Dark Lyrics


1. Forward March

The masses march unguided for centuries in vain
Inching ever closer into a massive grave
Lacking all compassion, they trample over their dead
Fallen sisters and brothers pulverized on their funeral bed
An enchanting droning with hypnotic lights
Render the heard deaf, obstructing their sight
To refuse the motion is to fight the stampede
Endlessly stomped down underneath their feet

Follow the beat of the war drums, there's no time to waste
If you cannot keep up, then be trampled into paste
There are no excuses, there is only do or die
Kill or be killed, any other mantra is a lie
Enlightenment is only granted when you are killed dead
There is no peace in this world, get that through your head
If they have a pulse, then they are our enemy
Wipe them out, send them to God, show them no mercy
Seek and destroy, execute all who stand in our way
If they oppose us, then they signed their lives away
Weed them out, bleed them dry, paint the country red
Kill the target, rape them, gut them, rip them into shreds

Leave no body breathing, take no prisoners
Either fall in line, or sleep now in the dirt
Resistance is futile, nor is it tolerated
Obey our commands or be obliterated
Die for us with honor, your martyrdom be blessed
There is no surrender, march now to your deaths

2. 666 Plague

As above, so below
Molten fire, blackened blood
So in Heaven, so in Hell
On this Earth and within

As one door opens, so another closes
I have been alive since before your Moses
In the name of Christ, his followers still mourn
As your God dies, so another is born
Revelations through the shedding of blood
Atonement embraced through oncoming floods
A divine cleansing in a tempest of fire
To Hell with messiahs, they are divine liars

Waging endless wars so your God be pleased
You worship only that which is long deceased
As the bodies pile up, you're infected with disease
A plague upon those who brought you to your knees
Immortal truth, a scavenger of life
Trading bodies to avoid the reaper's scythe
Eternal, is our heathen's rite
Against all gods, we heretics rise
Remains of a desecrated body, broken and splattered
The national flag of a scab, torn and scattered
Ingest the remains of your rotten friends,
This Jihad in will never end
Pray to God, make your amends

Slice the skin, break the bone, suck the marrow and drink the blood
Sever the flesh, hack through the skull, take the brain, absorb it all
Rape the spirit, cleanse the mind, reap the conscious, feed on the blind
Take the light, face the dark, you chose the famous beast's mark

Slice the skin, break the bone, suck the marrow and drink the blood
Sever the flesh, hack through the skull, take the brain, absorb it all

3. Islamicurse

For too long you people have been worshiping a lie
Because of your twisted views, thousands more will die
How much innocence can you soil in your God's name?
For centuries now, your religion has been one to blame-
For rape, torture, an murder; genocide of whole populations
For abductions and slaughter; an enemy to all nations
You've been waging war for far too long, you make a living Hell
Your cherished messiah Muhammad is the true infidel

Your Holy War is nothing but an over-zealous scheme
Only brainwashed morons would live to fulfill this dream
Wherever you slither, you snakes bring with you deceit
Your laws are unreal, it will lead to your defeat

I swear to God...

You will face the wrath of your own hypocritical minds
Continue your ways of evil, and say goodbye to your kind
Even the Devil himself is cursing all of your names,
You poor excuses for life put all humanity to shame
You are the spoiled fruits in the Garden of the Gods
A righteous deity would never support your Jihad

You place yourselves in shackles so you appear oppressed
I have no sympathy for fools who work to cause unrest
You confuse the masses with your backwards rhetoric
The more you work to spread your filth, the more you make me sick
You'd all be skewered on spikes if I were to have my way
A message sent to your God to make you all go away
Your unholy reign of terror impaled underneath our sky
If I had you alone, you would be begging to die
Some memories will never go away, nor does time heal all wounds
You best know that I remember, I'm coming after you

4. Son of a Gun

I am not a killer, I'm a weapon to be used
I am left with nothing, I have nothing left to lose
No amount of love can subdue the hate I feel
I've lost my religion, nothing else is real
I sold my soul long ago, I am mortal damned forever
I'm a dead man walking, I should have been killed ten times over
No one seems alive, only uncooked meat on bone;
They all seem so hollow, their empty ways have set the tone
I wish they understood how I see them all as food...
Ever craving the taste of still warm blood and skin,
A passing of millennia has not cleansed me of this sin
Cannibalistic curse, an animal that knows how to stand
Born again as a beast incarnate into flesh of man
I'm a one man army, enemy to every one
The first born of the Devil, a true son of a gun
I travel as a shadow, but am heard with violent sound
A flesh bound sovereign nation, everywhere's a battleground
All locations meet as one, they are massive graves
Buried over a thousand dead, they will never be saved
There is no god to save you...
You must stop adoring the ways of the over-faithful moron
There are no messiahs, all of them are dead and gone
Only souls of warriors will win the war to survive
There's no escaping my ghost in the afterlife
My enemies all curse my name, I haunt them forever
A spiritual hunter with a message to deliver
The smell of their rotten bodies still lingers on my breath
Although I have a new name, I have not changed in death

5. Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pillage and plunder, tear them asunder
Give no quarter, drag them under
Leave no survivors to tell
The tale of the Devil sending them to Hell

Show no mercy, break their will
If they're alive, they are ours to kill
We'll see our blood lust fulfilled
If they're in your sights, then fire at will

With sharpened steel and loaded guns,
Their screams won't stop until we're done
They can't hide nor can they run,
Hunt them down, slaughter everyone

Run them through and break their bones
Their souls shall be claimed by Davy Jones
Never again will they sail to the shore,
Locked away forevermore...

Take until you can take no more
They started a battle, we win the war
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,
Now they have learned this dire truth

Drunk on the lives that we claim at sea
The most violent form of anarchy
We wage no wars, but we kill the bastards
We serve no gods, nor do we masters
Without government, we are warriors
What's mine is mine, and what's yours is yours
Every man for himself; no king lives today
That can take our freedom away

Set the colors high
Never shall we die

6. Necromantic Relationtrip

Romance is dead since we murdered it
We have lost the fight, but we just won't quit
We beat a dead horse into a bloody mess
I'm a dog in a suit, you're a bitch in a dress
We pretend we're totally fine
Meanwhile we ignore all of the signs
That these puzzle pieces won't fit;
We force them together with our bullshit

A kingdom built on sand will eventually sink,
Our foundation is weak, but we still want to think
That our lies will suffice at the end of the day,
But we loathe the silence when there's nothing left to say
All humanity has ever shown
Is that they all detest being alone,
So they cling to the fabric of undying lies
When it starts to fray, they simply close their eyes

Patience is a virtue, but it has been long lost
Our intolerance, an emotional holocaust
We play the victim and enjoy to complain
Perhaps in truth, we are in love with our own pain
Masochistic obsession with bleeding out,
Sadistic in fueling each other's doubt
Testing each other's will out of spite
We always find a reason to start a fight
We want to be happy, but will never work for it
We are engulfed by a sense of false entitlement
We feel as though we deserve it all,
The kingdom we've made is doomed to fall

We would rather be comparing our scars
Than sitting together observing the stars
Nothing on this planet makes me more sick
Than the thought of a recycled heart made of plastic
How many past lovers to this day still haunt you?
When you say you're faithful, is that really true?
The ship's run aground, we've lost our direction
Since we're about to collapse, we thrive on the tension

I think that we need to begin to validate
Each other's bliss instead of hate
Nothing will improve with this tired scheme,
There will be no hope of achieving the dream
To find comfort in another soul,
When we refuse to pay the toll
There's a cost to everything in reality,
Even love it's self isn't free

7. Vampyric Vanity

All demons we imagine are only self made,
We create them out of our sadness and hate
We give them life, and they take control
We offer them blood, but they take our soul
We like to think that it's only fallacy
That we do not have any true privacy
The eyes from the abyss stare right through the walls
There's a light in the dark, those beyond the void call...

Crucified by the sins we've loved,
Murdered by human hands, not from gods above
Our immortal nature does not make us any more wise,
We repeat the same mistakes through a thousand lives

To be born again and to die finally
In a repetitious cycle for eternity
Does not make us perfect, nor does it make us free;
We are bound by an unchanging identity
Knowledge, money, and murder seem to tempt us all;
We fuel our empires with it even as they fall
We drink the blood and eat the flesh, but cleansing is not there
We will drain all of the life from this world without a care

In praise of natural evolution,
We worship our flesh's mutations
We believe in science, but know it is flawed
We put a human face onto our God

Narcissistic reflections,
Illusions of perfection
If the being has a face, it is doomed to die
Shatter the mirror, and look toward the sky

8. Wooden Stake

Mirrors shattered out of madness
Now bear a reflection of the abyss
An infinite void to absorb the light;
Once the soul sees it's self, it is has found true sight
Wave forms now made particle
Witness the post-physical
Vanity is now replaced
By the blackened reflection that's erased the face
A finite speck within the fractal
Insignificant in the grand scheme of it all
All time is abolished, all energy is stagnant,
Halted in space on a frozen planet
Infinity now unveiled before you,
A vision received of the ultimate truth
Endless horizons in a boundless sky;
Uncountable stars that were born to die
All the dimensions and vacuums of their black holes,
Alternate time lines seen through every soul
All at once, the chaos of existence;
And all without, known only through omniscience

Now just close your eyes, feel the end is nigh
Will to end your life, commit suicide
Bleed yourself dry and pray that you die
Now embrace your death, see you on the other side

Earthly actions are mundane,
Flesh is the source of all your pain
No more will you seek a sense of closure,
Now that you have been silenced forever

Now in league with the divine,
Your rotting body serves as your shrine
You've transcended to a another level;
A collective piece of God and the Devil

9. Black Mirror

Weaponized intelligence corrupting the hive mind
Manipulate the masses to become thoughtless and blind
We are slaves to addiction, working toward our own death
We serve the New World Order with our every breath
A mechanical shepherd herding us toward our own doom
The gears are turning, smoke is rising, pollute the sky with gloom
The industry shows worship as they kill, erase, consume
Cyber savior, mental virus, exodus in bloom

Secret societies with a scheme for control
They want to enslave your mind, body, and soul

Demonic portals called black mirrors within all of our hands,
We stare into them hypnotized as society demands
Trapped within the matrix, we are eternally damned
Distracted in purgatory, bury your own heads in sand
We ignore archives of knowledge and forget information
We care no more for learning, but for immediate sensation
Anything to make us numb to the pain of modern times
To reject the mind control is considered a crime
Brainwash is evolving faster than the human race
Human kind has been defeated and put into it's place
The women and men are weak, and made a total disgrace
Soon enough technology will have us all replaced

Nature is made obsolete, the obsolete we will delete
We're programmed for terror, free will is just an error
We're all hosts for the virus, the system is infected
The hidden hand in silent warfare through us has been perfected

10. Conjuring of The Dark Lord

Beyond the walls of sleep
Portals to the deep

Incantations undivine, conjure the aeons dead
Blackened earth as seen through the madman Alhazred
Forces of the god nature demand a sacrifice
Neon lights and shadows shape-shift before your eyes
Ritualistic bloodshed, feed the vampyric force
Give up your own flesh and mind unto the demonic source
Night looming like a giant, it spreads it's blackened wings
The magicks of the ancient ghosts are dead but dreaming

Ia Akhkaru Ia
Ia Alla Xul
We Are The Lost Ones
From a Time Before this time
From a Land Beyond the Stars
From the Age When Gods Had Walked the Earth
Beneath the Seas of Nar Mattaru
Beneath the world lays sleeping
The God of Anger, Dead But Dreaming

I am The Ancient One
God of the Gods
I am The Lord of Darkness
Master of Magick
I am before all things
I am The Ancient of Days

I am The Ancient One
God of the Gods
I am The Lord of Darkness
Master of Magick
I am before all things
I am The Ancient of Days

Summon me before thee, make offerings in way of death
My soul shall descend unto you, as you release the mortal's breath
Of knowledge and power, I am wisdom formless from out of space
Beyond the finite universe I gift the chosen of your race
Relinquish your human shape and shadows shall become your form
The light of the Sun shall not touch you in the silence of the storm
The eye of chaos watches and sees not of your suffering
You've been made my thrall and cursed by me in this conjuring

11. Tranquility In Finality

Isolation takes it's toll, but has it's own rewards
It is an escape from exchanging shallow words
The emptiness of the fleshy mortals surrounding me-
Makes me want to commit obscene atrocities
Murderous and suicidal all wrapped into one
With every step and every breath my being comes undone
Misanthropic in nature and hateful everyday
I should just remain alone for the rest of my days

A forgotten soul lost and far away from home
Reincarnated to twisted paths I'm damned to roam
Ignorance is bliss, so my knowings are a curse
Nothing gets better, it just gets worse and worse

I worship the God of Death, decay is all I praise
Life is but a labyrinth, a masochistic maze
Gods and man are but the same, separation is illusion
We embody the likeness of deities, the flesh causes confusion
Narcissism is the bane of all who wish to be
The point of life is to encompass all reality
We descended from higher planes to worship duality
When we see all meets as one, we know balance is no key
We transcend once we are locked in true neutrality
Meditation is the practice of negating identity
All that you believe, and all you wish to be-
Is but a lie we must accept, and move on finally...
Until we rest in peace

Music and lyrics written, recorded, performed, and produced by Anthony House in 2018.

Thanks to slaughterhousevlad for sending these lyrics.

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