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1. King Crucify

Staring through evening mist, I saw a shooting star
Ignited and then flickered, in an instant it was gone
Nothing lets you know just who you fucking are-
Like your own mortality, in an instant it is gone!

Never once have I wished to be branded-
My flesh is my own, not a prop
Propositioning me to join in with your legion?
I propose that you fucking stop
You slithering mortals writhing on your stomachs
I'd kill all of you in your sleep...
If it wasn't for the fact that I want your eyes open-
Watching while I slaughter you like sheep

Never raise your hand to me unless you want it removed
Never bow your head to me, you are no worthy subject
All your measly life is worth is being fed to the dogs
I'll send your dripping remains to your kin with my regards

I'm the thorn in your side, I'm the creature in the night
I'm the one messiah, for your sins I died
I drank the blood of God as I sacrificed my father
I'm the Prince of Darkness, you're just cannon fodder

I'm the missing link, The Chosen One of song
The Forsaken King, away from the throne too long
Immortal Champion, I watch all that I love die
A rotten pile of flesh, dead without my bride...

Never raise your hand to me unless you want it removed
Never bow your head to me, you are no worthy subject
All your measly life is worth is being fed to the dogs
I'll send your dripping remains to your kin with my regards!

2. Heaven is a Lie

The process of dying is easier than you think
Would you like me to show you, or do you prefer the mystery?
I could guide you through darkness, I just may take you there...
No senses, no thoughts – we could journey into nowhere,
I could take you there... Into 'nowhere'

The Son of The Dragon – stinking breath, iron skin
The beast thrice forsaken, damned to Hell by my sin
Crown of Scorn, Throne of Woe – I travel where no one will go
Cursed by all, all but One – she rivals me under the sun

All who try by the sword shall be mutilated paste
All who lurk in shadows shall be laid to waste
Salvation isn't free, you'll go nowhere when you die
Your poisoned books won't save you, Heaven is a lie

3. Maggot Brain

There is something in my head, a parasitic voice
It squirms and writhes inside my skull, hidden by my eyes
The pain won't stop, I cannot rest, it's eating at my brain
Ever closer to the edge, held by no restraints

The collapse of my sanity, unraveling the mystery
To ground myself, I'd need the ground to stop falling under me...

There are fucking holes inside my mind
There are missing links I can't explain
I roll my eyes backward to look inside
There are maggots chewing through my brain!

My degradated focus on reality is at stake
The simple life I lead, I'm leading to the grave
If I've lose my mind, then I've lost the Universe,
A Universe of purgatory, shipped out in a hearse

Filthy animals, every human's born to sin
The Devil is the ruler of the world which we live in
All because of you! You could not resist temptation
You'll be crucified by your lifelong reputation
You call yourself a man, but you're just uncooked beef
You morons walk like cattle led by false belief
All you people's energy is gathering and powering
The most depressing thing to see from outside society

There are fucking holes inside my mind
There are missing links I can't explain
I roll my eyes backward to look inside
There are maggots chewing through my brain!

4. Chaos Crusader

Abandon your suffering, it's time to celebrate
The infinite chaos in which loudly resonates
The entire omniverse with a hypnotic noise
We must all be one with it, or be one with the void!

Divinity is shining and reflecting off itself
Darkness is devouring and absorbing itself

I am a part of this twisted being,
Beyond death, yet not quite living
In eternal suffering and immortal ecstasy,
Impoverished with riches, wealthy in all that's empty
My castle is left burning, my tomb is left standing!

Darkness is devouring and absorbing itself
Divinity is shining and reflecting off itself

I have become someone disinterested in mundane and earthly gimmicks
I am that I am and will always be, godhead beyond reality
Suffer songs I sing to you as a demonic shadow,
For the music bears knowledge from beyond the hollow
You must wake from the ancient slumber, wake up to the nightmare
I've been waiting for your eyes to open and to meet with my stare
This entire world is just a lie you and I share,
The only truth is you and I are the only ones that care...

...About the lie that we all share
Just look around you, there's brainwash everywhere
If my mind was a weapon, would I wish my weapon dull?
I master the human organ birthed within my skull
A sharpened intellect to annihilate my foes
All sorcerers will die by the sword,
All witches will be tried and burned
Until they learn I'm a motherfucking beast!

5. My God is Death, Your God is Dead

Neglected love, I preach disorder
And I watch you pray... recite your prayers
When you pray to me, you'll find I'm colder
Than a long dead soldier mourning cold-blooded murder
The apocalypse sounds romantic to you,
So I'd torture you, if it suited you
You only speak truth when your mouth's not moving
And I watch you pray... Recite your prayers!

Cast a miracle, summon me a beast
Wave your magic wand, dance naked and feast
Show me something new, conjure God itself
Prove your own power or your faith is shit!
Let me behold your mystic's sorcery,
Point out to me the same ghosts that I see
Could you divine me the bones of my past self,
Or read me my fortune as fortunate for certain?

Come with me and you'll only get further
Away from the world where humans crave order,
Yet are swept away in their impure cycles;
Driven by conceit, in a downward spiral
You will find that you had no power
Before my presence, you are but a flower
A delicate creature barely dying nor living,
A porcelain doll locked up in prison

I will give this to you, my forsaken love
A gift beyond that of earthly affections;
An eternal refuge in which we may hide in,
A blackness beyond human comprehension!

6. Shattered Mirrors

I am contaminated by the falseness of society
Politics, religion, and warfare- global calamity
This cyclic degradation is so far beneath me,
Yet I'm trapped within the cycles of hypocrisy
Aeons fly away from my soul, like ashes in the wind
The mortal illusion of time is a mental prison
The human part of my soul is a true domain of sin,
Hence my selfish usage of the body I dwell in

Paradoxical, destruction makes way for creation,
Universes die and are reborn in repetition
Life and death are but the same, as is the dark to light
In the mind of the godhead, there is no wrong nor right!
To compare anything to something it is not,
Is to compare reality to our opinionated thoughts
Wrapped in flights of fancy, you carelessly crave a plot
Over and over, the drama continues- you live your life for naught!

Your lips tainted with poison, you know not of what you speak
Your mind is lost to delusion, you know not of which you seek
Mania fuels all the motions of your soulless husk,
Your mind has left you for the void's eternal, starless dusk!

7. Devil's Dogma

Bloodlust is a staple for the outcasts known as man,
There's a red saturated timeline drawn in the ocean of time's sand
The carving out of the eyes of God was done by human hands,
Saints and Christs are killed alike due to popular demand!
Rip off the wings of the angels, throw them in the fire
Send them screaming down into the bowels of the pyre
The cherubs, angels, and saints now fuel for the golden fires of Hell,
Burning holy flesh eternal, the most pungent of smells!

A demon prince am I, a master of all things debauch
I drink blood from the Holy Grail as succubi suck my cock
The joke is upon the harlot as she chokes upon my seed,
As the Devil, I exist to make all entities bleed!

A torture chamber, a zoo to me
Filled with all my pets screaming
Blood on the walls, my gallery
Metal spikes used for painting
Some men get lobotomized,
Beaten and desensitized,
Chased by hungry dogs for fun,
Impaled, left to rot in the sun!

The essence of goddess, made into woman
A queen so pure and righteous in the form of human
Is the only creature that the Earth could possibly give
To make my blackest of hearts have will enough to forgive!
Upon my throne of ice, my queen never feels a chill
Bound in love immortal, death never to tear our wills;
For a single flame can illuminate the entire void,
One person can ensure that the whole world isn't destroyed!

In my dogma, I am God! [12x]

8. The Books of the Dead

Shy away from society, far away from civility
Here you will find reality, and a sense of humility
As long as you're alive, you will fight to survive
This is your sense of self, once you renounce the hive!
Like festering parasites, humanity is a blight
Like tears in the fabric of space, they devour the light
Now that you're all alone, you connect with what's natural
No need to be sorrowful, now you're much more powerful

The only way the age of sin will ever end
Is if all human souls became like friends,
Never possessed by the seven deadly sins;
Vigilant in spirit, permanently cleansed
Unfortunate for the entire planet
Is the fact that humans take it all for granted
They'll destroy the Earth simply out of habit,
If the people want Hell, well then let them have it!

Be baptized in the raging tides of a tsunami
Stand atop the volcano as it erupts under your feet
Fly like the leaves left in the wind to return to the desert's sand
Magnetize yourself to the electric volumes of the land!
Before too long, you will begin to understand
That which can't be understood by the likes of man
The tentacles from the abyss will wait for your knowledge,
Memories abducted through wormholes, for celestial storage...
...These are the books of the dead

Music and lyrics written, recorded, produced, and performed by Anthony House 2017.

Thanks to slaughterhousevlad for sending these lyrics.

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