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1. Shadow

Glow, absent sun.
Throw your final light of hope,
I will quench it anyway.
Some will leave and some will stay,
But most important, they will submit to change.

The sky is darker than it has ever been,
A massive night has condensed.
You think that everything will turn and be alright,
but where you are wrong, I am right,
Because I know something that you don't.
That’s why I must come back.

I know that I can change you, it's in my hands.
This is our doom and I won't let you live in uncertainty.
For as long as you exist I will never get what I want.
Therefore I choose to suffer, and so should you.

There will inevitably be resistance. I know this all too well.
I have been here before. You shut your eyes and ignore all my words.
I am talking to deaf ears, but mark my words:
You will never see the light of day.
No one can save you now.

2. Dagger

I don't blame you for these disasters and tragedies.
You sold your knowledge to sink the silent cries of pain.
Since you don’t understand, I know you won't complain.
Come taste this poisoned daggers blade.
The difference is vague between truth and fake.
Come taste this blade.

You are closer to me than you may think.
This is a lie designed to keep you weak.
A mirror maze of shadows and glass.
Reflections will trick your eyes.
I speak and keep disguised.

It takes a critical mind to broach the lies.

A most devious reason resides within me;
entangled up and floating out.

Not that it will matter more,
but this must be made clear:
This is not a confession,
this is more like a betrayal.
And I will let you know the truth,
and you know it's your turn now.

I have since long stopped pretending to stand on your side.
And you know it's your turn now.

Days have gone and nights have passed,
still the illusion is maintained,
an undertaking faced with risk,
and now its too late to dodge away.
Come taste this poisoned blade.

These words are really empty.
I left you with nothing else.
Its all lies when you only
know the low without the high.

3. Eternal Golden Monk

You are here, the bringer of despair and privation.
No need to be discreet in your actions.
You come forth from distant soil where you are a stranger
and then you ended up far from home in exile.
We greet you decent, since you are not here to stay.
You're a passenger indulging in our misery.
And as we try to seek your ends, our means are to distract.
You will not see the reasons, because they are hidden well.

Doubtfulness is for the weak.
Such kind is the lone deranger.
Is unforgiveness what you seek?
Then you are marked a stranger.

We misdirect your sight
and feed you with decoy.
You smile and think you know it all
and we will play along.
Let us be and walk your way.
Remember what you have seen,
and tell everyone of this wretched place.
Your words will speak of all my dreams.

When you reach perfection,
you know decline is on its way to bring you down.
When you are asleep,
you know I'm always awake and ready to bring you down.

I know your wounds still burn.
And I know you will leave when the winds turn.
When the winds turn, it brings dissonance into the sky.

Drift like clouds, and flow like water.
Rage like a fire to turn all things black.
Become one with the void.

4. Benblåst

I have been concerned by your futile dreams;
aiming to cause downfall when you cross our stream.
There is no mercy when the worst things are cursed.
There is no word for this plague that you've brought upon us.

5. Östpeppar


6. Traces

Silence is the noise I hear
from the world that speaks my name,
infusing my head with a promise of nothing.
The meaningless now resonates and reverberates,
flooding through the sleeper's veins, I never dreamed.
Lost in Reflection with this obsession to blame.
I walk the fine line between forward and rewind.

I have foreseen this most vicious storm to come,
it will be speechless, it will be violent.
Words are buried in the sounds of night.
Continue with your ignorance
and bring this silence with you until the end.

Empty shells whispering quietly.
They speak to me of a common past,
teaching me how to become insane,
to silence the ambivalence that's in my head.
It is the only possible way to avoid the shame.
Reminding me that I must suffer through.
Reminding that I must persist.

Erasing the traces that you will never find.
I hope that you all can forgive me now.
I am facing the fact that I am up against fate.
So I put it all on the line, soon it's time.

This time what I leave behind is my legacy.
I will force my mark upon everyone.
The traces I leave, they will speak my name.
Day after day, reminding myself
that my motive will overcome the consequences.
I won't let repentance prevent my way.
I will leave you behind with no regrets.

Time passes through me in the shape of a dream,
clawing ferociously through my memories.

The clouds are getting darker
and the winds are colder now.
When I am gone, I will be gone.
This is irreversible.

7. Phobon Nika


8. Måsstadens Nationalsång


9. When No One Walks With You

I am grasping in vain to catch the flow of time

In the very moment as the horns begin to howl i recognize the deafening tones
they speak of a grief is to come telling me to prepare my escape
I must make my decision to wait for perdition or get it all together 
I must make my decision because I can’t leave forever
confronted with this choice there is no redirection

look at yourself look at what you've become you were untouchable
how could you deceive me? i thought you would never change
you are shattering foundations once written in stone
if no one will walk with me then I walk alone

You have been misguided by distorted views
Choking your thoughts without requesting the facts
If you follow given plans then you will be the fool
when fed by a profiting hand there will always be a price
when seen in the night light it becomes so evident

but how can I judge or give you advice when 
you give in to temptation and treason 
unable to see the insidious reasons 
it tried my best to stand your guard
discouraging this event
but now a stunning decline has commenced
it is sundering my final strength
i feel the presence of defeat

10. All These Feelings

In this night that highlights dawn, I stay dormant for I have feared this moment
i have feared that this time would come This is the time someone must silence your voice
Vengeful and fierce are the thoughts that i bear with me The last strain of hope is gone
I am calculating the risk and I am ready for desperate measures now

Thrown into the lion pit A fight of life I failed you all and I am too afraid
to become a slave to the base of urges But a situation like this requires concessions
I will not allow someone like you to destroy what we have
I do not want to be like you but i have no choice you leave me no choice
in my eyes clashing views on everything i am

I take a closer look to see there are only illusions
everything that defined me all i believed has been withdrawn
reality tears apart itself now tell me that this is not a matter of life and death

this is a matter of life and death
this is my consciousness my ego my self-sabotage
This is indispensable This is what my feelings sound like

I am more afraid of the ones that obey than of the disease itself
see the signs of this emergence and raise the awareness
It's time to be resistant
I find so many reasons to why you should be extinct
so many reasons yet no one will win
So i will fight this fight for one last night

Fuse together with my painful strife to be under the knife
as i flex the joints of this hand you might find that you don't stand a chance
Prepare for impact let the darkness commence and this is where it ends

11. Nojja


12. Deceit

Can you feel the heat that leaks underneath
from this resistance that you have created?
I defy the curse and then define a new set of rules.
This time and your demise can no longer be separated.
My veins are expanding and contracting, pulsating in a rapid pace.
I can feel this body tremble, acting brave.

I hold my breath and just as I leave my hand, I'm stuck by reflections struck from the blade.
Cutting through the darkened cloud, a piercing light arrives.
But I remain in the shadow.

When this moment opens up and truth unfolds, they will see that you were wrong.
You never showed us your face, a bringer of falseness and decay.
You always seemed to have excuses to justify your means.

To take you out became my aim, but this is so much worse.
Your name will be disgraced in shame, as time flows in reverse.

Dawn breaks and dissolves your words to dust and haze.
It burns your eyes.
It kills my need.
Bring this dagger when you leave.

You must answer for your deceit as the curtain falls.
And if you have the courage to watch behind my back,
perhaps you will see the assassin lie dead before your feet.
It will drag you down to the bottom and then down into the abyss.

13. The Lone Deranger

Go ahead and blame me.
I keep my head as high as I can,
but let these words answer for what I have done,
may your judgment not be too heavy upon me.

Of course I didn't know back then,
this is not the result that I hoped for.
The general misery I have brought upon you;
I did not wish for anything to happen.
Today, let’s look far away from this.
Tonight no buildings will collapse
and I know this too shall pass.

Grasp your fear with both your hands, you knew that this time would come.
Write your worries in the sand, you knew that this time would come.
And I will turn my back on you, just like I always do,
just like i've always done.

We took us through the blood and sand with bloody teeth,
beaten and tired we share what’s lost.
Now the moment’s over.
Now that everyone has seen through my lies I cannot possibly stay,
I have to leave.
Never has a distance seemed so difficult to undertake.
I tear my camp down, brick by brick, the time has come.
I have been here before.
Now i'm back to square one,
When all these feelings had just begun.

Carelessly I wasted my chance, all for the sake of revenge.
The taste of sickness cannot be described, it slowly wears me down.
There are some things inexpressible to those that I leave behind.
Determination leads my way.

There are some things better left unsaid to those that have never seen this place.

You stand your guard and stay behind.
I face the heat alone.
I take a last look and say farewell.
You may never see me again.

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