Dark Lyrics


1. Black Future

Energetic pulse rippling out from our world
An undead galactic master sleeps within a sub-spatial realm
Dark waves traverse the astral plane, the demonoid awakes
Nebular projections pierce the fabric of space
The anti-being comes through

Black future

All at once the sky went black, a single earth beat heart attack
Awakened giant in the sky, through the black, huge glowing eyes
A purple glow which stilled the air, stranglehold in the demon's glare
The hungry darkness in our minds is the toxic substance on which it thrives

Black future

World destroyer! [3x]

Time accelerates with the advent of a monolithic shadow
On this world that we call home, within our minds its thoughts grow
Entering into our brains, eaten alive but we still feel safe
Never exposed to the light, seething global parasite

[Solo: DiSanto]
[Solo: Nelson]

Black future

2. Oblivion

Spiraling into oblivion, mindless thoughts scream my silent cries
A shroud of blood and body parts are my demise
Shapeless moments crack my memories, a broken mirror inside my mind
The end has come, now time is empty

Souls rip through the skin into oblivion
Reborn into nothingness

Sucked through the veins of the universe flows the essence of existence
Time-cluttering, moment-shattering, voidless persistence
Aimless gazes stab through my eyes while they set their sights asunder
Lightning strikes upon me when all I've known is thunder


On and on through eternity, pathway to the galaxy,
We were, we are, will we be?
Will our cries be heard, or echo endlessly?

[Solo: DiSanto]
[Solo: Nelson]


3. Destroying The Cosmos

Waves of light, shooting through night,
The void destroyed,
Eons of terror emerge from the realms to deploy,
Big bang, life and death collide at infinite reaches,
Spawned from eternity, we are the creatures of void.

The cosmos, a flicker of the past,
The cosmos, infinity at last.
Arise, into the night,
Invasion of the twilight.

Doomingly slow, destruction will follow,
The balance is tipping, evil is falling low,
A rippling in time as a new dawn unwinds,
A galactic species takes off and leaves from its confines.


The time has come,
The end is near,
For anything, that is not us.

[Solo: DiSanto]

4. Forests Of Legend

A shadowed existence veiled in mystery,
Swallowed by sound from dwellers of the trees,
A strange world thrives on a floor of decay,
From rotting death, breaking through the fray...
A forest!

[Solo: Nelson]

Enter the shadow realm,
Giants hold claim to the sky and ground,
Keepers of gloom and great oddities,
Sustain the ways of the forest keep.

Ancient kingdoms, creeping lines,
Split apart, by roots of time.

Voices from inside seem to pull you in,
Dark wisdom runs on the still, damp wind,
Glow of the eye, fear the gaze,
The great ape returns disconnected and changed.

Ancient kingdoms, creeping lines,
Split apart, by roots of time.

Twisted land, twisted sky,
Twisted circuit we call our mind,
We push our will to change a world,
Which has a spirit, has a soul.

Borneo, Amazon,
Once it goes, it is gone,
The legend is all that remains,
Of the forests of old and grand domains.

Legends only arise in the face of difficult times,
A forest that stands on its own,
In the truth of a desolate world is where the legend will grow.

No cover from the sun,
Carcass fields of fallen ones,
Biding time, seeds remain,
Tyrants fall, earth reclaims.

Ancient kingdoms, creeping lines,
Split apart by roots of time,
A strange world thrives on a floor of decay,
From broken rubble, breaking through the fray...
A forest!

[Solo: DiSanto]

5. Hunger For Violence

Chaos enveloped the social order of humanity,
After the nuclear fall from man's vanity,
Weathered faces trudge through empty miles in nomadic hordes,
A scalding wind grinds the barren desert floor.

Civilization is thrown into rampancy,
As the resources continue to dwindle in the fallout breeze,
Treaties between the wasteland hordes have burned and been defiled,
A black cloud of contrivance is amassing all the while.

Spray of blood in the air, bodies fall,
The only way to survive this upheaval...
Hunger for violence!

I will be the one to force chaos into submission,
An abandoned nuclear facility has powered my ambition,
I hold the power that once laid waste to these decaying lands,
My fission powered warriors are awaiting their command.

Hunger for violence!

Spray of blood in the air, bodies fall,
The wars of man continue, consuming all,
Spray of blood in the air, bodies fall,
Dominate with death machines, killing all...
Hunger for violence!

Apocalypse survivors hide within a rusting scrap yard,
The tyrannical artificer looms over the battle charge,
Hear the crushing sound of skulls lying under tank treads,
Fear as they rush the grounds.

Battalions of troops come barrelling through,
Walls of tires and barrels of crude.
Photo-receptors meet your gaze,
If you fight, you'll die, so be a slave.

Fight! [4x]


[Solo: Nelson]
[Solo: DiSanto]
[Solo: Nelson]
[Solo: DiSanto]
[Solo: Nelson]

The slaves have now been drafted into recruitment operations,
Implanted micro detonators ensure cooperation,
The pawns march side by side with their metallic lifeless captors,
Blood will cleanse the land as we descend into the final chapter.

Spray of blood in the air, bodies fall,
Dominate with death machines, killing all,
Spray of blood in the air, bodies fall,
The wars of man continue, consuming all...
Hunger for violence!

6. Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Engineering forms of life,
Splicing DNA,
Cut the strand, extract the base,
What is real can be changed.

Laboratories experiment with the limits of our will,
But there are endless ways to justify,
If we can, we will.

Products of our mind,
Looking from inside,
Strange creations.

Science based on temptation
To what we can achieve,
The desire lies within our hearts to fix the human being.

Cesspool of genes,
Tainted genetics,
Our fingers run down the blade,
Of a double-edged helix.

Journey through the cells,
Unlock the cell doors.

Violative manipulation,
DNA, the ultimate temptation.

Further do we travel descending the spiral stair case,
Reality unravels in the presence of our wake.

The hand that feeds is ingenuity,
Progression voices our reprisal.
Our ransacking gaze grips the shrinking world,
And what it comes down to is survival.

They will guarantee... future sanctity,
When the coin is tossed,
Perfection comes at a cost.

[Solo: Nelson]

[Chorus repeat until end]

7. Asteroid

Swirling masses of rock, careening through the black,
An orbit unseen, by the distant eyes of man.
Floating through space, a distant planetoid,
Collision course, waiting for the moment to destroy.

Death from above, rocking the world,
An unharbored menace, chaos unfurls,
Death from above, block out the Sun,
Survivors will starve until their imminent... extinction.
An unheard countdown commences,
Even NASA is blind,
But could they say if they knew,
Chaos would ensue, facing the truth of their demise.

Asteroid, filling the sky,
Asteroid, reflecting in their wide eyes.
Asteroid, an eternal moment in time...

Death from above, rocking the world,
An unharbored menace, chaos unfurls,
Death from above, block out the Sun,
Survivors will starve until their imminent extinction.
The pointless construction of bombs and wars that brought them death,
The destruction that man has wreaked is unmatched by the impending threat.


Mountains and seas arise and fall,
Crustal flex, the world absolved.
Frozen winds begin to swirl,
Putrid clouds of dust and gas engulf the world.

Massive ejections through the abysmal smog,
Shaking the fleas off of the dog.

Hear to see the end of all,
Apocalyptic wrecking ball,
A cosmic force to seal our fate,
Extinction of the human race.

Burning through the sky with atomic might,
Laid to rest with your fears on the darkest night.

[Solo: Nelson]
[Solo: DiSanto]

8. Dark Nebula

Absorb the radiation into blackness,
Photo-degradation in the depths within,
Shrouds of creation, cold emptiness,
The black serpent writhes in the solar wind.

Conceal the secret knowledge from events before,
Cloud the peering eye from what lies beyond the door.
Slumbering in the black cocoon,
Mistress of the night, a solar moon (solar moon!).

Into the night, seeker of light,
Into the day, impermeate.
Into the sore to find what hurts more,
Into the unknown to see what we own.

Watch it collapse as it contracts,
Watch it unfold out of control.
Unstoppable force, growing remorse,
A magnetic field the future will feel.

The strange ways that we keep face,
Gravitation holds our place.
We never seem to change our pace,
Forward on to win the race.

Congregation in the cell,
Manic pulse of thought upwells.
Deep inside the dark eclipse,
A growing metamorphosis.

Trapped inside deception and lies,
Trapped inside the growing madness in my mind.

All of the time spent, all of the years,
All of the moments that led me to this place.
What will I do now that I am here?

I walked inside the black serpent of the sky,
My eyes were drawn to a Sun within the dark nebula.

The wheel revolves contorting time and space,
Twisting strings that form the astral plane.
The dark creature begins the chase,
Holding the mane of the beast to meet our fate.
A stark contrasting blob infects our sight,
Riding further into the night.
A search to be content with what we are,
And to look and find a place among the stars.

Desperately, we arrive... anywhere,
A place we never planned to be...

9. Accelerating Universe

Lost in time where thoughts are faint echoes,
My city crumbles.
A path of destruction ahead of me,
Tracing the footsteps of insanity.
I see the ashes of a bridge to gold,
I sacrifice my empty soul,
Emptiness crowds the streets,
I drain my thoughts, I carry on to bleed.

Dark energy is pulling me,
My old thoughts unheard, accelerating universe.

A darkening force, the unfathomed realm reborn,
Worlds of nothing, chaos forlorn.
The weak will follow the false cure of souls,
My weakness pulls me into the black hole.
Humanity, a blood trail caress,
I follow it to the unconquered fortress,
A blinding light made from distraction,
It burns your eyes out if you get too close.


Obscure flickers in the distance,
These lights blinked out of existence.
Dying systems pulled through a void,
Experimental universe designed to destroy itself.

Release of energy from our point of origin,
Will this cycle continue to be again?
Or will these stars fade and kill their systems?
Will our night sky be solar gravestones?
It pulls the thought of change from our minds,
The only thought unchained in our minds,
It drains your blood, rips out your soul,
Your mind is hollow, you are time's black hole.


Minds in a standstill, as we walk on this treadmill,
Our guide through the eons, until our star is gone.

Thanks to gornraal for sending these lyrics.

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