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1. Intro

2. The Loyalty For Country

The light of lightning is a sign for us
We must go to the road of battle
For the fathers world transfer the blood
It cleans the enemies’s sin
The sunny cross leads us
A fighting branch holds a guard
The last burst the last scream
A sword shines on it the blood sign

The loyalty for country
This is the most important thing
You rise your head with an honour
With a dignity you must go ahead to death

An honour’s the blood, the honour’s the death
The death for our a cleaning race
The fight of time calls us
We’re defenders our earth and its holy laws
For ages across this land
A fighting whirl transfered it
So you catch the sword and enemies death
And sign every new day

3. We Chopped By Swords

We chopped by swords!
To making the bloody feast for wolfs
Blades played the steal song
In foreigns helmets
And the wolfs had full of meat
And a raven called the raven

We chopped by swords!
We wielded the spears high
Warriors fell often
Death collected the bloody harvest
The black raven flew
In the feast again

We chopped by swords!
Valkyries worshipped us
When we send for Odin
Valiants warrior
Our wispy arrows
Sang a mournful song
And they played blades song in the discs
We chopped by swords!
I don’t suppose that I died so quickly
I don’t carre about meaning
Anybody can’t redeem your fate
Your destiny can’t let you, oh! How
Sweet are your horns with honey
In divineValhalla’s of Odin!

We chopped by swords!
Valiant don’t afraid a cold of death
So I don’t fear all
I part gladly with you
And serve to a divine feast
My life passed away, so I smile and die
Hail Odin!

4. Glory For Heroes

The woodland silence’s sweeping the warriors
Desperate scream’s tailing away
Then they hit in the cauldrons
The martial song has rung!

Charging valiantly
Among the way full of death
They befell the warrior to an enemy
Standing the bloody fight
Which’s very furious

In silence among the voices
And dying heroes
With sword in his hands he hits
Excites to fight, forgetting
About yourself the ancient warrior

An anger burns eyes
The fighting scream’s sweeping him
They don’t hear anything don’t see anything
He’s citing and killing he’s avenging
Cracking up among the enemies

A burst’s panting a screams extracts
A mouth calling ghost about help
Throwing curses he’s still murdering
Bloody comrades fall down
At foot bloody sword ejects from hands

Valkyries garb him
Hiking to gate of Valhalla
For him the battle finished
He’ll sit among heroes
In hall of Odin!
Victory of Valhalla glory for heroes!

5. Circle Of Wolves

I was born in frosty country
Among eternal silence
I hiked among sorrow
Too dark, too hateful
A cold, frosty moon’s my only brother

The perennial hike’s still continuing
The north’s wind with me
Among darkness and dreams
Through mountains cover by snow
Empty, there freezed the sun! silence…

Among the foggy forests
All intervals the darkness hate
My cold soul of wolf’s continuing
I’m leading to the common circule
Scream of wolf’s penetrating me among the fog

Mighty attack horde of wolfs
The fire of revenge’s like cyclone
Among the sleeping forest
My interval heritage
Got you in wings of wind

6. Time Of Revenge

7. The Song Of Zarathustra

Human! Can you hear?
What's ringing of southern silence up?

- I slept I slept
- I wake up from the deeply dreams of silence
- The world - Pile of depth

Deeper nor daydream, when you think of dream

- The pain - king of depth
- But - more than pain - is bliss which sobs deeper
- Die - the pain said
- The bliss sobs for eternal life

The eternity want to without bottom, without bottom!

[Lyrics by Friedrich Nietzsche]

8. Outro

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