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1. Acid Heart

Let's see the face of the 90's
Masking with drugs healthy minds
Science has the answer to your body
We see no end to this story.

Rain is pouring on me
But it ain't washing down
The poison from my soul.

Future means your consolation
But no cure for life's devastation
Now there's a cancer in the air
Just words will not seed the land.

Rain is pouring again
But it ain't washing down the poison
Purify me.

Free my acid heart
Last cry deep inside
No one is here to save us now.

Life is far away
And no blood is safe
No one can save us now.

Living and dying
Selling and buying
Pass on your worries to the next.

Disease from chemical reaction
Ripping the skin of a nation
Altering the natural composition
Good fuel for the last ignition.

Rain is pouring on me
But it ain't washing down the poison
Crucify me.

2. Silent Enemy

Walking through the silent town
Footsteps are the only sound
You see darkness in the light
You call violence what we call fight.
In the streets nowhere to run
Our minds are free our work is done.
Who's my silent enemy
Where's the silent enemy
Who cares or understands
Who's my silent enemy
Where's the silent enemy
We believe, it's alright.
Army of a single man
Bringing justice to the land
History is in their eyes
Dollar writers tell no lies.
Underneath our hearts and souls
We free our minds the mirror shows.
Silent enemy
Under a nation's flag
Future will absolve you
From the laws of men.

3. Crime

Late in the night
I walk alone and thousand pictures
Are flying in my mind
And all my steps
It's like the beating of my passion
Exploding in my heart
Always ready to run through the life
I never throw, never throw my time away
Say that it's a crime
Take me off the line
Give me what I need
Another night
I'm ready to begin again
Sometimes it's faked
When our hearts can't find the feelings
We're trying to forget
Sometimes your fate
It's not the same what you believe in
You just can't runaway

4. Wasted Again

Ten thousand endless nights
I felt my fingers touch the skies
Last wind carried away my soul
I will never find myself anymore.
Ten plus ten thousand crazy dreams
And you know I'm keeping 'em in my memories
I'm at the limit that I can afford
Everyday I see my thoughts coming from my skin.
For you I'm leaving all my hope
Lead the way 'cause I don't know.
Ten plus ten thousand crazy words
I'm writing everything In my life's book
Snow wings take me out of here
Mow I'm hiding in a place where I see no fear.
For you I'm leaving all my hope
But believe I need it so.
Many times I've spent my life
And all I've learned was wrong
And many times I've trusted in you
I wish I'd never ever told you all the truth.
Ten plus ten thousand crazy eyes
Have been watching me always and I can't disguise
And ail those years I'm still waiting for
Anyone to blind my heart and open my door.
For you I'm leaving all my hope
You showed the way but I can't go.

5. Killing World

I killed a cop baby
I have to run away
Say you never saw me
Say you never knew me at all
Life is so tough baby
My future is a promise
You don�t have to believe it
Never bet a dime on me yeah
It�s a killing world
And i can�t take it anymore
Crush my thoughts till the end
And it never ends
Inside of me is spinning round and round
My killing world
I killed myself last night
No chance to run away
Ain�t nobody out there
Ain�t nobody here to share the pain
That�s around me
Killing world, sick enough
Blood fries in my bad brain
Drying out the madness in my veins yeah
The city in the haze
Starts up the dirty race
Implanting nightmares by the stack
Creates a thousand maniacs
I switch to overload
Flip to the crazy mode
Adrenaline as overdose
Down dead end streets
That�s where it goes

6. The Spreading Soul

We are safe in this old storm
Close to the land but you know
Nothing is so calm to everyone.

I look at myself for something new
Tell me a little tale about you
Life is just a rhyme of hopes and crimes.

Better years are coming.

Not in my hand just in my heart
Lay the will I have inside
For all I want, what I feel
Sister moon Brother sun
Yesterday I was alone
All I want, what I feel
Is to be free

Warmed by the sun when it shines
Floating in the air in a red sky
I can realize life is moving on.

I took from my blood all my hate
Guided by the light of fate
Wind blew out my soul to everyone.

Better days are coming.

I'm afraid that when you go
The old storm'll turn around my boat
I don't know how to be free.

If a shadow in my life
Take me out from my red sky
I don't know how to be free.

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