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1. Millennium Plague

[Music: MonTagnA, Lyrics: M. Scarpa]

A new sphere of emptiness roars
Beyond your spectre of fulfilment.
All the lies you taste don't succumb
Behind the sand of enthralment.
Your mind looses gravity again
'cause the last nightmare you can't hide
Brains left to squeeze
At the smell of upcoming suicide...

Evolution, strangled course.
Magniloquent sin – accept to be.
No form, no shape.
Symbol of a millennium plague

A cerebral disguise ruled
By a one-dimensional sun.
Forced to live since the dawn
Of those who use to run.
Ecstatic liberty just to hide...
Malevolence withers away.
Pathetic shelter back from where
You can live the lie of another day.


Dissect my freedom with your moral chains,
Spit on my choice for there's no way out to see.

Infect my word 'cause your pain is my light,
Raising my flag of sin is how I make you die...

Burning high at the stake of humanity;
Enchant your victim with a blind reality;
To exalt my own nature is to bleed in depravity;
To die with my thoughts is brainless insanity.

Creeping on truth, never ask
For identity has to twist.
In the name of the holy masque
And of the sacred deceit...
A blinded past
Is what I receive.

2. Furybound

[Music: MonTagnA, Lyrics: M. Scarpa]

Through centuries of forgotten truth
The perception's line seeks the river of doom
Unsilent reality reaches the earth beyond
As the gospel of apocalypse
The word will drive the inner strength

The beginning silence
Cracked by the balance's quake
Salvation foreseen
By him who sees towards space
And whose name sleeps no more

Take the hand of fire,
Temporary bound to emptiness
New essence of knowledge
Blood-divine, furybound!!!

The essence of wisdom
Filtered by the 2nd moon
Control comes from the
Ultimate sacred stone...
(take power from) the vibration of thoughts

Amplifier of pain
Hidden in a shadow of dust
Inner spectre of arrakis crumbles
As the storm of knowledge crawls
In siege and gravidates revenge


Future lost in hellsand glory
Feeding on harkonnen's lust
Erasing of feelings
And being wet by the sacred truth
Hail the hour of revelation!!

3. Deathlike Blues

[Music: MonTagnA, Lyrics: M. Scarpa]

The deepest essence revealed by sacred smoke.
Justice of being trapped in a cell called life.
Denial. devoid. purity. born to inject a wrong air

...generated from the every time call
You need to believe in and to face to...
Regret. switch off. I feed myself from my own pain

A dying space protects the alien eyes
Divinity was reborn from the suffocating rain
Insurance in blood, carved in the speed of emptiness

Don't want to believe in the shelter of a lie
Impossible to rise and live the wheel of time
Pronounce your sermon of mediocrity
And make me swallow the common sense of lucidity

Can't believe / need to erase instead of turning my back
My declaration comes from your lacking existence
My answer to this judgement forecast
Feeds a human death-machinery

Populate the inner meaning
May the indifference to holiness be the saviour...
May not a puppet be the disintegrator of thoughts

Species of dreamers
Dawn of the dyers
Forever exiled in a room
...of empty witness

4. Final Dream

[Music: Marco Montagna, Lyrics: Marco Montagna]

Blastlight from a dusty sky,
Kingdom of annihilation.
Graveless journey to planet zero,
Interior desecration.

Blow your believes, save your lies
...for there's no restoration.
Dying air, nuclear heart
Intimate deflagration.

Repent your uncommitted sins,
Die fast for your own pleasure.
Crumble down and breath the fire
Dimensions turned into void complete.

Screams are the only tongue
Under this ghastly entombed earth.
Rotten tolls for a hellish bell
Slowly steal your ticks.
Generate degeneration...
Suicidageddon takes control!!!

Tragic chants. mindless action.
Deliverance... consuming ambition.
Necrotic pulse. pounding coma.
World gasps for implosion.

Paint your minutes with red hope
'cause starvation has no stops.
Lie supreme, erase your sleep
Human sculptures sell on top

Delete your past, confusion's fast
Crumbling and pumping your veins.
Blowing death, searching breath
Everburning insanity...

Lying down at the edge of dawn,
A vast melting fire's blacking the sphere now.
Deadly ground asphyxiates the sight of man.
Brainless fury, embrace the shadows of the end!!

A masquerade of pain, plague rules once again...
Toxic lymph, blood like pitch,
Forged before judgement day...
Final dream, bleeding answer, earthfucking genocide.

Corrosion of ages. purity faded,
A milestone of destruction.
Forgotten season. end of reason,
Endlust of vindication.

5. Down The Afterworld

[Music: MonTagnA, Lyrics : M.Scarpa]

Lost in the paleness of a missing day, memories drift away
Flirting with dust of an ego, time no longer plays...
Horizons are freezing to me
Life injections are what I bleed.
Escaping from the definitive breath
Of an existence now can't rest.
All colors now blind my eyes
Will my next hours be denied...

Vicious lunacy, looks addressed to a heep of ashes.
Definitives goodbyes...soaked in moments turned
...to a blinding black out

Floating as a safety
The afterworld praises sanity...

Traces at my back show a double mirrored shape
And all that's left to touch is a blue cold frame

My senses so small, my future never to fall
Hiding from resting ...slave to nothing but all.

Screams without face that once were my race
Dying forever in a life that finally trace its place.

Turning to a safety
The afterworld is my sanity...

Still stinking of human, thoughts are oppressed.
Almost rejected... by nothingness I am possessed...

6. An Assassin Charisma

[Music: MonTagnA, Lyrics: M.Scarpa]

[Pt. 1 – Fear / Anger]

Yes...I'm here to envy your existence
Broken glass, puzzle of uncertainties made belief;
...I'm here, in front of the light of sanity,
To demonstrate the wish of a facing;

And I'm here, subjugated by the thrust
That makes my instinct movable
...and pleasantly naіve my sin

Let me see the eyes of the one
Who's thirsty for life's shine,
The one who smells of wellbeing...
And you, that never leave the red
Buried with elegance...

[Pt. 2 – The Act]

Prey of my vice,
Tool of my fantasy,
Explosive device of my pleasure-
Final aim of my charisma

Let me enter the land of puerile light
That tastes of common life and enchantment...
Let me enter the backstage of the sweetest recital,
Where the applauses are a request for free life

The turmoil sweats from the pores of impatience,
Impossible to live in the shadow of anger,
Lack of ground...lack of value.

[Repeat 2nd verse + chorus]

[Pt. 3 - Fulfilment / The Rest]

Blinded by the extravagant desire of knowledge
Feel the last act that delivers you to the visible world...
I remove myself 'cause the breath of prosperity...
Now is mine!!

7. Burnt Offerings

[Testament Cover]

[Music: A. Skolnick / E. Peterson, Lyrics: S. Souza / E. Peterson]

[Leads: MonTagnA]

Summoned to the house of seance
To play the evil tarot cards
To find out what our fate will bring us
Before the war

Approaching now the hour of tiamat
Evil feeling in the air
The chosen wait impatiently
To find the rituals of power
Come out of the fire
Making the legacy known
Predicted by the past, takes its toll at last
Now know when it strikes

The endless fueding shows its fate
The people are all shocked with fright
They know the end is coming near
It's time to fight

The revolution holds on strong
The armies have all met their match
Entire world up in arms
Destruction sees the spirits of anger
Come up from the gallows
Conjured my demons appear
Summoned to my cast, prey this deadly mass
Takin' by the fire you fail

The world became a vast wasteland
Survivors turned to cannibals
Killing everything in sight
Warfare tonight

The armies are all closing in
The populations getting small
Feelings are so cold as ice

Survival names its price
Starting to burn
The rape and violence grows high
A kingdom will rise
To rule with contempt
They will surprise
Kill and repent
The weakness in armies
Won't die

[Leads: MonTagnA]

Leaving now the house of séance
Speculating destiny
Wonder if the cards were true
Will wait to find out
And will wait to see

8. Murder Parade

[Music: MonTagnA, Lyrics: M. Scarpa]

The rage that crawls inside of me
Has come to an exit point
A push of idolatry
Will cum from the heart and boil

Fitting, setting in a murder parade
Control no longer lies
Balance and dance one more play
Your fucks exalt my eyes

A contribution to social anatomy
You'll take under your crust
A scream of mercy-swallow now-
Will excite and make me fast!!!


Climbing a wall of blood
Will secure and smash the guilt
A schizo pulse of burning flesh
Will drive you straight in the pit
Instead of blinding my love
Remove your insect cage
You judge wrong my act
...what about to copulate
With a dead mind pack

Salvation in a knife
The course will strife and hide
My conception to be free
...no longer you will be...

9. Nothingod Manifest (The Crawling Race)

[Music: M. Montagna / D. D'Acunto, Lyrics: M. Scarpa]

Put a man on the edge of time
He just looks like full of all things to come...
Put him in front of the highest question
Definitive answer is untamed instinct.
Take a further step
Towards the beginning
Cannot see the end for pain
And pleasure are knowledge.

A livid moment of universal panic
Has the smell of eternal frenzy.
Spellbound by blindness
Man murder technology
Is the ultimate saint

The only place where the stench of humanity can't rest
Is a mother's womb pregnant of a new age.
Final curtain left is man's damnation manifest
Circuits of time have (been) made bleed – tied to a nothingod machine

Consumed...deprived...by a forthcoming ecstasy
Refused...by hatred...will extract the moral to thee
Finally blinded by the acid rain the sky will weep

Cio' che ci delinea ai confini dell'era volgare
È l'orgoglio di una razza il cui (fattore) umano
Non vuol dimenticare...
Lo sconforto nella ragione
Non smettera' di guidarci
Dove la constatazione nell'oblio
Rimane l'unico lume a confortarci.

Embraced by time course,
A violent degrading turn.
Sleep through mortality,
Swallowed by the era of infamy.
Creeping towards the safest place
Last century engulfs the crawling race

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