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1. Path I: Rest In Pain

Ugliness, leprosy,
Pestilence on you!

You! I'd hang you
And you! I'd cut your head off, turn out adrift
And kick it on a pavement that one?
I'd drown you in the blood of these two cannot listen to you!
It twists me, when I have you in view
And I feel like vomiting when I think of you!
You're all are right
But live me alone, disappear!

Here the worlds become mixed
Borders interweave
Into dead rolls of events, growing more and more
Each moment bigger with new threads

To be worth dying I'm seeking still
But now I'm loosing my powers

Tonight the monument of everlasting dowry
Crumbled into pieces on the crystal floor
With a dull crash everything will tumble down
Now I know
Just the time is needed
To be back from being desirous of truth
Then just melt into nothingness

I saw the light through the mists abated
To be worth dying I'm seeking still
But now I'm loosing my powers

Now I'm watching their blood flowing
It's dirty and disgusting
Nevertheless it's an awesome feeling to smell its stench
To see, that these ones, who left
Are afraid of it!

Galleries of horizons melting into dusk
Flower-like glares and shadows withering
And blossoming again

Spaces drowning in nothingness
Rest in pain, all of you!

2. Path II: Posthuman Kind

I want you to believe
That I reveal to you your insecurity
Senseless your disguise
And none of your masks can hide your face

I want you to see
That you're dying in your own eyes
That these are not real rules
And that the joy of a day is gone with the daylight

I want you to hear
The whine of the wanderer
With a face cut by the years of silence

I want you to remember
The blind man,
For you've been seeing with his eyes
And the mute man,
That still performs his speech to the deaf crowd gathered
And all of them listening with hypnotic curiosity

I do not believe
In your truth
Can't see you, while you standing right before me
Can't hear you, while you're talking to me

But I'm afraid I remember you
And that is the only thing that I regret

3. Path III: Lumen Clamosum


4. Path IV: God The Lux

Why can I still see this pitiful world here?
Set it into flames, now!

'Mercy let be off
Damn them who pity
Kill and torture, spare not
Be upon them'

Here the thunders rolling through the vaults
Behold all the walls and pillars tremble
Crumbs of stained glass are the air to breathe in
Lightings glitter, truths gasp with sulphur

Under the shade of horns
Naught of this world remains

Mercy let be off
For the hell is here
And heaven is no more

For all my childhood fears
For all my blood and tears
Tonight I am the light
That blinds your cursed eyes
Oh so much I desired
Not to wear the mourning after my dreams' death
Now I baptize with fire
Angel dust and broken hopes

Anti-creation caress my unconcern
Orphaned self enlightened black
Non-sensual wrath
Forgive me my lack of uncommon sense
I am not unusual at all
And that is not what I am yearning for

My left hand is empty, for I have crushed the universe and naught remains

5. Path V: Synchroscheme

I walked through the dimensions incorporeal
And I looked with the eyes of the dragon
Through the fabulous gates to the other aeons
To see incredible dreams of mists fosforizing
Enchanting mirages of omnipotent kingdoms

Forget about your earthly wounds,
Grievous disaster, trust no one!
'You are creatures of light
For light have you come, to light shall you go
And surrounding you through every step
Is the light of your infinite being'

'The world of me was not a word
It was not even a thought,
But it was reality more real than this one,
To which I was assigned'

My shadow disappeared at the moment
When I looked at the sun for the last time
'No wonder, therefore in all the world
If a shadow darkens upon my spirit
When I reflect on the fates of men -
How one by one, proud warriors vanish
From the halls that knew them
And day by day, all this earth ages
Droop unto death'

No man may know the wisdom,
Thus spake the sage!

'By your choice dwell you now in the world,
That you have created
What you hold in your heart shall be true
And what you most admire,
That shall you become'

Dreams steal the night
And they go away without farewell
Taking away the consciousness:
What should I become to understand...

6. Path VI: Phosphorror

Frightening light, glimpsing truth
The one with splendour
Self-styled archangel
Ravishing strength beyond reach to confront
Years of knowledge burned and lost forever

So there was the one who ruled

Joined the crowded pantheon
Heads removed by mankind's rapture
Violent native-histories revolution
Hollow blindness, apotheosis of lies

But there was the one, who stood upon godliness
One, who confronted, one who brought the light
Unfold the realm of torture dementia
Threw their masks away
Forgiven he never was

From the darkened skies the fallen star (burned?)
- but since now wear your veil
Fear not to undergo curses!

Hatred through my veins
Order of black we caress
Retransgress ashen floating truth
Release chained shivering will
Obedience denial
Regicide, forlorn hope!

Now! stand where you are, watch around
None prevailed?!

Watch your theory of unity
Then seek for unity of your theory

7. Path VII: Lumen Funescum


8. Path VIII: The Mystory

In a pale glare of candles
I saw heavens wept with blood
Given into eternity oblivion
The battlefield of the holy war

'Who brought the light?
Who turned the glare of our eyes into tears?'

With one piece of melting glass I cried
And this one fell into limbo
Ages long falling
Traversing the far-away galaxies
Kosmos never remembered

'In it the path of stars engraved'

And the light has pealed
Illuminating the omni-existence
The tear fell down upon the monolith
Unveiling the one from myriads of cromlechs

Now, it shines as a crystal-cold flake
The one, who possessed the mystery and become glorified
By those, who know the empire of sins

'In them the path of stars engraved'

And the rain, that rose from the crystal mountain
Washed away the divine blood

Now I shall inherit the strength
With my love and hatred recasted into sword

Among halls of crystals
Palace of me
Frozen mirror-walls reflecting the interior into nothingness
'Eerie labyrinth of paths uneasy'

'Dort wirst du in Flammenmeer erkennen das Eis'

Through dimensions of unforgiven sins
I know that blood must be shed
I will engrave the paths on this earth
Still the light is pale

9. Path IX: Fireclipse

How many years of human history do you know
Ye man ov the earth?
- aeons of tyrants
And two thousand years plague

What is your knowledge, that crowns your head
Ye man ov the earth?
- false prophets orders
Enlightened by lies
And horror of science - mass of materia

To be creatures of light you might never expect

Explain your heads held so high!

All of you, mankind that I once cursed
I challenge your nothing-truth
Against my will to create

Now faster! my legions of ultimate army
Come forth! rise ahead!
Desecrate the knowledge thou hath learneth

'Ye are against people, o my chosen!'

I was passing by the people and cities
Everything drowning in daylight
They were running away from the thunderstorm
Taking their shelters in fright overwhelming
And the lightning enlighten the day
With the brightness of thousand suns
They were running away like a vermin
And then the darkness came

Ohh the fire that follows my path
Shall devour your prayers and gods
Shall turn into ash your false nothing-beliefs

Following the path of my past brothers
I was collecting the crumbs of their masks
Smashed by truth's fist
Scattered by scoffers
One day weaved by illusions

Ohh there is one thing that I need to know
And that frightens me so much!
Weren't you
The only thing that I had?!
The only rightful reason for thoughts
And will to create?

10. Path X: Lumen Coruscum


11. Path XI: Mask III

[bonus track]

12. Path XII: Legions Are Me

Yet underneath laughter and sun
Consequence of all my will and truth
I scatter the ashes of mirrors of me, crushed legions army

Glittering shapes of guardians condemned
Order of proud thoughts awaiting!

Rise on your steel!
But watch the shades on our blades
Why are we loosing their glance and light?!?
There's no one to answer

Heads high, nothing can stand our wrath
Heads high, never stop to dream on
Heads high, no one can bury our realm
Assassination of hypocrites

Now watch them falling
But do you enjoy your dream?
Is 'everything' enough?
Aren't you trying to walk the path you've never understood?

Yet underneath laughter and sun
Consequence of all my will and truth
I scatter the ashes of mirrors of me, crushed
Legions army

13. Path XIII: Inlustra Nigror


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