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1. Echoes Of Silence

Centuries of massacre are still not over
Hunger and Death still remains
A silent extermination is at full force
When collide to corporations plans

Invisible Death!

Expelled by the continuing colonization
Land and water ripped apart
One-Sided struggle to revert this action
And save what left from what they deprive

Unseen Terror!

Echoes of Silence
Echoes of Silence
Enslaved by their force

Murder and dismemberment as
Indians facing suicide as solution
threatened by fear

This is the effects of the devastation
Of a progress model that fuels
International capital and its limbs
Draining life from our earth


2. Endless Tyrannies

The people from our land has lived under fear
Military madness financed by the empire.
The masters of those times, with their stars and uniforms
Had never face the trials for the horror they performed

Torturers/Walking free
No retribution/Impunity
Celebrating injustice/Laughing of our despair
Crimes without answer/Truth vanished into thin air

Atrocities! Those who fought were never found!

In the south of continent
There's a history written in blood
A tyranny that never ends
The power is still on their domain

The authority regime's a living monstrosity
Their privilege system feed (our) animosity
As we see sadists get away with murder
And repression are still heavy our shoulders

We won't forget, won't forgive
You'll be finished someday
And we will be there, awaiting your end
To spit on your grave!


3. Dead To This World

Consumerism has a hidden face
immigrants disgraced in foreign land
freedom stolen, dignity destoyed
brand new slavery

Forgotten and exploited
enslaved and deceived
a life witthout value
you're dead to this world

to this world

Corporations profits with deth
people disposable by servitude
surveillance so the will always serve
a prison with no walls

Brought to this country and deluded by promises of hope
the pain you feel now, your family feels again, won't go away

cycle of perversity
modern atrocity
brand new slavery
in global economy
consumes hipocrisy
fake liberty
no morality
now you are dead to this world

4. Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance

In defiance with your greed
We will reclaim the streets
Ready to fight to dethrone you
We won’t accept to be your waste

Organized we will stay
‘cause living is not a benefit
Your pretention of control
Has found and imminent end

Must respect existence
Or expect resistence

We have taken this land
Forgotten and left to die
Created your own destiny
And put our lives in our hands

Now you come with brutality
Police aggressors by tour side
But as long as we exist
We will get strength to resist

From acceptance to resistance
From conformity to reaction

Gas bombs-burning eyes
A violent strike- you now die
A last breath- afflicted cries
Injustice wounds- it’s time to fight

5. Waiting To Exhale

Persecuted and hunted by the police
Shotguns and bombs blazing your eyes
An addiction becomes transgression
And they will deliver the cure with despair

Suffocated for a compulsion
Poverty and drugs burning your lung
The somke takes them to another place
No one would face this living hell

(by) seclusion
(with) repulsion

Can’t these people realize
The solution is not victimize

The hand that guide the brutaliyy
Wounds for money cleaning the streets
The problem of abandon
Should not be solved with more injure

The mistreatment of authority
It has a reason to please the rich
They want to profit with our city
Even with death as consequence
Can’t these people realize
The solution is not victimize
Products of a violent state
That are waiting to exhale

For those who born in gutters
Choice is a mean illusion
The abhorrence they know all time
Is now the reason to end their lives

6. Death Descends (Upon This World)


7. Colors Of Hate

Beneath the streets,
A common man is caged,
Tormented and mortified.

Subjected to intense hurt and mental shock,
Horrified by a brutality
He can't understand.

Suffering to confess
The crime
Not match their impress

Colors of Hate

Aggression based on skin coler.
Disgusted to realize racial intolerance.
Discrimination is a tool of the machine.

A scar that never heal
A brand ripped in flesh

Colors of Hate

Prejudice is the gun that guarantee
That we (already) live in a divided society
All the pain, all misery, has a history
And the past and its hate can't be erased

Colors of Hate

8. No Place For The Cross

Lying infected in a hospital
a woman suffers in agony
nothing but death insides her
but a priest twisted her in property

Prisioners of christians beliefs
a morality based on prejudice

My body, my mind, I see
no place for the cross
My will, my choice, I Know
no place for the cross

Fake dogmas imposing
misoginy, lies, intolerance
preachers disguising as peace
just another hate speech

How long will we accept this silence?
Letting poor women dies
to satisfice a wicked god
who pleasures of our disgrace

Wont control me
I reject your cross
Wont control me
I reject your god

9. Unstoppable Slaughter

Raising red flags as the fresh blood that son
Would be dropped by those
Who pretend to protect but only kill


Burning tires ‘cause they have reached their
Boiling point but their choice
To oppose was replied with carnage

Executed point black, for rising up against the greed
Another day: unstoppable slaughter
Another preys of the killing fields

Just another gory conflict in an old
History of land concentration
Where few has the power

Massacre for land
Massacre for our land

Control over media converts in insanity
As they could justify this fatality
Gravelly, we will remember the story of his slay
So the memory won’t fade away

Batera ‒ Drums
Capaça ‒ Guitars
Pedro "Poney Ret" Arcanjo ‒ Vocals, Bass
Marcio Cambito ‒ Guitars

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