Dark Lyrics


1. Force Fed Shredded Genitalia

Face beaten to pulp, you stupid fuck.
Blood gushes, a catered cock feast awaits.
I got a sick fixation for genital mutilation.
My intentions are sadistic, to disfigure and torture.
I get my rocks off by cutting cocks off.
Pushing pins and needles into your shaft.
Forcing razors inside your piss hole.
Splitting urethra, back and forth slicing your cock in two down to the balls ripping apart your sack.
I laugh as you beg for death.
Viciously slicing your scrotum.
Humiliation through castration, perverse penectomy.
Mutilation of your manhood.
Grinding up shredded genital remains.
Mincing your man meat for you to eat, a sweet testicular treat.
Force fed flesh, stuffed down your throat, on shredded dick you will choke.

2. Sedated And Amputated

Doped up unconscious whore I stole off the street.
Sever her limbs and devour the meat.
Ill make sure this bitch can't escape.
Chained to the wall then beaten and raped.
Cut off the tongue and pull out the teeth, sew her eyelids open depriving her of sleep.
I shall make this hell last for weeks.
Prolonging your suffering.
You pray for god,
I shower you in piss.
Before starvation I'll feed you my shit.
Immersed in feculence.
Cower in my omnipotence.
Repetitively tortured and raped, having your sweet asshole gaped.
Strict diet of shit, jizz, vomit, and piss.
You're one fucked up mangled bitch, but I love fucking your tits...
Jizzing all over your face.
My very own quadrilateral amputee cum dumpster.

3. Strangled And Sodomized

I got an appetite for abduction.
Bitch should have said no.
Ripping her panties open, makes
My cock get swollen from hearing her scream.
Her tight virgin asshole will get filled with my cream.
Her face gets beaten and stuffed with cock, motherfucker.
She gurgles as I tighten my grip around her neck.
Fucking whore this is what you get, you were made to degrade.
Face turning blue as I shove my cock inside her asshole.
No lube for this bitch.
Straight hate fuck.
Her eyes bloodshot as she tries to scream.
This bitch will get my fist.
Such a pleasure to beat you.
Bloody face and broken teeth.
Getting raped while you can't breathe.
Cyanosis of the skin starts to begin.
Beaten strangled and fucked in the ass, rupturing her rectum.
She cries as her asshole bleeds.
Forced to lick her blood and shit off my dick before she dies.
Feeling her still warm dead skin against mine, makes me ejaculate deep inside.
She's left strangled and sodomized.

4. Ball Gagged And Gutted

Ballgaged and bound, legs spread and tied down.
Bitch I can't wait to carve up your cunt.
I force my fist inside of her.
Stretching her pussy until it tears.
Her bloody cunt begs to be eaten.
Take my razor and slice off her clit and eat it.
Fucking whore I will make you bleed, slicing you incessantly.
Tied down hacked and slashed victimized bound and gaged.
Eating the flesh of your severed breasts.
I stab you in the fucking cunt while you still gurgle blood.
I must satisfy the lust for blood on my cock.
A gory hole is all that's left for me to fuck.
I slam my cock into her bloody twat as I stuff severed pieces into her mouth.
Forcing her to swallow my entire cock, she vomits over my bloodied rod.
Beaten, raped, sliced and stabbed ripping innards from her gaping ass.
I slice her from her cunt to her tits, her insides pour out for me to cum on.
Releasing my seed upon this dead mangled atrocity.

5. Spastic Anal Lacerations

She loves it in the ass.
What's in store for this whore?
Sadistic ass play, how much will she endure?
This bitch is shameless, fist-fucking her anus.
Moaning in pain, excruciating.
Her legs spread wide, as I force my way inside.
A shear act of depravity.
Elbow deep in her anal cavity.
Time to cut this butt slut.
A razor reaming will have her screaming.
Bleed for me whore.
Compulsive morbid fixations, slash dementia, lacerations.
Possessed by the blade, her asshole filleted.
Rectal hematic effusion.
Slicing her sphincter
Methodically, blood splatted from sawzaw sodomy.
Ruptured rectal walls from augering her anus.
Getting eviscerated from her ass.
Gastrointestinal inversion.
I will turn this bitch inside out.
Then I consume the bloody innards removed.

6. Colostomy Bag Asphyxiation

Slice open the bag, the stench makes you gag.
Inside lies a diarrheal surprise.
Pulled over your face you now get a taste.
Forced to consume your own bodily waste.
Your bowel movements shall be your buffet.
Wretched stench, baptized in excrement.
Tie the bag around your neck.
Mouth open gasping for breath.
Inhaling triggers gag reflex, all you get is a mouth full of shit.
Feces dripping down your chin.
Mastication of your defecation.
Taste those steaming turds as you're forced to swallow hot stool.
Eat it, I'll make you eat it.
Eat it, you'll fucking eat it.
Perpetually getting hit while choking on shit.
Your face is turning blue, as I smother you in poo.
Your lungs filling with liquid shit slowly asphyxiating.
Gurgling on vomit and faeces, your air supply is depleting.
Anoxia sets in.
You little fucking bitch now suffocate in shit.

7. Necrocoprophagia

Tonight I feast on rotten flesh and faeces, decaying anal cavities.
Possessed by deranged tendencies.
Unloading my bowels into your decrepit mouth.
I lust for the sweet smell.
I jerk my dick slathered in shit, their rotten holes I shall lick.
Masticating deceased anal cavities.
Splattered blood and shit encrusting my dick.
Fondelling lifeless tits, ingesting rotting clits.
I start to devour this cadaver splattered in fecal matter.
Soaked in blood and shit I begin feasting on the filth.
Stimulating stench, engorging on excrement and rancid flesh.
I pull out my knife and cut her fucking head off.
Molesting her decapitated head, exhilarating necrofellatio.
How I live to fuck the dead, ejaculating in the shit filled mouth of a severed head...
Still bleeding in my hands.
Gouging fingers dig into her scalp cold dead blood feels so good on my cock.
Her decaying face stuffed with shit gets fucked, dripping with blood, and cum.

8. Maggot Infested Fuck Hole

Midnight invasion of cemetery plots provides me endless corpses to dig up and fuck.
Dead girls can't say no.
Fucking the dead always makes me cum so hard.
Decomposing whore awaits my cock.
The smell of rotting cunts gets me hard.
The stench of dead flesh lingers.
Maggots crawling feasting upon the decayed.
Putrid stench, festering maggot fuckholes.
Squirming inside infesting this slut.
Maggots oozing from every orifice,
I force my cock in her cold dead cunt, all dried up.
Pumping her putrefied pussy chaffing my dick.
Balls deep in the dead.
I feel them crawling on me.
I fuck that stiff whore until I bleed.
Maggots crawling on my bloody cock, enticing me to jizz inside.
I'm gonna shoot my seed
In this decaying whore.
Rotten twat cum shot.

9. Skull Fucking Neonatal Necrosis

I creep to the crib, bound and bleeding as you beg.
Single mothers are such easy prey.
Shut the fuck up bitch.
My cock gets hard hearing both of your cries.
Fragile baby bones break as mommy gets raped.
Bitch slapped and face fucked.
She gurgles helplessly impaled with cock.
Then stuff her mouth with a dirty sock.
Infanticidal urge surges through me.
Time for little one.
I grab it by the throat and start to choke.
My little rag doll fuck toy.
So many tight baby holes to fill with cum, my hard cock gets to decide which one.
My dick is slathered in baby brains as I penetrate ocular cavities.
Intracranial insertion of my erection.
Blood coagulates on my cock.
Fucking your dead child drives me fucking wild.
Forcing you to lick your child's brains from my cock.
You watch scared shitless as I devour whats left of it.
Don't worry, you're next bitch.

Steve ‒ Bass
Dan ‒ Drums
Eric ‒ Guitars
Travis ‒ Vocals

Thanks to sadisticslaughter for sending these lyrics.

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