Dark Lyrics


1. Disloyal

Reach inside my open chest
Feel around there’s nothing left

Seven years of darkness
Then all of the pieces fell
And you just turned and walked away
Living by your sorrow and mending broken wings
Yet I still feel I’m held down underwater drowning

I still can’t believe what have we done?
I was so alone how could you make us fail?
Tell me why we failed and why you lied

I felt your black heart
And I’ve seen your serpent’s tongue
And I’ve seen the truth behind your lies
I feel the coldness and the dark you walked me through

Turn to me and face the truth that never came to be
Would you say we shared a life too long in fantasy?


2. Choke Faint Drown

I’ve seen loved ones held underwater
See the store lights fade from her eyesight

Breathe my love and swim to dreams
Dry your tears away and leave this pain

See the store lights turn to star lights
Through her eyes as waters rise
Hear my calling from beyond the light into the light!
Underwater I can see her face!
I will make her feel your pain!

choke, faint, drown- die!
An eye for an eye!

Watching you has made me see
What hate can breed so perfectly

Dark minds feed – I can see the hate within you
Run, hide, die – I will be the hate that kills you
I will be the light that heals you
I will try!

Now she is gone!

See the store lights turn to star lights
Through her eyes as waters rise
Hear my calling from beyond the light into the light!
Underwater I can see her face!
And she will feel your pain

choke, faint, drown!

3. Abandon Me

Turning to find all my dreams and hopes left behind
Years that I’ve lost waiting for fame to find me!

Come love me
Come adore me
Worship me
Then all at once abandon me

Serving lies
Black suits and champagne with serpent’s eyes
I will save a seat for you in hell

Is this what you want to say? I’m right here!
And tell me who to be and what to say
Oh could we be just like them and be just the same?
Give me a break and grow some balls for a change
See through your fake mind

Capitalize on my talent if you please
And don’t forget my credibility
See the shadows dancing right over your name
Dry you up and spend you right back where you came

How could you lie
And forsake all we made?

Can you see the pain you’ve caused?
Can you see the dreams we’ve lost?
Shedding all my faith in you
Just a handshake and we’re through
With words and drink
Was I your sacrifice?


4. Drained

Turn my eyes I can live without the shame
I can see who is to blame
Tell me who will suffer
Faced with choices and held to suffer
I run for shelter but find you waiting

Take my courage, test my limits
Set my fire and burn me under

Held without a doubt, judged on your behalf!
I won’t judge you, but you will judge me!
How could you say, how could you know!
I would dare to speak, cause such suffering?

Drained of all my wanting to give back to you
My faith is gone I’ve suffered too long in your kingdom
Games you’ve played have left me drained and all I’ve gained
Is another song about my pain and suffering

Father see me and forgive me please
Did I falter did I not get on my knees?
Forced to live with all your corruption
Sacrificing till your will is done

Held without a doubt, judged on your behalf
I won’t judge you, but you will judge me!
Should I just feel your shame
Or should you face this blame?

I see so clearly your hypocrisy
Time relentless time is all left behind

Drained of all my wanting to
Bring the world to you


5. Kingdom Of Ruin

Once we shared a life the same
Two souls were bound through thick and thin
I fought the sands you hid your face
Till all at once you fell away

I am your brother
Secretive lover
Time will not wait to
Comfort or hold you

I can feel all this pain so real
Like the day you said that our love was dead
Finding ways to breathe and the scars to heal
Rise above the loss
Finding the strength to cross

I feel weak and desperately I reach for someone close to me
I sit and look at what we had and what we had was misery!

I feel so tired all the time
Sitting here waiting for, just waiting for the end to come

Did you think I would be here just waiting
Waiting to carry you through our failings?
How could you place all this on my shoulders?
Weighing me down
Weighing me down

Tell me your problems
I’m here to listen
But one last favor
Can you heal my scars?

I can feel all this pain so real
Like the day you said that our love was dead
Finding ways to breathe and these scars to heal
Rise above the loss
Find the strength to say that

I am through reaching out to you
Wasting all those years
Wasting countless tears
Did you comfort me when you seemed to make us fail?

6. Frailty

I see the sun slip away
As I get dressed for our big meeting
Get in my car see my clothes
See I’m normal
Give me your hand, see my hand
As it trembles and shakes

I am not me and I see what I am

Evergreens and falling leaves
I hide behind and wait for sleep
Masks I wear to keep you here
To tell the truth I plan to kill

You are so clean and serene
But I am not who I appear
Now come here and please die my dear

Clean my hands once more
Wash and mop the floor
Make my dinner then I’m out the door

Dreaming, I see a sea of bodies
Wake up coffee, get into my Audi
At work you say hi, lunchtime then goodbye
See you tonight, I promise to stop by

So you think we’re different you and mea
Because I do the things you won’t do
But deep down inside- I am you!

Hot winters, cold summers
Cash flows like bloody rivers

I, I can’t help myself
I, I can’t stop myself
One itch to scratch myself
Monster hides in myself


I see the sun once again for a new day
Don’t try to hide cause you see
You are me!

Come kill me I am your king!
Come crown as your messiah
Monsters and kingdoms unite
All part of your stupid design!

7. The Transformation

8. The Rabbit Kingdom

I feel like I’ve lived in this place before
I feel like I’ve had this dream
Is this the place where I was born?
Is this where I become king?

So many people from day to day
I wonder what would they say?
And I can’t seem to comprehend
What this means I don’t understand.

I slip into some place brand new!

I feel like I am leaving me
Am I the Rabbit King?

Finding a way into my past life
Seeing her face
I think she was my wife

I cannot be sure
Was this really? Was this really me?
Was this really me?

I am walking through layers of dreaming
I feel I’m watching a past life reveal me

Seeing your face reflect in my memory
Has awakened me into a life I’ve lived

Finding a way into my past life!
Seeing her face I think she was my wife!

I feel like I’ve been here before
Am I the Rabbit King?

I lived in this place before
I am the Rabbit King!

9. Stay

I remember you were standing by my side
That night that something filled the air
Our bodies danced across the lake under the moon
Where autumn leaves they fall much too soon

Steal my heartache, heal this heartbreak
Nest inside my tree tonight just to stay!

Falsely led into our hopes
But are you just what I hoped?

Am I falling in her dream
The night I recall it so clear!

Fall into darkening skies
Am I still the man I despise
I won’t fight or betray it
I won’t lie I will save it!

And I’m here to carry you
Through life’s strange and vast mysteries
Am I falling for this dream
That night I recall it so clear!

Say to me that you’ll stay here with me
Close by your side I’ll just be listening

10. Sounds Of Wonder

Brother run as fast you can
To escape this wonderful land
And maybe you’ll get to the top
Then what? Is it all that you thought?
Come on man there’s so much to see
To live, to feel, to breathe.
And I’ll, I’ll be your guide
Through this vast country side!

Come, come step inside
This place where nothing can hide
See your dreams on mountains untouched
And fly like a fish if you must

Sing like a frog, watch the sunset through it all
Running through fields
Feel the grass brush my heels


Son I am a pigeon just wishing to fly
You, you may have heard I’m a bird who fell from the sky!

I am the sun, after the rain
Seeker of spring and all that it brings
I am the sun maker of light!
Follow my path
You know that it’s right.

Eyes up to the clouds
Sing your spirit aloud

11. A Father's Love

I’ve lived to see your eyes
Those looks of wide surprise
I promise never to leave or abandon you
Together we will run
Through golden fields my son
To see you smile is more than I could ask for

I’m here to care for you, hold you and guide you through

Come with me through mountain streams
Forrest hills guide us through our dreams
I will hold you lovingly through all eternity

I’m growing older now
I’ll have to leave you soon
My spirit carries on even though my body is gone
Remember all those things I taught you through this life
Look in your father’s eyes one last time before I die

I’m here to care for you, hold you and guide you through


12. Requiem For A Fallen King

Darkness falls around sunlight
Gathers to bury my history in this tree
One last goodbye
Dry your tears son don’t you cry
“Father stay here, please don’t leave me!”
My body is gone but my spirit will live on!

Kingdoms fade and so shall I
Falling! Falling!
Bury me into the garden
Lead the way into the afterlife!

Feelings like leaves dropping into the ocean
Where angels are sinking into our dreams
Mothers are calling us, Fathers are holding us
After we leave the palace behind
One last goodbye, dry your tears son don’t you cry


13. An Empire Shattered

I feel a new day has dawned
But sometimes I feel something is gone
When I’m asleep and all alone
I dream of him those days are lost

Walking down the street this afternoon
I see the people stop to meet
And talk about the things they saw and heard about

That day when all my kingdoms shattered
And all my hopes were put into question
I miss you dad!

Break of the day, the feeling sticks with me
Like a burning inside
When will this subside?
Why are you gone?
And why am I scared?
And what am I to do without you?

Time does fly like a short sunrise
All I want is to be with you now

Wait I take a look and see your face
I need a friend and place to stay
While I stop and figure out
What he said that

Day when all my kingdoms shattered
And all my hopes were put into question
I miss you dad, I miss you dad!

I can do anything I want to
As long as he is beside me
With me
In my heart he will stay

14. Alice

Alice I hear your cries
I see your eyes in my dreams
Alice I feel your warmth
Inside my heart close to me

There he is in front of you
A prince who needs a friend or two
Take him in and feel his light
You know it’s right

Alice I’m here for you
To take us through
This life

Heal me
I need you here
Next to me tonight

There he is in front of you
A friend who needs some loving too
Take him in and feel his light
He needs you near him every night

He’s the one who came to be
The prince who ruled the Acorn Tree
Singing songs of golden fields
Like oceans of fire it seemed so real

He turned to face the Sunday sky and broke down and cried...

15. The Garden Time Forgot

I think I’ve reached the end
A place where I can begin to feel alive again
Stones wrapped in green and white
Covered in broken light
Between the evergreen

Seeing this garden, seeing my past life has
Finally set my heart free

How did I end up in this place?
With the leaves against my face
Walking on stones among the dead
Seeing the words etched on the floor
What could they be there for?
Do they reveal the way back home?

All my life I’ve sat and wasted away
Now it seems my dreams have led me astray
And I feel something is keeping me here
Can this be my dream is becoming real

I can see so vividly the truth that I am the Rabbit King
Running free through mountain springs
I find the key to stay in this dream
I am him and he is me
Two souls bound deep inside this tree
Learning to breathe, walking to be
More than I was to serve this purpose

Turning to face all that I missed
Reaching for you, reaching for kingdoms!

Seeing this garden, seeing my past life has
Finally set my heart free

The door is closing quickly
I have to make up my mind
Do I stay or do I let go?


I can’t believe I’ve come this far
It wouldn’t be proper to leave this kingdom in distress

I see all of the leaves on the tree
On stone I can read all my history
Finding ways to live for today!

Break free of our fears
And take the time to hear my words
And never look back to the past
I beg of you my love
And break free of our dreams
And break free of our destiny
Look to the sky and you will find
The keys to life’s mysteries

Turn to the sky!
Turn to the blue sky!

And I never thought I would say this last goodbye
To a life that I let just slip and pass me by
And it comes as no surprise to anyone
That I’d choose to be here among my wife and son

Now come and follow me
Into the Acorn Tree for one last ceremony

Show me love and show me mercy
For I am your best friend
Welcome to modernity where peace can reign again!
Yeah again!

Can you feel love tonight when we’re together in here forever?
You lost your way but now I found you
And I promise to guide you

Jeren Martin ‒ Bass
Brandon Lopez ‒ Drums
Corey Mast ‒ Keyboards
Clay Withrow ‒ Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

Thanks to evilromero for sending these lyrics.

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