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1. Spiral Galaxy


2. Oblivion

Spiraling into oblivion, mindless thoughts scream my silent cries
A shroud of blood and body parts are my demise
Shapeless moments crack my memories, a broken mirror inside my mind
The end has come, now time is empty

Souls rip through the skin into oblivion
Reborn into nothingness

Sucked through the veins of the universe flows the essence of existence
Time-cluttering, moment-shattering, voidless persistence
Aimless gazes stab through my eyes while they set their sights asunder
Lightning strikes upon me when all I've known is thunder


On and on through eternity, pathway to the galaxy,
We were, we are, will we be?
Will our cries be heard, or echo endlessly?

[Solo: DiSanto]
[Solo: Nelson]


3. Fast Paced Society

Fast paced societies jumping forward
Our mind's leap falls short as we plummet toward
Automation through monotony
Magnetic structure binds itself to me
Colorful objects radiating transparent ideals
Robotic drones spreading their vacuum appeal
Robotic culture is high velocity
No time to rebel in a hyper society

Mindless through the mediocrity
Containment of all humanity
Alterating their thoughts, contaminated perception
Individuality's lost in a state of mental digression
Too involved to realize
To stubborn to admit
So quickly we accept
Fall in line, and forget
Unable to escape a structure without form
I can't deny my own urge
Into it we are born

Magnetic beacons pulsing down concrete halls
Unknown soldiers march without knowing their cause
The effect is a growing emptiness
Boring out the mind into a hollowed pit
Dependency on sedation is becoming an addiction
Like plays feeding the brain, it fills the hole
A vortexial cauldron of a shadowed soul
I-beams fly by as i fall deep into the constructs
Surrounded by acceleration, there is no escape

Proceed directly through the grey
This will help with efficiency
Perform your function, follow and obey
While this machine operates on your brain

It controls you while your mind is distracted
Dulling your senses while performing personality extraction
Till all that's left is a sponge for sounds and sights
Routine overkill, hyper socialities

4. Venus Project

They manufactured their fate
Machines still echo in these stark landscapes
Hallucinations of grandeur led them to boast
The distracted culture let the industries clench at their throats
They were choking in their billowy haste
Rising stacks spewed out toxic waste
Lethal injections left a toxic trace
The drugged atmosphere was a heavy embrace
Corrosive gases thickened the atmosphere
They moved through the unknown with their backs toward the mirror

The past comes to life on the Earth sect
Second in line as the Venus Project
War was the priority for their future
It overrode the threat of the fast rising temperature point of no return as they blistered and peeled
It didn't matter though because their fate had been sealed
Trapped inside an envelope of nuclear overkill
They ensured all life to be born still
The earth was pressure cooked as the water fled
The land was filled with the dust from the dead
Small jobs for big egos who let greed corrupt their lives
They knew their future was coming, but illusions diverted their eyes

Global dissonance, a scalding air of silence
Geographic reverberations of apathetic violence

Reminders of their greatness stand grim and barren
alone and useless over vast expanses
The entirety of their race was brainwashed by scare tactics
Unable to see any truth under a veil of distraction
Kill them before they kill you
The result of that mentality led to...

Lifeless scenes emerge between the clouds of acidic mist
Metalloid structures crowd this puke colored abyss
The past is the only thing living on the planet
A runaway greenhouse affect destroyed everything organic
The species left their impact with radioactive craters
The cities lie flat on this nuclear future
Phase ten complete on the Venus Project
Scorched rocks and molten lead will be the fate of man
Fear echoes strongly in this nuclear wasteland

5. Destroying The Cosmos

Waves of light shooting through night
The void destroyed
Eons of terror emerge from the realms to deploy
Big bang, life and death collide at infinite reaches
Spawned from eternity
We are the creatures from the void

The cosmos
A flicker of the past
The cosmos
Infinity at last
Arise into the night
Invasion of the twilight

Doomingly slow
Destruction will follow
The balance is tipping
Evil is falling low
A rippling in time as a new dawn unwinds
A galactic species takes off and leaves from its confines

The cosmos
A flicker of the past
The cosmos
Infinity at last
Arise into the night
Invasion of the twilight

The time has come
The end is near
For anything that is not us

6. Infiltration


7. Moonbase

The moonbase was hidden from view on the darkside
Operations were kept under wraps from the public's eye
I was teh head of the experiments focused on sustaining life on the moon
Little did I know, we would use our findings so soon
A rogue government's terrorist operants infiltrated the base
When I stumbled upon their plans, it was too late
Communications had been shut down
There would be no warning
Those of us not involved were just left to
Stand in the light of a dying day
Subterranean cavities beneath the lunar landscape
Would hide their plans in the works to destroy the human race
A biological threat was being sent with haste
The bombs would reach the Earth in just one day

Standing in the light of a dying day
I took a rover to the horizon to have one last look,
but as the light pierced my eyes, shame took my gut
Now I have one wish as i look at my friends
I wish i was on the earth so I could die with them
Virus bombs explode throughout the atmosphere
The virus is absorbed through the lungs
Once the virus enters the system, the blood congeals in the veins
Now the only survivors lie concealed in military bunkers
Awaiting and unsure of their fate
Blind to the origin of the assault

Now suspended in fluid wit wires running through their heads
Scanning minds of the scientists until there of no more use to them
Dispose of the bodies to be sure
Now our species is pure

8. Tetrastructural Minds

It''s a long way to reality from the mind''s extremities
Deep in the core of the subconscious realm lies
A shrouded being, cowering
Suspended entity in darkness
Encapsulated in a crystalline state
A soft glowing green in black
Amebic dark, invading

Scampering through a silent chasm
On the other side beams a ray of light
The beacon becomes obscured
As the walls structuralize
Cubiform crystallization
A daunted hero falls to its knees
A piece of eternity from within
Condemned to memory

One side is lost
While the other is gained
Will the two ever be one in the same?
Suspended entity in darkness
Encapsulated in a crystalline state
A soft glowing green in black
Amebic dark, invading

Retaliating echos puncturing my sanity
The essence of my being is only a memory
Crippling vices instilled confirm the soul to seclusion
Disonant existence
Feelings and thoughts without resolution

Life is liquid when we''re young
We paint with the colors of the sun
Time solidifies in our brains
And we paint with shades of grey

All I see are dark clouds over a sunny day
The colorful picture of life solidifies and strips away
Tetrastructural minds
What once was liquid is frozen in time
A cold cubic cell traps all hope deep inside
Amebic dark, invading

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