Dark Lyrics


1. Asylum

Soft was the blade that cut my throat
Sweet was the poison I swallowed
Soft was the rope around my neck
And bliss the pain in which I swallowed

You found me shattered
My soul so fiercely battered
Lying on the floor
One glimpse of your eyes
I knew you could make me rise
Whole and strong again

Slow was the fall that crushed my bones
Warm the fire that burned me
Fresh the blood that escaped
And true the love love that hurt me

So please forgive me
For making us wait and see
If this love would reign true
I know now why I breathe
I know now why my heart beats
Only to be in love with thee

2. Forgive

A buried cradle, six feet under.
A wedding dress, torn asunder.
A twisted ring, worn for one day
An empty house, beaten by the rain.

She has bled her love and grace away.
And drowned her life in sorrow.
Left behind her second chance.
Needing the tears that follow.

A broken promise, a vow eternal
A soul-searched fate, a lonely funeral.
A wounded future, a long dead past
Knowing, she will suffer last.

Joining earth and feeling soon,
Dust to dust, her mother's womb.
Never together but never apart.
For all times after joined at the heart

3. Amoricide

A single lonely soul meets its demise
Pledging all the rules it must abide
Slave of your hearts, master no more
Forget your queen and meet the whore

Chains that keep you from hearing your cries
Suffocation, the free mind dies
All that's left is dust, echoes of one's lust
Jaded hearts collide, shatter side by side

Gather armies, dogs of war
Insurrection, claim your throne
Icy winds blow deep inside
Burn all bridges

4. Excarnation

Starlight lancing fallen nightscape
Masses singing for thy grace
Fire burning, dancing; profane!
Chanting mantras mesmerize

Blood clad priestess raising her hands
Tempting virtue walk astray
Unsung heroes congregating
Fallen angels still alive

I bow before her, she touches my heart
Give me you blessings of light and dark
I swallow freedom, it drives me insane
Venomous poison inside my veins

5. Ephemeral

Sunlight creeping from the curtains
Fear is setting in
Confinement taking over
Day has spread its evil wings

Eternity grips me again
Always coming back for more
I lose every dawn
And every dusk I am reborn

Azure eyes and crimson lips
Lie there by my side
A silhouette of ecstasy
Drained out by the night

Hell hath no fury
Like a mind without its wine
Empty thoughts that haunt their homes
Moan in pain and whine

Darkness fell down from its throne
Leaving us so pale
Shadow swarms have flown away
Escaped behind light's veil

Calamity has befallen me
And every step I take
Takes me back from where I left
And never want to be

6. Bitheon

My every heartbeat belongs to thee
For every blink of an eye punish me
For your touch I'll walk through hell
In purgatory fire my soul to sell

Mistress, empress, goddess, temptress
I worship, I adore, I'm helpless, I am yours
Your highness, my liege, your majesty, my dream
I worship, I adore, I'm helpless, I am forever yours

One so graceful, drown in those eyes
Beneath her velvet deadly passion lies
Other noble born a queen
Carnal Venus, my needs redeem

7. Homecoming

Crystal tears shall fall and paint all in white
Full moon into darkness to shed us guiding light
The land of true purity, the rivers' mighty streams
Will now for all eternity stop their life and freeze

I am the winter that will cum
I am the freezing storm wind blow
My love as a glacier turns tears into snow

With havoc summer's slain
Frost covers trees
I wield a sword of ice
And force warmth on its knees

Flowers stop blooming when night starts to call
All hail Gaia, mother of us all
All leaves have fallen, frost rises mountains high
This is our homecoming, for winter autumn must die

8. Nova

Condemned to burn forever in a blazing flame
Unchanging aeons, all just stays the same
Married to the stars
Mother of us all
Forever rise
Forever fall

Growing tired, losing her glow
Swollen being, her own worst foe
Star stuff turning, around and round
All her children are to her bound

The spark now dead, suffocate
Her cold cadaver now seals our fate
Where once was matter
Now is a hole
Stronger than ever
Devour us all

9. Wurmtod

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