Dark Lyrics


1. Estranger

Hello, good morning, stranger. Have we ever met? You look familiar.
Do you recognize my face? Or did I dream we met in a cosmic cafe?

Give me wings. Let me fly far away into dreams where I am not afraid.
We can live in the sky high above pain and loss where it all floats away.

Can we not hope for peace during war?
Is there love shining through any more?

Let us hold what we find dear in life.
Shafts of light warm our hearts as time moves on.

Help me find you again.
I need your light, your light.

I need some honesty, save us from tragedy.

Come here son, I'm your friend till the end.
All these years, I was here standing by.
But you left in the blink of an eye,
leaving me all alone in this home.

Sex and lies, darken skies, simple lives, complex minds
wanting to scrutinize everything, everyone, everywhere
till it all disappears.

Show me you understand, I need some guidance tonight.
I feel your honesty, we know your tragedy shines through the dark into the morning light.
Show us you're willing to break through the bonds that keep our hearts apart.

Help me get out of here. Help me to see the light.
The walls are closing in. Oh God, I cannot fight.

I want to believe in your lies. I want to see truth in your eyes.


2. Manikin Parade

Keep your thoughts inside.
A warmer place to think and hide.
Don't let their fickle minds try to understand your messed up life.
A suit to fit all types; stretch it long or stretch it wide.
Eventually, we look the same -- we dare not teeter on the edge.

And once more I feel like a child in the summer time.
Free from anguish, free from angst. Free to live my life again.
A playground where I live alone, away from wanting more and more.
Sell me life, sell me earth, a soul for sale, for what it's worth.

Today's buzz word is change, but you all remain pathetically the same!
You can only change yourself.

Run little one -- keep running far away until darkness finally fades away!

Sell me life. Sell me your lies for a price.
Give me more. Give me much more than I need.
Make me into a manikin.

Some assembly required.

Save me from the shameless charade.
(Take away your humanity)
Help me melt this manikin parade!
(Become part of the manikin parade)

Can you hear their little feet? Like dolls dancing into hell.
Not enough aisles to feed our need.

Can you hear God through that iPod?

Save me from the shameless charade.
(Take away your humanity)
Help me melt this manikin parade!
(Become part of the manikin parade)

3. Christmas Scars

He burns -- his skin does burn -- his skin does burn

Come sit with me and together we can harp on your society of mediocrity and stupidity
It's alarming me just how much you really care about celebrities
It's a cock tease, can't you see?
It's all the same every time we make the grind until we find your time is done, step aside for the next in line, the next to try, the next die.

I can't slow down or I will fall far beyond the pale.
And you'll finally see what a man should be and we'll all dine in fantasy.

In the wheel what a steal, live your life as though it were never real
Like a rat in a cage we'll be more than free when you turn off the TV screen
Stuck forevermore like before you and me we're on the floor with the whore, but we fail to see the moral compass and we fail to see what drives and what corrupts us.

God are you watching? I feel it, I hear it. The sounds of Christmas bells, they heal me they heal my scars.

These scars do bleed; we scar from society.

I healed you with laughter on Christmas Eve.
What happened to our love that made you leave me?

Such saviors that kill us and make us bleed;
They claim that God's plan is to make us believe.

I won't be afraid. I'm alone or betrayed.
I called out your name, but you left me ashamed.

We all need some light
We all need some light sometime
We all need some light
We all need some light sometimes

I imagine your eyes and I can't believe
That you left me on that Christmas Eve
and as I lovingly pass you by, it pains me to see
all that we shared swept away by the rain.

4. Handful Of Dreams

This part of life is left best to the wise,
Sages and kings, saints and clowns, bottles of fear
Look to the sky, pour out your soul and you'll fly
On mountains of gold, all of it yours if you're first in line.

I lived in oceans where angels do dwell
Beyond the sun, far beyond hell
He taught me life is a painting of time
Hearts filled again like bottles of wine

Soak in the waters of plenty...

Drink clouds of gray, let the sunshine melt away
Sundays of greed
Spattered paint, handful of rain
Words etched in stone
"All my hopes gone too soon"
Lost in a sea
Stranded and bear where I bleed...

Forests burning, people starving
Nations fighting, oceans dying
Skies are grayed out, trees are fading
From your home that you are saving
Despite your gift to think of ways to help mankind seek better days
You waste your mind on brittle toys
On killing earth, on fighting wars!


5. Disorder Quotient

Dear father heal my wounds tonight, my hands are crust in filth
You blessed me with your guiding light, now take this pain away
I begged for mercy far too long, I've soaked your bed with blood
Your royal servants crowned you king despite the shame you caused.

I turn away from wandering eyes, a drop a white and no more cries
As I fly up to hold you in paradise where we all pay the price
You know it's true of what they say, some roads lead back to where they came
Is it not enough that I bled for you? But now I'm through with you, through with you!

I can't find truth within these lies; I can't escape your wandering eyes
Help me hide from this pain
Help me find faith again

Turn away, cast your gaze from ancient books
I'm the voice of your god you can trust in me
And don't you tell a soul, you're mine forevermore

I can't find truth within these lies; I can't escape your wandering eyes
Help me hide from this pain
Help me find faith again
I can't find truth within these lies; I can't escape your wandering eyes
Kneel before me and pray
That none find us this way!

6. Bricolage Theater

7. Paradise For The Lost (The Twilight Part I: Deception)

Pay me, love me, adore me, be me
Buy it, save it, crave it, never be content with it
Plastic people, do I give you what you need? A silly trend indeed!
Shallow faithful religion sells us paradise still you buy my merchandise

Buy your way to paradise
Still you buy!
Buy your way to paradise!

Still I see the truth within your eyes
Despite the time we spent apart I'm waiting by with open arms
Don't tell the great deceiver we couldn't save her

Lead us to the truth
Confessing our lives
Share with us your words
I cannot deny!

Worship the words of your idols
Hollow mouthpiece
A sycophantic masquerade just as long as you get paid
Science of souls
Blinded by the value of his words
Give in sell in all your personality assimilate your property

Fail to see his hateful greed
Like a church of fools we follow the rules

Mister have I ever heard of you?
You've written books that speak of your truth
A man who's name means nothing
Yet we are asked to follow another book of useless rules
An empire built upon your back
Your death compels their fevered minds
Trademarks, copyrights keep you safe
Thanks for closing up our minds

I can't lie my eyes drip with blood
As I cry

Can we fly away in a ship like you say?
Will you land here on Earth and save us all one day?


8. Gabrielle (The Twilight Part II: Love)

I see the sun when I look into your eyes and I see the world in your heart.
Help me find an answer to what gives us soul - take my hand, I'll carry you away.

You see the nightmare walking up to your front door. It penetrates, contemplates, dissipates and still it feeds, oh God it feeds.
You're the thorn in his sunny day - powerless, bitterness, helplessness - your life is on the line this time.

So cold and so lonely, yet still so loyal towards him.
He's leaving, you're bleeding, Oh God, you're bleeding.

When will love finally wash us all away, and when will hate make loving okay?
Should we spend our lives finding answers, or should we just let them find us first?

Exit from the shadows that keep you trapped within,
Let the loving sunlight wash your pain away.
Think of me when you are down; let your heart just sail away-
Deep into the mystery of life.

Silence is bitter, when voices seem faded and gray.
Some people can't fathom why hearts shrink and dwindle away.

I can see the sun rise, deep inside your eyes.
Life can be so cruel, Gabrielle.

[Carnival Nightmare:]
Step right up folks and take a swing, she won't hit back!

Oh my God, she's so helpless, leave her be.

Take out all your frustrations on this poor, innocent soul.

It's like my own personal punching bag!

Don't hesitate folks, she's just asking for it!

Yeah, it's her own fault!

Sunshine seems fleeting when no one's around to hold, to love.
And comfort is missing when those we love are all gone and we're left cold, afraid and alone.

I can see the sun, deep inside your eyes
Life can be so cruel, Gabrielle.

Don't believe in those who say, "Life will turn out great".
The truth is very hard to see through hate and greed.

I see your face every night in my dreams.
And I'll be the one to take you away.

9. Dance Of The Summer Mind

10. One Dark Birthday

I sit here with myself on a chair of wealth
Thinking what it means to have everything
To have everything
To have nothing

Should I live in fear?
Do I dare to trust?
Do I run away into darkened night
Where the shadows wait
To embrace my flesh?

Thank you for your time
But I have to go
Thank you for your love
For leaving me alone
I know it's hard to bear as I turn away

Here I am
Imprisoned inside of this mind
There I am
A shadow that no one can find
(here I am inside of this mind)
There he is
(There I am that no one can find)
Cold and alone and afraid
(There he is alone and afraid)
There he goes
(There he goes!)
Reliving that one dark day

Do I learn to speak
When the voices swell?
Should I make a change in this dampened hell?
Hands do feel around where they shouldn't touch!
(Where they should not in the dark)
Where they should not touch!

Should I live inside this imprisoned mind
Will you find me trapped waiting to be found?
Can you see my eyes on this darkest day?

On this darkest day!
I need some light! Show me the way!

Here I am for you to take trapped inside this feeble mind
Find a place where we can wake!


11. Etude Of Sorrow (The Twilight Part III: Oblivion)

A palace falls beneath my feet
As this bitter man unfolds and weeps
Years of tragedy soak deep
And I cannot believe this man who tells me of my world's end
Its truth that leads the mind astray like subtle lies we turn away
And hungry minds search skies of truth
As ancient scrolls deny our youth
And fields of gold seem frail and old
While peasants rise this throne turns cold
This throne turns cold

Hear me I'm needing you
To come home from the other side!

A shit facade of a desperate man
seeks a way for society to pay him back
But this lonely clown like a hundred more
Fall in line just to be another TV whore
But we can't survive without the media hive
Giving in to the stereotype with stubborn pride!

Hear me I'm needing you!
To come home from the other side!

Life is frail we stand on the edge!
Falling through the oceans of time
Clinging to trust our dreams turn to dust
Blown through the skies into god's eyes

And so I see you once again
A lonely heart confused and cold
And under flags the dead return
But the living scar through tides of war


Help me see what I missed
All those things that I took for granted
I can't believe that I followed you
I can't believe what you stole from me

It's better we let the kingdom crumble!
It's just so hard to let go
To let his strength turn so frail

Let's leave this man to die
Turn him to the crimson sky where
He will sail away to meet his master

If love is destiny then
I face eternity of
solitude and nights of sweet cold
Filled with dark rooms where
no one waits for me

Take me to mystery where
Fathers wait for me
Teach me your honesty so
I can set this pain free
Take me to a resting place where
I can nest in oblivion!

The light of oblivion!

12. Halcyon Days

Sadness is sweet
The rain at my feet
The clouds hide the rays
Of sweet halcyon days

Sing to me till I fall asleep
Till I sleep
Dream with me
To the mystery!

13. The Cosmic Bus Stop

I see your eyes and I can't believe
You left me on that Christmas eve

All lies
Damn lies!
In your eyes I searched for the truth
Behind there lies

Your face!
God your face
What a mess that this caused
to us both
I guess this is where I get off the bus

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