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1. Aliens

2. Rohirrim

[M/L:Ivan. V]

Fly and take the light of the sunrise
over the top of the hills.
Ride till the twilight come to us
Never rest, never retreat and never loose.
Hard as iron ; valiant stong and noble like a horse
cause on a shaddle I was born

Listen to the horn
calling us to war;
answer the horn call.

Ride across the hills,
share out the wind
with the Rohirrim riders.
Fight all day and night
This the life
of the Rohirrim riders.

One with my clan snd one with my horse
The fury of my sword
that will fall over my enemies heads.
Feel the thunderstep of the defenders of The Mark,
the wall of spears when we attack
and the power of the braves.

Listen to the horn
calling us to war.
Listen to the horn call
Warlike is my blood, thick and heavy
I can feel it flowing through my veins.
In my throat a battle hymn, in my hand a sword of steel
that my enemy will taste : all of them have sealed their fate
On the battlefield they 'll die.
Here comes the earthquake. The ground will shake
with the charge of the Rohirrim riders.

3. Eclipse

[M/L: Ivan. V.]

"Blaze: tell me your sin."
whispers the wind.
Blind is the sun for the moonlight charm.
right to your doom;
love for the moon.
Love for the moon!.
Look at the moon in the sky,
the bright of her eyes
and the blush enlightening her face.
Hidden her nudity in gauce,
in cotton, in white:allways dazzling.
She's trapped the blaze.

Oh, my sun,long for this you will never have
sad is your bliss
for the sweetest disease
of desire's in your own.
deadly is your wound.
Maybe today'll be the night
of the light...

Magic becoming Eclipse
when her lips settles over his lips.
Senses becoming a prize
when his look get lost in her eyes.
Weaven two threads in the loom
when the sun's hidden into the moon,
joining together in one
when the moon's laying over the sun.

4. Shadow Of The King (Part I)

[M/L: Mikel]

Battle has called me I am waiting
With no fear left in my heart
Dead flesh�s smell is what I`m feeling
In a rough fight tonight in the dark

By power of gods I am fighting
To drive evilmen back to hell
Like dragon of hate they are roaring
With fire they scream fight and yell

Riding the days
And sailing the nights
All I have seen
Is my victory
But now is the time
To look through the past
When all bravemen die
And black is the sky

I will fight my war forever
I will fight my war �cause I am the one I�m the king

My enemies (are) here just to haunt me
Too much blood spilled once again
A demonized arrow behind me
That shows me the way to the end

All I see now
Is the red of my blood
So far from home
And I`m so alone
My heart bleeds for free
And I`m on my knees
Waiting for death
I take my last breath

I�ll be gone not lost forever
My son will come to fight �cause he is the one he`ll be king

5. Medieval Feast

[M: Jevo, Patxa / L: Jevo]

Now winter is gone
and a new day is born
The season of Spring
when life is reborn.

Time to harvest time of crops
Farewell to darkness and cold
and welcome to sunlight,
fertility and hope.

The solstice has come,
Mother Earth hear our call
We pay honour to you
One feast and this song.

By moonlight we have met,
this night in the heart of the forest,
to enjoy a banquet of meat.
Creatures of the night,
staring eyes in the darkness
but campfires will keep the away.

Lambs, boars and deers,
pheasants, ducks and other pieces
to roast by scalding firewood.
Women in a ring,
dance to the sound of gay melodies
while bards are singing their songs.

The horn has been blown,
it's sound flies all over the valley
the feast has already begun.
Red wine and beer,
let us drink to Gods of Iron
And the bards keep on singing their songs.

6. Guardians Of Metal (V. 2000)

[M/L: Jevo]

Riding the wind with power and might
Higher than sky
Out from the dark to enter the light
Higher they fly

They've got the balls to face the storm
To face the storm

Keeping the faith of those who believe
In power of Metal
Others betrayed but they will not leave
Never this battle

They've got the balls to carry on
To carry on

Guardians of metal, your power I feel
A blend of light beams, fire, magic and steel
Thunder and lightning will crack up the sky
The Gates of Valhalla awaits

Against those whose soul and music was sold
For fame, lust and riches
Selling themselves for pieces of gold
Like luxury bitches

While others fall they carry on
The flame still burns

Guardians of metal, your power I feel
A blend of light beam, fire, magic and steel
Thunder and lightning will crack up the sky
The Gates of Valhalla awaits

7. Metalopolis (Orchestral Version)

[M/L: Jevo]

Far from the place you live,
Away from the din.
There is a land of joy,
Amusement and spree.
Called Metalopolis,
The town of your dreams.
Made of green grass and trees
And clear water streams.

Rivers of sweet wine
And lakes full of beer,
Lightly clad women everywhere
Huge amplifiers placed
along the streets
to play loud metal symphonies

Come with me to a never Neverland
And you'll see
Landscapes of trees and lush.
Stay a while so we can have some fun
In this world of bliss

Thanks to A-Gehring for sending these lyrics.

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