Dark Lyrics


1. Banishment

We took the book and we drowned it in water
The ceremony under a full moon
We sat together and watched as it drifted,
And disintegrated, slowly it sank
We only saved one page, neither of us knew
That it would lead to them consuming you
I still have my book, and it calls to me
I turn to the book and read what I see...

Gigim Xul, Barra!
Maskim Xul, Barra!
Utuk Xul, Barra!

J------, our books were bound together...
Just as were our fates, we were meant to meet each other
The Black Book and it's gods knew this all too well,
I know this is just the start of a never ending Hell!

I found The Silver Key, I've lost my sanity
The eyeballs from the darkness all surrounding me
I feel the mass above me, Kthulhu calls
Why did we ever even begin those rites at all?

Gigim Xul, Barra!
Maskim Xul, Barra!
Utuk Xul, Barra!

Gigim Xul, Barra!
Maskim Xul, Barra!
Utuk Xul, Barra!

Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa!
Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa!

Gigim Xul, Barra!
Maskim Xul, Barra!
Utuk Xul, Barra!

Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa!
Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa!

Gigim Xul, Barra!
Maskim Xul, Barra!
Utuk Xul, Barra!

2. The Gates Are Open

I can't believe it's true, I can't believe you're dead
It's a funny little game that they're playing with my head
They want me to go mad, they want me for food
Now that you are gone I don't know what to do!
I'm just trying to survive only for right now-
To see if I can figure all of this out somehow
My anxiety will not let me meditate,
Neither will my anger, my sadness, or hate!
Ever since you've died, I've been a fucking mess
This emptiness inside I can't begin to express...

Mer Sidi!
Mer Kurra!
Mer Urulu!
Mer Martu!

Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa!
Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa!

Utuk Xul, Ta Ardata!
Kutulu, Ta Attalakla!
Azag-Thoth, Ta Kalla!
Ia Anu! Ia Enlil! Ia Enki!



3. Eternal Dusk of My Soul

It all started when you summoned Marduk
You never sealed the gate, he always haunted you
It all got worse when I summoned the fire,
And integrated with it in a hypnotic desire
I saw the birth of galaxies, millions of times
I flew through the universe at the speed of light
Then my vision came to a screeching halt,
As I felt this power to destroy it all
Then the giant god started haunting me,
That's when your tome made it's way to me
You knew it all too well, and saw it to be true...
I found a sole companion within you

There wasn't a single tear or drop of blood I've lost
That can amount to the devastating cost
Of your life being stripped away;
If I am the night, then you were my day.

Ia! Zi Azag!
Ia! Zi Azkak!
Ia! Kutulu Zi Kur! Ia!

4. I'm Looking For A Place To Die

I remember all those nights spent holding you,
Watching all the ghosts moving in the room
Me saving you from being so stressed...
You saved me, and made me feel blessed
This Wretched Book then took our sons,
Over and over, it wasn't enough!
Then we sought to destroy the tome,
We buried that one page, then we went home
I should have expressed my vision of distress
Before the book had forced you to be left
By me distraught, I was walking on the edge
Of my sanity; now I've been pushed of the ledge!

I'm hoping this book swallows me whole!
I want to be the one to pay the toll;
To end this curse, I hope it dies with me
I just want me, and you, and our kin to rest in peace...

Ia Kakos Theos!
Ia Kakos Daimon!
Utuk Xul, Barra!

The sky above me
The ground below me
Please spare us from this gravity

5. The Missing 9th

To refer to me as an 'old soul', is negative:
An angel fallen over and over and forced to relive
Every waking moment of a nightmare bound in skin;
Doomed to repeat the cycles of life due to ungodly sin!
Bury me, give birth to me, marry me once more;
Torture me and betray me, cheat me like a whore!
Don't you understand that we've done this all before?
We eat, we fuck, we kill, we sleep, take a shit and get bored!

What's more evil than killing for fun?
Leaving human corpses to rot out in the sun...
Although none of these men were innocent,
How many lives is it now that I've spent?
Every time I've killed, I've only killed myself
All souls entwined as legion, I'm alone in Hell

God dwells in isolation because there's nothing else;
Religion gets them thinking, but it's war that sells!
It has been this way since the beginning of man,
We've always been developing more efficient plans
To annihilate the enemy no matter what the cost;
I care not for you humans, it's humanity I've lost
There are no 'new souls', I am not unique,
Rebirth takes it's tolls, mundane and oblique
Just a thread connects me to my severed head,
Join me here, in ashes and dust upon my funeral bed
With skeletal arms, and black wings spread with grace,
You will feel my soul in all it's dark embrace

Suffer all my maggots, my flies, and my worms,
And past my stinking hide, you may feel some warmth

6. Sacrifice Me

Are you dead but dreaming? I miss you so much!
I just want to hear your voice, and to feel your touch...
I remember the feeling of your hands on my face,
And the sound of your laugh, and how your breath would taste
In your times of darkness, I was your light
I'd hold you for hours, but sometimes we'd fight...
I wish I could go back, and just listen to you;
And take back all my anger, I am a fool

The gods are dead but dreaming
Archaic voices singing
I hear the darkness calling
For my own death, I'm longing
I want to end this pain,
I want to end it all!
For me though, I am cursed
To dwell forever in the Netherverse...
My soul will never rest in peace,
Even after I'm deceased!
I just want to be released
I want this nightmare to be ceased!

Ia Enki! Ia Inanna!
Ave Satana! In Nomine De Nosrti!
I want the darkness to devour my soul,
I want nothing to be left,
Please consume it all!

7. In Visible Shadow

Execute the rapists, make sure they are dead;
If you have to, put another bullet in their heads!
This wretched human hunger being displaced,
Makes me want to show them their collective demon's face!
I want to savage them as brutal as they've savaged,
I want to smell their flesh burning for all their sacrilege
Deflowered over and over again,
She just wanted her pain to end...
Her breath died in a final sigh
Crucified and left to die

This reality is too small...
I want to throw away you all
You people are a fucking cancer
Annihilation is the only answer!
You gorge yourself to bloatation
On other's pain and exploitation
You seek selfish sensation
With grotesque infatuation
I'm choking on your toxic breath;
"Suffocating in plastic"...
The Utopia you all worship
Condones rape, murder, and slave ownership
You have no light, nor peace; you are not free

Ia Anu! Ia Enlil! Ia Enki!
I summon thee!
Cease to be the sleeper,
Cease to be unwaking
Rise up from the Old Abyss of Nar Marratu!
In Nomine De Mortuus
I call thee, here before me
In visible shadow
Arise! Arise!

That which hides in plain sight,
Ye who are gods by right;
I call thee, here before me
In visible shadow

8. The Exit's Entrance

It's been several weeks now, it doesn't feel that long
I recall it like yesterday as I write this song
The cosmic translucent horrors that we both were a witness
Destroyed all comfort we knew, and now you're gone to the abyss...
I can't believe that I used to think I knew
Anything at all, I'm am just confused!
I realize now more than ever in my life
The everything that's chaos is beyond my simple mind!

The riddles to the omniverse, I care for no more...
The tides of knowledge keep sweeping me back to the shore
I just crave the darkness, no more of this wretched light;
It's burning me and blinding, making me lose my sight!
Now the emptiness is commanding my mind;
I understand now I am not of the 'mortal' kind.
The lives that I've taken are only mine to keep
The flashbacks come in waves, I cannot eat or asleep
It takes so much for me to try to wear a mask,
If I look like I've seen a ghost, please don't ask...
My soul will never rest in peace, I just want to be released!

I am the ancient one
No man may seek my resting place
I receive the sun by night and the moon by day
I am before Absu, I am before Nar Marattu
I am before Anu, I am before Kia
No evil in the world or under it,
Over the world or inside it
May seize here!

9. Vicarious Cutthroat

All beings innocent will someday be defiled,
All beauty will decompose, become rancid and vile!
All love is bled out from the hearts by wounds with opened veins,
All knowledge will be secreted away within their dead brains...
Repetitious vicious cycles, undeserving deaths
Are traded in for currency; what's the cost of your breath?
It's being strangled until your lungs can draw in breath no more,
Undergoing torture, and rape if they get bored...
Arson, abduction, and murder
Herding the cattle to slaughter
Dissection, bodily amputation
Beating, maiming, mutilation
The oldest business in the book;
Taking your life from you
The above you may have mistook,
I'm not the one who will do this to you...
Someone else is watching you,
Following and stalking you,
Planning your own death for you;
What is it that you will do?

All of your fears, your paranoid delusions
Will come true in an instant, was it a life well spent?

All of your fears, your paranoid delusions
Will come true in an instant, was it a life well spent?

...Or did you live it vicariously?

10. Stillborn Messiah

God is created without the light;
An immaculately spawning omniverse
The light that blinds reflects the shade
Upon our tiny universe...
This star you see that eats the sky;
A tool however useful should not control your mind
Desensitized to the spiral and gravity
Depicting yourself as a story worth reading?
So insignificant and crumbling to waste,
You fear the primal fire burning in dark space
The vastness of the mind is only dagger deep,
Memories of past lives are only yours to keep
Forever may you sleep, I pray you find your peace
With or without me, I'm descending to the dream
Beyond the walls of sleep, I can no longer hide;
I've been dead for so long, why am I still alive?
We're living off of blood money...
Collective vampire uprising!
War keeping violence from invading,
Then violent civilians start engaging!
It enslaves and dictates the nation
Attacking from unknown directions:
Hypocritical eradication
Manipulation intoxication

Ia Satanas! Ia Nergal!
Ia Azagthoth, remember!
Ia Enki, Ia Anu, Ia Absu!
Master of all, void of desire
Blood for the gods, no human master
Anti-spiritual anarchism:
Become nothing with no one.

All music and lyrics are written, recorded, produced, and performed by Anthony House 2018.

Thanks to slaughterhousevlad for sending these lyrics.

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