Dark Lyrics


1. Global Warning

2. Gears Of Fate

always mind your mother
that's what the elders say
somewhere we grew defiant
like fools, we disobeyed

poisoned soil, ruined sea
blackening the air we breath
reap all the benefits
deny accountability

and she wastes away
nothing left to say

mother warned us this would happen
mother begged us to believe
mother told us that the gears of fate
would crush both you and me

ignoring every warning
like a mouse lost in a maze
blindly seek our only goal
oblivious to nature's rage

never mind the situation
there is nowhere left to run
damn ourselves to demolition
with the damage that we've done

we can not replace
now we face our fate


kill the great provider
with a hungry corporate ax
paint her corpse with no remorse
before we pay the tax

she tried so very hard to speak
we tried her patience with our need
insatiable lust to progress
destroying what we don't possess

3. Man Undone

it happened without knowledge
it happened without your consent
your own genetic makeup
it now belongs to your government

they do not need permission
they will not ask to compromise
their reassurance plausible
to those who choose to close their eyes

identity theft on molecular scale
keeping the populous muted and pale
the ultimate crime, man undone
man undone

like files in a cabinet
your genes are coldly locked away
a vast genetic playground
at the dispose of the usa

what makes you who you are
is now a fail safe from revolt
helpless to rise against
whose got your double helix by the throat


atrocity, this tyranny
yet very few in disbelief
monstrosity, sworn secrecy
ultimate power they achieve
manipulate, assimilate
resistance now is much too late
facilitate, a clear mandate
for those who try to rise against
are those who rush to meet their fate

you can not run, you can not hide
from the very things you store inside
the pinnacle of mass control
a tapping of the human soul
will it ever end, will we ever know
will we ever really be our own
are we really who we say we are
or just another mindless clone

your dna is now property
of the united states government
everything you say and do
will be used against you
you do not have a right to an attorney
you do not have any rights
we are watching
we are listening
we are controlling
we are everywhere

4. Bastards Of Noise And Aggression

unusual levels of violence and hate
from pent up frustration and rage
the world's gone awry
and we're here for the ride
make our own rules as death makes us wait

we've waited on change and
we've waited on peace
our life has been tethered in chains
we think for ourselves, we no longer need you

make our own world with hell at the reigns

there’s no compromise
there is no slowing down
devouring all in our way

bastards of noise and aggression
conquer all those who oppose
bastards of noise and aggression
this is the path that we chose

electrified fury, a blitzkrieg of sound
dismantle our victims with fear
physical manifestation of wrath
beaten, but still persevere

bloodied, unbroken, trialed, and scarred
bringing a blade against gun
don't underestimate power of will
our numbers are ten to your one



man without country
danger to your policy
black sheep of the family

hacksaw, final straw
crushing human wrecking ball
backs are never to the wall

never die, we survive
swallow fear to stay alive
poisoning your alibis

scapegoat, cut throat
gonna need a bigger boat
empty lies no longer float

we destroy

5. Fatal Infection

i'm just a temporary worker
with a temporary life
seeking out a better future
from the unemployment line

land of the free, land of the brave
land of opportunity,
or so they used to say
i can't pay my bills, i can't find a job
life used to be worth living
now it feels like I’ve been robbed

infection prevails
where humanity fails

like a fatal
identity taxed
until i am no longer me

i'm feeling nauseous
and the room begins to spin
my cells mutating
from the mass of debt i'm in

society, it's killing me
we'd better call the cdc
infectious greed, stupidity
erode the tissue of liberty


i am no longer me
i am no longer free

it seems in order to survive,
to have a decent life
you're gonna need more money
than you're worth

in an economy,
crippled and struggling
it's decent people who are gonna
feel the hurt

without a corporate sponsorship
you can not pursue happiness

the times are changing,
at an accelerated speed
we need a cure,
'cause this disease is spreading fast

life rearranges
and starves a man from all his needs
when the poor bastard doesn't
to have cash

we're all reduced to slavery
for gasoline and amnesty

backbone of our country crippled
and thrown in the trash

standby for corruption, witness
the extinction of the middle class

freedom is dead, freedom is dead
freedom is dead


6. Hail To The Thief

when i was a boy, i pledged
my allegiance to the flag
it's image that of righteousness
since faded into life less rag

a mirror of what we've become
a portrait of the deaf and dumb
but maybe being blind is being free

some one's stealing all our unity
with idle hands they sow the seeds
growing only false democracy

who can we thank for all our grief
hail to the thief
it's hard to see through all this honesty

tattered by the weather
torn from violent storm
our pride of who we are
has been washed
and beaten into form

what have we become
funny looking caricatures
our belief in who we are
confiscated for their purse

something's draining our identity
like being weakened by a curse
politicians feed hypocrisy

who can we thank for all our grief
hail to the thief
it's hard to see through all this honesty
hail to the thief
idiocy beyond belief
hail to the thief
we're being sold short for dishonesty

hail to the thief

7. End Dependence

8. Divided We Stand...United We Fall

it started with the collapse
of the federal reserve
a country bound by government
whose will became perverse

never cease to end the spending
pulling money from thin air
leaving many of us wondering
how'd they spend what wasn't there

divided we stand
united we fall
the blessed and the damned
the end of us all

the states would slowly lose their rights
we'd seen this all before
those few who mind their history
would recall civil war

but the meek would remain silent
as the fools watched their t.v.
only growing ever violent
towards the thought of unity

politicians drive their many
political wedge between
forcing only their agendas
for their bank accounts unseen

with civil unrest ever growing
inflation kicking down the door
the divided states of america
would soon succumb to war

divided we stand
united we fall
the blessed and the damned
the end of us all

we must stand together
we must find resolve
if we stand divided
united we fall


divided we stand
we must stand together
united we fall
we must find resolve
divided we stand
if we stand divided
united we fall
together we fall

9. At War With Thy Neighbor

waking up, we start our day
by turning on the media
to hear what they should say

we can not think
we can not speak
without their lasting wisdom
to keep us on our feet

they tell us things
like who to fight
point us to our enemy
and tell us why we're right

to hate them all
they're not the same
guilty by affiliation
setting spark to flame

a chip on the shoulder
is it clip in the gun

we simply call them neighbors
and that is where it stops
basting bad behavior
in a dirty social melting pot

this life would be too easy
if we thought to give respect
as human beings our love of hate
is all we recollect

with ten feet between us
there's nowhere to run

there's no such word
according to my parties view
difference is absurd

that's a fucking joke
this country should see eye to eye
instead of fanning smoke

domesticated violence
ignorance our point of view
tearing down the silence
with a bull horn and a noose

there is no escaping this warhead of hate
the stone that we're carving
becomes our own fate
frustration is crushing us
beneath its weight

at war with thy neighbor
we can not agree
on politics, religion,
and all in between
on all subject matters
we can't get along
digging a trench where a fence
once belonged
hate each others children
hate each others wives
hate each others doings
and how we live life
we're loading our weapons
and placing our bombs
we're storming the front
from the safety of each others lawns

at war with thy neighbor
no love from thy own
at war with thy neighbor
we're creating war from
behind the front door of our homes

10. Fire Escape

a fire's burning through our land
brother versus brother
in a struggle to command
the acid bath
that is this nation's politics
one can not be too careful
when one can not see the tricks

our eyes wide with amazement
as they cover us in gas
setting fire to our freedom
staying silent as they laugh
can nothing stop
this dynasty
from scorching what makes
you and me

burning down
our unity
burning down
our liberty

denial's the word
when blame's come to call
no one is around
when to ash this burned country
will fall

how do they get away
when the smoke has cleared
and we the people see the people
who ignite our fears

starting fires seems to work
it averts attention
when the heat of the flames
grow too close
there is only one option

run for the lire escape
the lire escape

we feed the unrelenting flames
emotions are the tender as we
play into their games
we can't ignore
the smoke is thickening
the smell of burning life
is sweetly sickening

they strike the match
when we question legality
the paper trail has ended
as they burn what we could
no evidence
except the soot upon their hands
they start another fire
the flames meet their demands


Fire, run for the fire escape

11. Nationwide Ruination

what's one more stain
that can never be washed from our hands
what's one more sin
gracefully committed by man

with ignorance the wrecking ball
it penetrates and breaks us all
and callousness a social wall
our fellow man we will betray

for nationwide ruination
genocide and devastation
upset the balance for our greater good

this foolish deed, humanarchy
we turn our backs on peace for greed
until there's nothing left to bleed
this parasite called man remains

watch the wrecking ball
it penetrates and breaks us all
and callousness a social wall
our fellow man we will betray


this nation will fall to its knees
from betraying its people with greed
man has always sought out devastation

a man destroys that which he fears
a blinded eye that sheds no tear
a violent process of elimination

with ignorance the wrecking ball
it penetrates and breaks us all
and callousness a social wall
our fellow man we will betray


12. Obsoletion

Jesse Stown ‒ Drums
James J. LaRue ‒ Guitars (lead)
Vic Stown ‒ Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
Ed Stephens ‒ Bass

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