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1. Purpose

You're hiding behind the God you created
And you still believe in
I see you hiding behind the laws and values you made
Declared as infallible
I see you trying to stop the revolution
By offering people a fucking illusion

I'm not gonna live a life that's worthless
I'm gonna think for myself, not being a servant
The purpose of life is a life with a purpose
I'm not gonna live a life that's worthless

Knowing that some people are conscious and awake
You declared them as terrorists
They got observed, beaten and arrested
But the day will come and the struggle ends
When you can't afford the power to resist
Because I won't serve you anymore

One day you won't stop the revolution

2. Lost

What are we entitled to expect?
All hopes are dead, we saw them bleed
The glorious days never existed
Realize the facts

We are dancers at the world's funeral
At the end of the line
This is the abyss of our lives
Generation lost
Generation nothing to lose, nothing to look up to
Generation next
Next thrill, next round, next hype
Generation bored
Generation innocence lost
Before we even fucking had it
Before we even fucking had it

Cold looks from cold eyes
Nothing to win, no first price
The irony of our lives
The only fight is to survive

3. Farewell Note

Goodbye to you, mom and dad,
Brothers and sisters, with all my love.
I'm heading north, seeking for the hope
The better life we all have been told.
I will take the rocky road, pass along the old bridge
Through the forest, through the desert.
Hey, mom, I will see the ocean,

The sun will guide my way,
The rain will wash away my tracks
Not resting any single moment
Not resting, I'm always on the run.

My dears, I've been so close,
Just a few miles to go
Vultures are circling
But these old boots won't let me down

I can smell the ocean
The ferry man, I gave him all I got
Crowded boat, strung out bodies, hungry faces
But I can see this shine
This shine in their eyes
We share all the same dreams

It's raining
The storm is coming in
The waves are getting higher
Any other place, any other place but this

A voice is yelling 'Get the fuck up!'
Beneath barbed wire, over concrete walls
The sun will guide my way,
The rain will wash away my tracks
A soldier screams 'get on your knees,
Hands on the back of your head'
Don't worry mum, now I know
I found the promised land

4. Abuse

Using these words as slander
You just disgrace yourself
What if I am gay?
Does it make a difference?
I wish I were 'just to piss you off'

Straight, queer, inter, trans
We're all different
Straight, queer, inter, trans
We're all equal
Straight, queer, inter, trans
We're all scum
We're all scum, the whole society
We're all scum, you and me

5. Amy Wnhs

Another great night,
Let's toss the fucking coin.
Ready for the next round
Ready for the final fight

Three more days without sleep
Three more days until your last fucking breath
Cold skin, dead eyes, broken teeth
You're just an empty shell
One way ticket, dead man walking
Any last words?
Just another hit, the golden shot
Your story's been told

There is no excuse for what you've done
You sold your soul and you your chances

Wanted to be a winner
Thought you found the key
For the bright side of life
You never read the leaflet
For your magic medicine

It's just one of your last coffin nails

Let's toss the fucking coin
One last time.
You've lost your stake
Cause I choose life.

6. Home

I can't sleep
As long as this fire burns inside of me
The final words aren't spoken
I will never forget
What I am fighting for
I will never stop
Struggling against your oppression

This is where we stay
This is our place of freedom
This is where we belong
I will never leave
We will never leave our home

This is where we stay
This is where we belong
This is where I stay
I will never, never leave my home

7. The Last Summer

I want to sing, scream and shout to this songs
We've listened to a billion times
And believed every word
They gave me more than one good reason
To avoid, to hide from the first morning lights,
From this lie called life

I don't want to grow up
Don't wake to make this choice
There are no rights

There're only wrongs

We have to take responsibility
For the rest of our lives
Are you fucking kidding me?

And now I have to set on fire
Everything I ever fucking loved

I want to choose the right not to choose

I don't want this summer's end

This is the last summer of our lives
This is the last summer of our youth
This is the last summer of my life

8. Enough

How much more time
Do you need to stop
Believing that everything
Has already been decided
And you can do nothing
Than watch the fall
And think it's enough
Just to say wise words?

We all what price we'll have to pay if we try
To interrupt the system's game of shattering our minds
Destroying environment or abusing animals
As machines and food

That's why we only lean back
That's why we fucking relax
It seem we only get used to our death bed

Pursuit of profit is the power
That controls everything around us

The wealthiest society of all times
Creates and sustains the sickest of ideas
Racism, fascism, sexism
We have to smash it with our actions
Because there's nothing left to say
In the defense of letting this nightmare happen

9. Choke

These are my last words
I'm bearly breathing
These are my last words
I’m dying on the inside,
Asking for meaning
I see the world crushing down
I see the world crushing down ... in front of me

All our hearts are filled with hatred
Living life in slow motion
Watching the world pass us by
Our souls got fucking cold,
Crippled and worthless
Destroyed by the world

My mother told that God would be a guide
Fuck religions, they only make us blind

Knowing what mankind is able to
Makes me choke
Just suppressing the thoughts of demise
We fucking provoked
Like in a respirator, there’s no life in my eyes
Belted on an electric chair, I’m just waiting to dye
My thoughts are dashing at the speed of light
The sight is losing, the breathing gets tight
Everything wents black,
I give up the fight

10. Sleeping Beauty

This city sleeps tonight
The abased streets under orange lights
It still remains the same, there is no end in sight
And I walk around, and I walk around...

This city sleeps tonight.
Seems this has been for a long long time.
And I walk around
With all these thoughts spinning in my mind.

Passing all these empty houses,
Lost places, forsaken homes.
Do you remember those sandbox dreams we made?
Echoes of a long gone urban legacy,
Fallen perspectives of a ruined society.
This is a dead town story.
We ranges trough canyons
Raised by our fathers bare hands
Looking for some daze and redemption.

We are the homeless.
We are the restless,
The forgotten, the lost ones.

In this sleeping beauty,
In this hollow nightmare
Are we sleeping or are we dead?

In this sleeping beauty,
In this hollow nightmare
Are we still sleeping or are we already dead?

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