Dark Lyrics


1. Introduction: Staos

Silently it creeps out into my veins, then it crawls back again
Knowing that they have been passed down through time
I can no longer claim these feelings to be mine alone

This blackened heart will never be pure
For feelings like this - there is no cure
Cleansing my blood with lies and lies
That feeds on my hunger for life

Days on repeat
Stuck in this bluprint
I've made for myself

I'm beginning to believe in
The impossibility of things
Ever getting back to normal

2. Längstmedån

Damned, these vultures
with glistening eyes
menacly roving
The dreams and the pain
And your worn out name

Something has gone wrong
And it chafes me
And enslaves me
No matter what
This is not going to change me

I find myself somewhere
Lying naked in the wildwoods
Along an everflowing stream
With all of my warm desires
And my cold nostalgic dreams

And when they stay
I'll live through
A thousand deaths

If my head was silent
And if my eyes were closed
The visions of reality wouldn't speak
With such a vile, relentless voice

But I have figured out the decline
So the damage is done
What I saw, would not be
But the things I hide is all I see

3. Dimman

4. Regnar Bensin

Language isn't needed to understand what I mean,
But through the years something got lost in translation.
Dissolve my skin, devour my flesh
Chew my bones and spit me out
Before i'll be gone
Unable to let go,
The currents will draw me
Into this inferno
And show that i'm blind

In between this time and mine
I have nothing to portray
Given that I would be here
I would never wish to stay

The depraved indifference
To consequences beyond
Imaginable measures
Or even when it's spelled out

A council of despair
Instant gratification
Leads us inevitably
Down a long dark road

No matter what desire
Makes these veins
Turn into floods of fire
It's all a painful game
Forever twisting, turning,
But still the same

5. En Mörk Vit Lögn

Staring at the lost souls fears
I lay them out before me
But even then, it makes no sense
A fear is nothing but a fear
Until you bring it into light
Fears will come and go
Until fear is all you
Have come to know

6. Dimman Från Lützen

When life becomes a carnival of pain
Impossible to stand for one more day
For one more hour, when it seems to
Get worse, so much worse

I can't imagine how it must feel
When this is over, when this is over
Wrong becomes right for my tired eyes
When this is over, when this is over

Crushed between tons of thoughts
A landslide mind too caught up to find
Any resonable excuses to why you brought
Your nightmares to exchange with mine

Fill in the blanks of your stupidity
With bricks of meat and electricity
And the sounds of reversing your gears
And the wretching sight of my fears

7. Intermezzo

8. Mist Förståndet

Staring blind into the abyss that is myself
Left with knowledge
Left with fear and despair
Of what this existance turned out to be
Days goes by yet I cannot seem to
Find the strength to carry on
Further down, into the darkness,
Clawing for something to give this worth
This gruesome pain is more than I deserve
Still I can do nothing but carry on
I must let go of the illusion
Or the anxiety will never end

I can't imagine how it must feel, when this is over
To let go of the foolish illusion of some sort of control

You delve inside
You try to save yourself
As you're falling apart

And I would smile to silence your question
Then crown you as the king of fools
For the only way out of this dilemma is to move along
And give them what they want but then you're fucked

Let the lions led the way
Or you will end up as their prey
Hear them roar, they will roar until you've
Perfected your stature, perfect your stature
You'll cut yourself upon the pieces
When you walk on the crushed mirror shambles
Let the blood find it's way through your skin

I repent this act where chaos reign
Idolized by those who stay
In the endless gray
But it will be worse, so much worse
There's thousands of evils
I see them all
How viciously they encircle me
And at my feet forever fall

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