Dark Lyrics


1. Identity Crisis

Condemning this world as just a brutal play
It will not reward you
It will get in the way of living your own life,
Of finding your own way, of being independent
Ceasing your reliance on drama, intrigue,
A sense of belonging in someone else's story
Ceasing your need to be needed
Succeeding your own identity, egos, and beliefs

Practice what you preach

Your self is not away from you
In every second, you are integrated
Into the moment
Your structure is alive with you,
Your sacred temple
This reality's beyond you
You must transcend it

You are the main character in the divine comedy of life
The duality of this universe is centered in you
All that imagination can create is you

You are the main character in the divine comedy of life
The duality of this universe is centered in you
All that is to be is you

2. Living Hell

Enjoy your splendors of eternal loss
Drink from the chalice of the bloody cross
Sacrifice the self that craves liberty
Lay it to rest, bury guilts and burdens shamefully

Suicide of honest self
Embracing a living Hell
Forced from darkness into light
To be judged, and burned alive
Held against uneven odds
Tortured by our loving God
Centuries past, the shepherd's dead
The sheep are blind, lost on their heads

Troubled with eternity
Never will you be set free
Shackled like a vicious dog
Treated like an animal
Hatred forced upon the young
Evil words put on their tongues
Spitting venom heinously
Killing us religiously

3. Church Of Bones

I did not choose this life
To be a sacrifice
In honor of violence
The hour of penance
Judgement is a way of life
Live by the book until I die
All my actions justified
A demon with a sword of light

Holy wars exacted by my hand,
This is my land, your graveyard
I sit upon the throne of blood
I construct my church with the bones of the lost
My righteous God, I exact vengeance
I send you souls of the wicked and weak
May their ghosts be trapped forever
In the bowels of the deep

4. Kingdom Of Darkness

Tears are raining from the sky
The angels of Heaven sob in our absence
Annihilating each other everyday
This war has been affective since our creation

The battle of desire, the war to survive
The race for divine cleansing, contaminating lives
Pursuing goals of those who'd wish to see you die
Losing your self and mind in spiritual genocide

Running on the rat wheel
Going nowhere
Competing for nothing
Devolving, you're dying
Innocence is lost to the majority
Of people who are slaves to global, evil monarchy

Kingdom of Darkness
Thy Kingdom will come

5. Immortal Remains

Shines a light from the depths
Of malice, malignance
Will of steel, stubbornness
Reborn restless recklessness
To be born a thousand times
You have lived before you died
Forgotten and left behind
Erased from mind, lost in time

Reincarnated mystery
Now with misplaced memories
No relevance to the present
That you are presented with

Buried bodies with no names
Decaying mortal remains
A past self in a shallow grave
Your soul will never be saved

This is your domain
You must endure the pain
Through this life's disdain
Immortal remains [2x]

6. Isolation

Your reflection isn't you
This face you see is false
You are more vast than the flesh
More alive than the pulse

The energy that is your life
Is stronger than the gravity
That weighs you down, onto the ground
The physical reality is more than just a playground
This planet is alive
You have no need to escape
When you're isolated in the world

No need to control your evil
No use to rediscover purity
No point in trying to be free
When you're alone in infinity

7. Ultimate Knowledge

Aborted mentalities
Deformed thoughts from the abyss
Warped and chaotic dreams
Living life in delusion
Feeling a false sense of closure
From being confused
The wisest man cannot explain
With words made by a human brain

Ultimate knowledge will take it's toll
Our expanding universe is filled with holes
Dichotomies to neutralize
The expansion of our infinite minds

It is unattainable
It is inconceivable
Never understandable [2x]

8. Self Consuming Omniverse


Music and lyrics written, recorded, and produced by Anthony House

Thanks to slaughterhousevlad for sending these lyrics.

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