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1. All Becomes One


2. The Last Free Land

From the distant lands of east
Undefined hearts of beast
Marching against our faith

Run to the desert
Far beyond the hills of sands are the gods
Crying and despair
Life has left this place

Be the unbreakable wall
The river that will wash away the fear of us all
The one guided by the light

Praise the power of the throne
We will drive into the storm (rise in glory!)
Liberty shall reign in this night
Fight for this land until the sun and moon be aligned
Into the fire!

She, the daughter of the moon
Begging to be undone
A new life born for unite

Eye of the light divine
Bearer of the two crowns let it shine
The oracle is in the sky

They blew above us
A reverse wind, a cruel power,
Killing all kings
Destroying the temple of the divine
Enslaving us forever

3. No Oblivion For Eternity

Say your magic words,
Declaim your holy spell
To the place you are it’s time
For you to say farewell
Fourteen is the number,
But only one holding the key
The jackal keeps the scale,
What is the weight of all your deeds?

Lighter than a feather, untouched is your heart
Washed by the marshes, ‘eternity’ and ‘sea’ they are
Guarded is your name carved in the shrine
For in the realm of dead not dying one more time

Feel free, you’re entering paradise
Holy faces will lead you through
The walk into the light
On the hall of the great majesty you are
You have all the guardianship
In the Gates of the Netherworld

You shall run the way
And you will find the silence place
But remember that you are
Free to return one day

Where the story of your life
Has been told more than once,
Where you put your faith
And prayed for your beloved ones
And to fall to fate.
Walking through the fields of reeds
And to face your fate,
Never mind the dark of deep

Here you are,
And all the keepers shall open the path
Time to unveil the secrets at last
He said hard was the journey
And dark was the way
“Oh, all these seventy days…I promise,
I’ll return again!”

4. Within Shadows

Locked in chains
I’m feeling so strange
Let me out of here
Those damn red lights in my eyes
That lead me to your lies
That bind me in your dreams
I cry every night and I whisper:
“How long will it stay?”

Look inside you and you’ll see
Reveal your dreams to me
Seek the undefined
The twilight in your mind that haunts me

And run
Run to the end
Holding my hand
It’s just a dream
We don’t need to wake up
Falling through our mystery
Walking and wondering, why?
Touch the essence, feel the divine
Reaching skies

Spread your wings, your secret dreams
I will release you from all your fears
Do you believe in fantasy?
Dance within shadows and you will see

A sin within a dream
Touched by your kiss
A cry in the night that
Calls me into your lies

Look inside you and you’ll see
Reveal your dreams to me
Seek the undefined
The twilight into your mind

5. Anthem (For The Sun)

You are the most beautiful rising
Dawn bringer from the horizon
Enlighten the earth with your colors
Life rises from your fire circle

The shadows don’t come when you go
‘Cause you send your light through the flow
Of the silver circle before the stars
We are under shining sparks

Let your twilight be the pride
The golden heaven as our prize
Both lands can sing this work
Wonders built in your honor

From southern deserts to opened seas
You make our lives grow, it is born in me
From seeds on earth your empire will rise
Through sands of time, you make our legacy shine

Master of all gold,
Core of all creations,
Shine your light on me, send me rays of life
Make our lives glow
Feed our lands from skies above
The son of the son
Will be grateful for your eternal light

6. Why Should We Say Goodbye

Now it’s time
I feel that it can’t be the end
How could we just live without our love?

Saying goodbye
It’s not the thing I want yet
And don’t have those moments anymore

Remember all the words you said to me
That couldn’t be a lie

When you try to say the truth
I am standing here for you
Dreaming of a nearly past
Trying to be and do the best
While you’re breaking up my heart
I’m counting the stars, tell me why
Why should we say goodbye?

Tell me now
How can I just live without
The life that we have dreamed once before?

Save me now
My heart is tired of fight it out
Stop this pain and close this damn hole

Remember all the words you’ve heard
From me
‘Cause it you can’t deny

I may be just dreaming
You said you loved me, so believe me
There’s a light that I’ve met in you
And it’s the only way to save me
When you are so distant
I cannot stand my own existence
There’s a flame that still burns
Here inside my heart

This nightmare won’t free me
Oh baby, don’t you dare to leave me
‘Cause you’re inside my heart

7. Change The Tide

Am I dreaming or am I alive?
The devil was my last sight
At the end of this line I see something
I can’t understand
And I feel there’s no time to waste
I must prevent my son’s disgrace

How dare you look at me in the eye?
You are no more than ashes, void of life
But I own you appreciation
This is your lucky day, just make a wish

Let me guide him forever
Is a sole drop enough to change the tide?

You are standing between the poles
Both attract you, now you go for one
Either way you lose, you know
How could you wish something for him, not for you?

Let me guide him forever
Is a sole drop enough to change the tide?
There was only a right choice and you did well
Time has come, don’t waste a drop of change the tide

8. When Heaven Decides To Call

It’s been a long time, it’s been a dark night
Since it was gone, can’t find the light
Not even if I reach another “Land of the Gold”.
Can’t fight the life
The stars, when they fall, all your signs
Blow away your mind, it’s time to go on
The secrets of life you just try to retain on you,
It’s time to move on

Cannot hold it tight, losing all the bright
It’s out of you, don’t fly with me, my fall star

Easily life goes so slippery
When heaven decides to call
Waiting for another star that falls
Easily, life is so slippery
My heaven was buried in the ground
I light my candle and I stand

It’s been a long time, such a dark lonely time,
Since it was gone. It’s been so intense
Not even if I turn the page, turn myself and flow,
It’s losing the sense
Crying out all the pain on your chest,
Separate love from lies, figure out what it was.
The whole world against your tears,
It seems to be the right. Won’t be there when you fall

It’s been a long time and no longer
Will it grow so green, don’t forsaken me
Not even if I close my eyes and reach paradise.
It isn’t with me
The stars when they fall send you signs
That you cannot see. There won’t be a rise
The secrets of life flying bright
Right before my eyes, for the very first time

Cannot hold it tight, losing all the bright
It’s out of you, my falling star

9. This World Of Yours

Has it gone too far?
Do you know what for?
What’s on the way?
Unending metaphors
Rising from the core
Can’t show you the way

Maybe it’ll never unveil
Its darkest inner doubts
Maybe it will never show paradise

The world wants to make you believe,
Can’t you see?
Gather the pieces of your mind
That once was broken

Entering the fire circle
Everything you know falls apart
You are living in a complete chaos
It’s the smell of burning consciousness
Hailing from your twisted soul
Lost between perpetual and ephemeral

The world wants to make you believe,
Can’t you see?
Gather the pieces of your mind
That once again is broken
The sound of the Earth
Calling for you and me
This would will never be healed
Till you start getting over this damn fight

Maybe it will never unlock
Its secrets to your mind
Never will lead us to paradise

10. Solar Night

Radiant like sunshine
She came all dressed in white
Distant gaze and a necklace made of stone

So different from the dark night
Laying on the riverside
Standing there, calm and deadly cold

A sudden energy pulses to the sound of drums
And shadows dancing in the solar tone of love

Like a night that falls in love
With the brightness of the stars
Revealing carved secrets from their souls

It never goes down, so she begs for the dawn
Feeling her tired hands getting numb
Over the hills, far away from her domains,
She hears the calling song

“Oh, solar night painting our skies
With a different kind of blue
If every night is a blue night
And I pulse in order to find you,
Bring back that night again”

I’m calling you, hear me calling
I’m waiting for my rising sun

There comes the night capturing all the lights
That she keeps as a secret in vain
She buries in earth and she jumps to beyond
In silent joyful pain
I’m falling – Dancing lights in the dark
I’m calling – Voiceless songs of the stars

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