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1. In Hora Mortis Nostre (Intro)

Pacta sunt servanda
Redde quod debes
Constientia mille testes
Summum ius summa iniuria
Dulce et decorum est mori
Vae victis in hora mortis nostre...

2. Blaze

I am the rain falling down on your face
I am the ground under you
I am the wind singing songs in your hair
I am the blaze in your heart

3. One Bridge Too Far

I am standing on a bridge
As tall as a tower is
The only one which ever left
One bridge too far now

I hope it's not too late
Just to go away
So now I beg you to
Push me down
If you can close my eyes
To eternal sleep
Now I have to jump

I see you standing on the bridge
And I can feel your pain despair
You know it's no hope for you
'Cause it's one bridge too far
One bridge too far you have to jump

4. Valley Of Fear

I will build the tower
Taller than a mountain
I will sing my song
Louder than a wind
I will keep my head
Higher than a tree
I will feel the taste of victory

And I'll walk
Through the valley of fear
With a smile on my face
And I'll pass through the darkness and death
With a light in my heart

You'll never know
What you become
When you don't feel
Brave and proud in your heart
You'll never see
The brightest light
When your eyes and mind
Are not opened wide

5. Sacred Whisper

Whisper of fire is calling me
My icy corpse
needs his warm
His brightful mind is tempting me
I feel his comming...

This night you will possess it all
Everything but your soul
It was always yours you know
It is my greatest treasure
You have to give
Anything you want
We have to join our spirits
I'm waiting for you

Now I see the abyss of fire ocean
His hot breath is dancing on my skin
Tender touch of warm hand
Pleasure of freedom and life
You can see my kingdom
I am everything
Universe is my place
I am the sign
Of nature and life
My anger is worst
Then the wildest wind

Now I live in your every dream
Every crack of wood is my song
I am dancing in every bright
I am the essence of life

6. I Would Die


I would die for you
If only you want it
I would be your stool
There's too much love inside of me
To stand all this waterfalls
I feel so full in overflowing heart
So I can't even move my hand



I will close my eyes
To see your face
I will shout my mounth
To tell you how I love you
I will stop my ears
To hear your voice
I will screw up my lips
To feel the taste of your mouth

7. Eternal

Merciless ruthless barbarian
His fame is lasting forever
The greatest hunter immortal existence
Death for love revenge is comming

One aimless death became the beginning
Of many years of madness
Her tragic life for million lifes
From worship to oppressing
From brightest light to dark
Between your life and death
Is only line of blood

Eternal love eternal tragedy
Immortal soul with mortal matter
Beauty and death animal and god
Light and darkness together

He will always remember
Her velvet skin
Divine shape
Immortal love

The greatest tragedy
Eternal darkest sadness
Your blood for her blood
Your life for his madness
From the greatest honour
You felt down into the abyss
You stucked in despair
Possessed by wild and evil madness
Longing for her, the one you loved
Made you a monstrous beast
You burried your hope
You choose different fate

You renounce your belive
To revenge for all this pain
Forgotten ancient spirits
Came into your mind
Misterious circle of anger
Made your existence forever
To take away lives and dreams
To make people helpless and soiled
To take blood to give fear
And it is all for one life

Let me feel the same
Let me be the blood in your veins
Take my fear despaire
Take my love and take my hate
Let me be the one
Who had touched immortality
Possess all my dreams
Waterfalls of bloody tears

8. Gold Dust

Be afraid of his anger
He knows your every sin
Be afraid of his forces
They know how to defeat
And beware of gold dust
He can send on your head
And regret all your dreams
You had against his name

Watch out!
Every night in your bed
Take care
Of your wretched existence

Don't burn your god on his altar
You rejected your past life
But it still lives in your heart
Be affraid of god's anger
You've burried him this time
His altar is full of fire
He's having a gold dust
Beware of strange voices
He will never die...

9. In Hora Mortis Nostre (Outro)

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