Dark Lyrics


1. White Noise

our shadows exchanging angles
with every light that we pass beneath
fleeing in fours from their solitary confinement
bound for salvation until the sun comes up again

wandering through your darkest nightmare
I'll be the knife in the back of every
living thing that stands in the way

you are the reason for our demise
and I'll be damned before I let you die painlessly

I am the only afterlife you'll ever know
so kneel before me and beg for mercy

I'll stand and watch you fall
through the eyes that you tried to take away from me
and when you finally cease to exist
my job will be done here

if you would just wake up
we could put an end to this insanity
you are the living dead
I am the afterlife

2. Shallows

I am surrounded by unfamiliar faces
drowning in an ocean of futility
deliver me from the clutches
of this aimless land

so much for second chances
memory lane is closed
no point in second glances
down the polluted path you're walking

this race of fading shadows
will never drag me to my grave

they will never drag me to my grave
I am eternal

under their eyes
we live as model citizens
while in the darkness
some seek a tainted existence

but now the time has come
to lay to rest this detrimental behavior
we need to rise from the ashes
of this ever-burning disaster

unless we find a cure
to fill these empty heads
this world is doomed
to burn itself alive

3. Undermined

your ghost slowly drifts away
in the wake of my alleviation
you are nothing more than a memory
a reminder of what I will never be

and into the sky
we rise above your fate
we harness the lies
and watch their desiccation

patching the holes that were left in our way
we'll keep on looking for the answers

and when your time runs out
your sins will drag you down
all hope is lost
you'll finally pay for all the wrong you have done

this is our hope for the future
we are the ones who will see the end

we will forget your name
you were a bad disease
return from whence you came
crawl back upon your knees

time has run out for you
we reign

4. Voiceless

voiceless while standing
face to face with the unknown
fuck your broken hands
I will make it on my own
for eternity I've waited
and I refuse to fade to black

I will fall to my knees
and beg for death
I am not afraid to see
the other side of the light

time is wasting away
while you sit and wither
I reach for better days

hold out your hands
and hope that you are spared
with me by your side
you've got a fighting chance

so this is where we've landed
we are lost in our own reflections
if hope is what you need
just reach inside of me
and I'll lead you on

because when you fall again
I'll still be here to lift you back up
I'll help you clean your hands
of every last regret

5. Four Walls

sorting through the ruins of this dying world
we'll pick up all of the pieces
burn the bridges with the ones who doubted us
now is our time to shine
from now until the end of our lives

this is our judgement day
we'll scale the walls that stand in our way

unanswered questions are all that remain
of the places we came from
we won't let go so easily

survivors of a dying breed
we are the future
we live to save this earth
the architects of a virgin world

sever the ties
with all you've learned in this life

as the scene unfolds outside in the cold
we remain unseen
silence on our lips, in our fingertips
we don't dare to move
hiding from the past, how long can we last
before we give in
sleeping just to dream, tearing at the seems
could this be the end

we are determined vessels
we're wading in a sea of loss and fleeting hope
this world will never be the same
and we want it that way
we were made to reach this far

sacrifice everything for a chance to be heard
your voice is all you have in the end

Thanks to vallonmetal for sending these lyrics.

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