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1. Chapter XXIII

Fire in the Sky - The Earth is crisp and dry
Roaring, the thunder - The Universe is crying
You are the verse that ends up in tears - It's written on your skin
Iniuria and demonkind - You will burn in Hell!

We are born of ruthless mother - We will rule the Earth
Covenant lies, We discover - To the End
Fault is in the lies - The End is bliss and fine
Conflagration - The Earth is calling in despair

Come to Me and see the End - Ruling by His side
I slaughtered Angels and ate Their eyes
So I may see the End of Time
Uriel - Devour, My Soul again

Come with Me and see My brothers - We'll Burn in Hell
For seven Angels and seven Demons - Laughed at my despair
And high and mighty was your God - He Burnt (died) with Me
For all the names we dare to utter - We will Burn... We will Burn... We will Burn!

These shall be the last words
They shall be written in blood
These are the last words
They shall be sung with shame

2. Tree of Iniquity

We call this Earth, of Immortality - To bring (forth)
Sins of Mankind, We exonerate - My Love
The Earth is cold, come, consume Me - My Life
To Me the end is coming so near - Endure Me

I shall not cower to Iniquity
You will not doubt my immortality - My Love
I shall show you the things that are, so unreal - My Love
The joys of capere

I am your God - Kneel to Me
I am the Scythe - Die for Me
We are all One - Believe in Me
Can't you hear Us cry - Summon Me

I am your God - Kneel to Me
I am the Scythe - Kill for Me
We rule as One - Unity
Can't you hear Us cry - Summon Me

No wrong for you to lie beside, My Love
Seeking the sky We empower
No longer need to lie beside, scientia
I am the seed that shall infect, again...

Through the ashes of Mankind, I shall be reborn
The Tree is not the End!

3. The Art of Despair

Carve deep into My flesh, Thy Name
And let the Sun, deteriorate away
Now as I lay into the darkness
We crawl into the womb of the Earth

As We're reborn We reach the Sky
Come and discover the pain
Now as I lay into the darkness
I learn the Art of Despair

Into the shadows I cry to live once again
Into the shadows I die to live once again

Silent, the Guardian that signs
The poisoned cup to the End
Now as I lay into the darkness
I am the Art of Despair

Come with Me My Love
Into the Seas... To embrace...
We were born to serve...
Come to me... My Love...
Why won't you come to Me?
My Love...

4. The Glorious Deceit

Where do We go from here? A failing tragedy? A satire of Life?
An Angel came to Me, He said to follow Him at the End of Time
Away, from all that's left - An endless journey to the End of Light

Is it the End of all suffering?
The End of lies, Death in the air I breathe

The start of a new Life? With the knowledge now complete
The need, to answer all the questions in now fulfilled
The light, is burning Me

Reach out and breathe
This glorious disease... of Life
Adore Me
I command you to breathe

"You are cursed with a Divine Soul, to serve Us for Eternity"

In the End, the 'Soul' remains
We are the servants of 'Holiness'
I hear the Angels calling out to Me
But I am trapped here in Eternity

Reach out and breathe
This Glorious Deceit
Scream out to Me
"I'll serve Thee for Eternity"

5. Those Left Behind

It's coming, the Universe Ends
We are those left behind
Succumb, to loneliness
Like the Void that surrounds Us

Obscure contentment
From the essence of inexistence
Nihilistic perspective reigning supreme

There are no Voices left
To cry for Us
Relinquish all hope
Like the fading Gods before Us

Useless Souls
Are there no Gods to die for?
Freed from flesh
Procreation no longer binds Us

You're nothing
Can't satiate
Our hunger - Consumes Us

So foolish
Have Faith?
We're coming - To free You

"What have I done?"
Cried the Lord of Darkness
"What have I done?"
Wept the blind Bringer of Light

As the Two become One
Perfection, null is achieved
Left to watch
Are Those left behind


From Heaven We shall smile
You'll rot and Burn

And watch Your own demise
As We tear Your flesh apart

His Love will find a way
He's gone... We're here

Why won't you let me...
Die Die Die Die


It's coming, the Universe Ends
We are Those left behind
Succumb to loneliness

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