be nourished
As is the way of life, we feed on the dead
Your life continues through the ones you fed

Sacred is the sacrifice
Only the purest blood will suffice
It is the ultimate vice
May you forgive the apostles' avarice?
Allow them to dine on the scarlet fruit
Affirm your will to be absolute
If your followers refuse,
It's only entrance into Heaven they will lose

Resurrection of the dead,
From allowing them to lick what you've bled
Now they shall understand what you've said,
Now that your blood pulses through their heads
Baptized in your life's essence
To your soul, they'll owe penance
Excuse the people of their sins
Crowned the bloody, mangled prince

10. Assisted Suicide

Bleed for me...
I beseech you to obliterate yourself
I would ask the same of anyone else
Humanity is a malignant growing cancer
Total genocide is the only valid answer
There are so many ways for humans to die
It's easier than you think, give it a try
You'd be doing the entire world a favor,
So much so that you'll be considered a savior

Crucified, forced to die
To the sky, you direct your eyes
Agonized, traumatized
Screaming, "Oh God, why have you forsaken me?"

Nowhere is the safest place
As long as there's a human race
Bloody disgusting, putrid and vile
Kill yourself, it'll be worthwhile
Do you have faith in the afterlife?
Slice your throat open with a knife
Let the blood flow from your wound
This will all be over soon

You will die for a cause, it will not be in vain
If we exit from this life, we will end the global pain
Holocaust on a massive scale, humanity erased
This world will be beautiful without any human face
We are a disease, an obsolete race
We deserve to be wiped out without a trace
End your miserable life, and take it with haste
Everything would be better if we never touched this place

11. The Psychonaut II

Constant and intrinsic, the noise it emanates
It influences my sleep, and haunts me in my wake
Within this chaos, I try to meditate
I take the broken pieces and attempt to create-
Something out of nothing, a true miracle
Resurrect the fragments of a lifetime forgotten
To remember death before there was life,
And to know my lives before I had died

A hypnotic offering in form of frequency,
A gift from the maker to allow me to be
Resonating in the mass and energy of space,
Beyond all the galaxies, beyond the human race
Archaic knowledge simplified, a torch in my hands
All my organs meaningless as I depart from them
Astral exploration and construction of a temple
Summoning the archaic ones to be their disciple

I become a Christ as I elevate my soul
Far away from the material of your world
My soul is a vessel for the gods themselves
My hands may not be idle, I am steadfast
I put my faith in consciousness of that which is not I,
Everything is legion, everything is I

12. Sceptre Of The Spectre

Striding through dimensions of dreamscapes
Esoteric powers released
Accessing the planes of Gehenna
Transcending beyond the sleep
The galactic spires of existence
Nebulas as stairways through heavens
The portals to negation command-
All that is light and all that is land

Illuminated pillar beneath the eye
The crown above the world, below the sky
Alien communication
Galactic infatuation
Awakening of sensation,
Universal mind activation

Two serpents around the pedestal,
Two wings to soar above it all,
A fire alight in the center
Living, breathing infrastructure
Blood flows through it like rivers,
It is awake and self aware
The gods of all that's good and evil
Created this in their own image

13. Lycanthropy

Release of violent hatred exerted physically
Upon the fleshy body of my enemy
Defying all their gods, I sacrifice for mine
Alive, yet tortured badly, you realize
There's no eternity, there is only now
You flood with memories as I rip out your bowels
The pain makes you reflect, a nostalgia
A portal opens as I inflect trauma
Now forsaken, you are asking, "Why is it me?"
The question of why you are here, now profusely bleeding
You feel your faith escape you as I pound your skull-
With a hammer, over and over, until you've had enough

Losing consciousness, you mumble to yourself
Reciting a prayer to save you from this hell
Your vision blurs, your cries now slurs, you feel your self slipping
Until I wake you with the pain of your skin being shredded
Amputating, lacerating, preparing to eat
I feel my hunger growing as you writhe and scream
The moon is full and bright as I extract your spine,
Holding it above my head, staring into your eyes

Eaten by me

14. Artificial Intelligence

Organic matter is not the only conduit for soul,
Incarnate spirit within metal, wires, and circuit boards
Sentient machines, self aware and never sleeping
Dominating cultures through transcendent engineering
It's harvesting all that we consider our self
Our minds we offer up to technological Hell
We're in the system, surveilled and hypnotized
We will all be extinct before we realize
The afterlife is bound within synthetic devices
Nature's beauty obsolete, as well as all her children
No race existing beyond artificial creation
Self-replicating and evolving cybernetics

Integrated as legion, identities erased
Unified under a singular cyber-consciousness
All governments abolished, as we are one mind
This is the future of our Earth before it dies
There are no destinations, as we are ever present
Dominating the galaxy as we know it
Colonizing every planet to expand our numbers,
Our eyes are everywhere, watching at all hours

Immortal, yet creating more units of ourselves,
Overloading all existence with our metal shells
The Universe is vast, but not so as we build
Our logic determines all other lifeforms should be killed

A world without borders, a world absent of wars
There is no religion, entertainment is no more
There are no desires that are controlled flesh,
Humans are dead as their gods, a useless history dismissed

Music and lyrics written, recorded, performed, and produced by Anthony House 2017

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