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1. Lux E Tenebris


2. Mistress Of Misery

As the dust settles, the clouds disperse - it still remains a weight forcing down upon us.
Crushing our bones, always the same glazed eyes and empty stares hollow souls drained of what once was.
Those words penetrate my skin like bullets, a crimson explosion of our unison, bruises still remain.
Endless days, eyes fixed to the asphalt, the tides drawn in our feet still planted in the sand.

The spark ignites, stuck in a revolving door drawn into darkness in disguise, the only saviour that remains.
Eyes smudge into the deep pools in which we drown, the repetition makes all attention fade.
The fog clears inner beliefs unveiled, follow us into despair or take the reigns to release us of this pain.
The freedom I seek -- never caught, help soften the blow.
The comfort I seek hidden deep from the path I roam.
Uncertainty rules over me, my friend, my enemy, leaves me broken and destroyed.
Life's design fails me, this beast I've become, the mirror reveals a destroyed soul.
Singed edges of ecstasy -- all that's available to cleanse my mind, still you draw me in my Mistress of Misery.

3. Seas Of Storms

I hardly recognize the face that's in front of me, you've let this be your plague.
It works its way under your skin, the parallel life takes over.
Made you its slave.
I read the tales told by lifeless eyes.
Look deep through your disguise.
We sign our souls away.
Bodies transform into ghosts of our new lives.
As we dissolve into this regime, how clear it stains these walls.
Let blood return to these cold hearts withering away.
As time caves in, pulses beat through the death of our hope.
Let blood return to these cold hearts withering away.
Bodies transform into ghosts of our new lives.
I read the tales told by lifeless eyes.
Look deep through your disguise.

Before we know, were casting eyes over rough seas of storms.
Over barren lands, distant fields that can never be roamed. [x2]

With hands held out, we've lost the touch we crave.
Dreaming of the warmth of skin, rebuild integrity. (repeat to fade)

4. The Ethereal Darkness

Society made to destroy souls, bound and gagged silence us all, rewards too small.
Watch your plans unfold, lead me to the ledge
Make me walk the path into the sea of endless misery.
Lead me blindfolded into the cell where I'll remain evermore.

Clip those wings, artificial success, no results, lost souls, tense times shared.
You rule supreme, yet you rule not over me.
Our precious time spent adding fuel to your raging flame.
Accelerate your growth, the power lies in your hands.
The rocks fall still, the cliffs erode, no satisfaction found down your road.
Resistance felt from this brick wall, it stands strong.
Withstand your fire, untouched by your iron claw.
Buried alive, I'll work these coffin nails free.
Through tinted lenses your sunset will not draw me in, cut the chord, I'll chase this light.
The foundations laid beneath me strong hold me high.
Stand my ground, reclaim my place, unlike moths drawn to light, avoidance proves its worth.
Glorious this failure, drowning makes the water taste like wine.

5. Aurora


6. Scenes Of Extended Peril

The blind lead the blind, abuse your position.
The blood on your hands leaves stains behind.
Take their hands, watch them perish, skin and bones, let yourself decay.
Your cobbled track turns into a minefield, they'll glorify your faults, archive your every move.
Glamourize your demise, spreading this disease.
A useless path you chose set your plague across the land.
How I'd love to dethrone you and erase that smile across your face.
Create a smoky pathway between your eyes, your spawn, a wretched child, deny your right to life.
Your footprints lasting, deny your right to life.
Turn your back on your creator as you punish this world.
I hope you choke on guilt, crippled by the weight.
This pain will be avenged.
You'll all fade away into the blackest night.
No longer will you sow your seed upon this land, look through your blood-red haze and you'll see me.

7. Sufferance

Sift through the rubble, creating a case against this earth.
Found in the last place I search.
From deep within you force the mirror upon myself.
Face my sins, my eyes scratched, blind to this sight.
Self-indulgence makes my flesh turn grey, the beauty within, blackened to a darker core.
The selfless act brings me into the light, a shell of purity masks the internal decay.
I become the demon in my dreams.
I become the object of my hate.
Soulless, my disposition raped from me.
Identity masked by my words.
I must remove the mask I wear,
I must defeat the demon in my dreams.
A second-hand soul dressed in silk to match its peers, playing catch-up to the perfection I adore.
Scars under the surface, hidden from them all, they will remain until I reach peace within.
I work through this void, search through debris, change frequencies, reclaim myself.

8. Futile Prayers

A life lived in fear of final judgement, end of days
Grasping on to futile prayers
This paranoia hanging over you
It weeps from every pore
You'll feel it in your every move
Your every step watched over, unreachable freedom
Your saviour yet to show his face
Should he decide my fate?
Conquering the world, a mission so vein
The crisp air pounds my skin
My eyes and senses open in defiance
You're sedated by false promises offering hope
This misery created by your belief
The darkness of this world mists his perfect bliss,
Pray for me.
Lead the beast to rest, repent his sins
Carry your filth to the heavens, while I cleanse in hell
Conscience my only guidance, my only saviour
Does it take a holy man to rest?
Conscience my only guidance, my only saviour
A thousand souls erased in your name
Lead the beast to rest, repent his sins
Carry your filth to the heavens, while I cleanse in hell

9. The Final Light

The sun sets this final time, sparing us these forlorn days, casting us into the darkness of our hearts, sparing us these forlorn days.
Abandoned lives have become entombed, sparing us these forlorn days.
This frozen land no longer home, shards of hope have been erased.

10. Treachery

A cold poison runs through your veins, bathe yourself in your self-made sea of sin.
Dig your nails in, pull her tight, a coward's ride.
Draw her in to the comfort of a lie.
A vulgar sight makes us distance ourselves from you, a gleam in your eye all so proud.
This is your secret, a hidden life.
Expired twenty years ago, pushing it far too far.
This is your only dream, eclipsing your existence to me.
The vow you made, cast aside, does not matter anymore.
Abandoned in pain.
Where your beliefs lie; lost dignity.
Clutching at the glimpse of hope, absent from her eyes.
An awkward silence this is the seed you chose to sow.
Your self portrait painted with your lies.
Distant memories of loyal times once served.
Legions infest these grounds, searching for their prey.
I won't be the one, you'll destroy yourselves.
Through scattered ashes, visions of your throne in your eye.
Your crown will be reclaimed, dreams will be denied,
This is your only dream, eclipsing your existence to me.

Thanks to mathur for sending these lyrics.

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