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1. Forever Underground

Anger and hatred pumping through my veins
Rivers of blood, flowing just the same
I swear to you this, this war I'll never give up
As long as I live, my life to you I trust

We swing our swords, we wield our axe
We drink the blood, the souls we'll smash
We sound the horns, no turning back
Forever True, Forever Black

Do what thou wilt shall be our land
Only this nothing more
Our carnal desires, sights of celebration
We clearly see our destination

Rise up, gather up, sharpen the swords
Rise up armour on, gather the hoards
Rise up battle won, our just reward

Giving our heat and soul, over to you
Only one can imagine, the things that you do
Sacrifice our lives, so we can be free
We are of living flesh, can you not see?

[Repeat verse 1 and 2]

I am forever Underground

2. Battle Ground

Moon at dawn, high above the horizon
Wind is calm, sun is slowly rising
Clouds will form, hide the blazing star
Mighty winds bring the coming storm

Gather sons of the northern fronts
Born of thorns, you are nocturnal ones
Moonlight ride, you chariot will glide
Through the sky into a blade of glory.

The climates right, prepare to fight
Observe the light in the dark night
Onward we ride, nowhere to hide
You fear in side, let the battle begin

Be hold a land worshiping a man
Ruled by law, under holy rites
Destroy this land, where the Christians stand
Taste the sword, blood pays reward

Cast de souls into a blazing fire
Sacrifice judgment of our desire
Battles end, victory won
Lord of Darkness, your work is done

Warriors of the night
Come and rejoice, hail you noble king
Celebrate thy victory

Rebelling souls born against god,
Armed and ready to dethrone the fool
Twilight has come, twilight of the gods
Dawn breaks the east
It's the morning of Majick

Destroy the light, don't fear the darkness
Spirits arise, hover the crimson sky
Destroy the light, don?t fear the darkness
Conquer and right, take over the holy kingdom

[repeat verses 1 and 4]


3. I Am God

Follow me now and walk the hound of hell
And ride the whirl wins of the night
Together we become an army out of hell
To scourge the earth, and melt the ice

I am one within myself, I am one with the night
Prevailing darkness, I rule this space
Call me god, remembering my face
I will rise divide and conquer
This world I live there is no other
Call to the points north, west, south, east
You summon me, I am the Beast!

And now you appear, proclaiming your life,
As one of a savior,
Holy trinity, a prophet, the coming messiah
Heed these words forget not who I am
You died for nothing and not for the sin of man
I speak the truth, denial is something you just can't hide
Nazarene the hour is up your soul is mine

Worlds waters divide
I am God!

Falling down into space
Crawling on your hands and knees
Begging for your life
Fool you die, I live

[Repeat 1st verse]

4. Farewell To The Messiah


5. Eastern Journey

Misery, cant stop the pain I feel inside
Empty, my soul yearns for something I just can't find
Gathering sights within my mind
Contemplating thoughts I left behind
Wondering, wondering I am alive

Beckoning - Raising my arms hear my cry
Pity me, pity me not, I will survive
Gathering sights within my mind
Contemplating thoughts I left behind
Reality, torturing my soul I don?t know why

Whispering voices, talking inside my head
Calling me, taunting me, wishing I were dead
Gotta get them out, cast the voices out
Terminate the sounds out, exterminate disturbing sound
Gripping on the life, talking reality
Holding on with might, relying on my sanity

Sanity - searching for my mind, blackened with hate
Justify - shadowing colors, sound that cry
Gathering sights within my mind
Contemplating thoughts I left behind
Wondering - why I am live

Immersing unthought, tranquil in silence
Underlying secrets, locked in time
Truth to existence lies within thyself
Motionless in wonder, taking in all that's clear

Be gone, fade away, cant blind my eyes
Be gone, fade away, I know the truth
Searching for meaning deep inside
Mindless journey forever ride

[Repeat verse 1 + 2]

Prisms of color I don't understand
Floating in patterns, through the skies of clad
Invisioned in my thoughts together as I stand
Motionless in wonder taking all that's clear

Be gone fade away, can?t blind my eyes
Be gone fade away, I know the truth
Searching for meaning deep inside
Mindless journey forever ride

6. Divine In Fire

Here upon the devils altar. Up is down
Here upon the devils altar. Darkness is light
Here upon the devils altar. Slaves are free
Here upon the devils altar. Madness is sanity

Enchantment of fire
Unholy black flame burning desire
Fall deep into the psyche
Eyes aglow fixed on the light
Ties to the body are broken
Soul flying free the endless is open

Here inside the living fire. I see light
Here inside the living fire. Left is right
Here inside the living fire. God is Evil
Here inside the living fire. Evil is law

Divine in fire unholy black
Flame burning desire
Invocation leviathon, conjuration
Of lust at hand
Nonexistan fears
Reality of life disappears
Divine in fire
Lead the way, God of Fire
Manifestation of my desire
Carry me away, to a place unknown
Here I?ll enjoy pleasure like no other

Divine in fire, my darkest desire
Divine in fire, born of evil
Tus defier

Touch the flame, into the fire
Tied to the stake, burn with me now
Higher and higher
Nourish thy soul, into the fire
Bleeding for me, burn with me now
Higher and higher

Thanks to origin_of_hate for sending these lyrics.

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