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1. Path 1. Mystherion. Crystaleyes

Shadows of my broken will
Engraved the scar in purity
Yet I shall wear wings I received
For I am to march through
And the blood of Might
Is a frozen tear crystalised

Illuminating black silence

Fallen down through the looking glass
Forsaken by things I used to feel

Follow the path of ice and silver rays

In mirrors luminous blade
Scenario blackheart utopia

Galaxies unveil sources to agonies
Starlit flames crossed the skies
By fire I transcend the transcendance
By fire of everlasting will

No continuity of times
One eternity to one allegiance

Shadows of my broken will
Engraved the scar in purity
Yet I shall wear wings I received
For I am to march through
And the blood of Might
Is a frozen tear crystaliced

2. Path 2. Introit Algor


3. Path 3. Nova Persei

I am the Purity
Like the aetheric specters
Who ye become in dreams
Deprived of reveries

I am the dweller
Within the Light of darkness
And I have been moving with the One
Through dimensions unknown
And terrible...

I am not allowed to tell thee of thy true I
However we traverse vast deep space
And journey the variety of times

The One and I
Have visited worlds
Moving around the Red Arcturus
And we dwelled
In the insectial bodies of philosophers
Creeping pridefully on the surface
Of the Fourth Moon...

How naught does the Earth
Know itself about life
And everything which comes with
And how naught shall it know
For its own callmness

As for the Oppressor
I am unable to talk about...

Ye on Earth
Have involuntarily
Felt its distant appearance
And acclaimed
The glittering light

For thousands of years
I have tried to face Him

In vain

I was held by the barrier
Of my mortal bearer

This Night
I set out like Nemezis
Carrying rightous
Fiery and destructive

Behold the sky above
In the distance of the Daemon Star

And I will rise as One
Or as One shall never rise again
Remaining an ever dweller
A Purity among the stars
Yet beyond their venomous form...

4. Path 4. Algorfocus Nefas


5. Path 5. Marduke's Mazemerising

Hate you all men!

Blood runs out of your dead lips
You have all got the same eyes
Stiched ones

You are all so small for me
Almost as small as am I for you

A Great House of Glass
I will build

I will be going out of It
To take a walk and shoot you

Shoot you all men!

One by one

You... and you...
And you motherfucker

Hundert Hörensöhne!

But as a first I will shoot this one
Who is guilty of everything
He is right in the middle of my skull
I have got you!

6. Path 6. Moonthrone. Dawn Broken

Wielki Krąg Płomienny
Nad nim
Starożytny Blask Najwyższy
Misterium poezji śmierci
Planeta Obłąkanych

Recast Thy omnipresence gone

Summon Thy storms
The whirling winds
Raging upon

The ultimate

Conjure Thy Fire
Release the light
Blazing above

Fulfill the oath

Thy sacred gifts
I will bring onto His altar
Together with the ones of mine

Miliardy świec
Klękam wśród nich

Take my blood
As a sacrifice for Thy pain
The river of my tears shall flow
And describe a circle
Shall cause that the flames shall be
More bright

I will come to proclaim thy glory
Infinite evilizing truth
But I will not rise
Before I wound my knees
With the stones of my

Czarnych diamentów magia
Zapłonie nieskończonym szeptem
A My spojrzymy na tańczące cienie
Poprzez kosmiczne ognie tworzenia

Świątynie uderzą w dzwony
Obwieszczając swą własną zagładę
A My powrócimy Tam
Tam skąd jesteśmy

And the flames shall flow with us
Now I follow the silence you Thou bringst

Recast Thy omnipresence gone

7. Path 7. Introit Focus


8. Path 8. Daemoonion Act II

Dead spaces
Ruins of morality
Old scars
Smouldering remains of energy
And a crystal like a Lotos Flower
My consciousness

The Army - they are a few
Because those who have the fight within
And faces pale white
Pass away too often

The enemy seems to be powerfull
And it is easier not to provoke him

The Might you know not!

The Path of Enlightment marked with tears
Will not go back anymore

The Art
Is not to get lost in a vicious dance
In a maze of turnings

There was something
Taken away from me
I fought
Once I won
The victory redeemed with blood

Many had to die
I am ashamed of a shadow of doubt
I have been not esteemating

The Might!

Once I was given something
In the Black of the Night
I was dazzeled by the Gleam of its Blackness
And the Trees were bowing down before It

Now when they are asleep
Dream takes their senses away
And plays with their thoughts
In the Kingdom of Dream
There is no place for them

How much time will flow
Before I finish the Dukedom
I am not able to know

This I know
It will be Ye Entrancemperium...

9. Path 9. Introit Nefas


10. Path 10. Dukedom Black Act I

With each following moment
A feeling grows in me
Of forthcoming Dukedom Black
For which I was fighting so...

It devours vast areas of counsciousness dimension
And describes new frontiers for my dreams
Which shape spreads over the Chamber of Mine
And It gives them the Hiding eternal...

In a grotto awaken
From a bodied dream
Thoughts I heard
In blazing circles ensung
Thoughts I saw

And all this
To walk among the stars
Pridefully unseen...
And stalk upon beings immortal
Forgotten truths...

O'hearken to dirge my eternal Spirit Suffering
Thou who enlightens my path with pain of Thine

'erhebe dich auf den Flammen des Begehrens
In das Panteon der vergessenen Wahrheiten
Und brenne mit ihnen in der eisigen Schatzkammer'

Through constellations great
Among the stars glittering
Senescent and supreme

In ecstasy of madness divine
I can see Thy faces darkness...

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