Dark Lyrics


1. Legacy Of Loss

I am the messenger of the ages, brought forth to sow the seeds of despair
I am the wolf to lead your flock astray
And those who follow me shall be met by death
Your children will live on your remains and your kingdom will dissolve at my wake

Listen to the words I speak:
Your judgement is determined not by your god (absent is your god)
Your actions shall be tried by the generations to come
I come in the name of indulgence

Every passing moment I am fed
As the fight for survival becomes a conquest for power
As the conquest for power is met with a life of ease (as this life of ease cradles the feeble)
As you forget what it means to fend for yourself
Your society crumbles at my feet
I have become too powerful to defeat
I come in the name of greed

Look at me; I am the future
Embrace me; I am your fate
Fear me; I can destroy you
Hate me; I have been created by you

I am the messenger of the ages, brought forth to sow the seeds of despair
I am the wolf to lead your flock astray
And those who follow me shall be met by death

You have sealed your future -- its stale fate a crippled skeleton of the past
You have condemned your children to burn from the flames from the fires of your greed

Now you serve me
Say goodbye to your world
Say goodbye to your precious possessions
Now you serve me
Say goodbye to your precious future

I am the enforcer of the things to come -- the raven feasting on this carrion
Your decisions have led you to me, and I will make you suffer
You've lived your lives with everything you need
Even the poor participate in greed
And now the time has come and you'll burn at the stake
The embers rising higher from the choices that you made

Soon the world will be free of its curse
Soon the Earth shall once more be cleansed to start again
The enforcer of things to come
Say goodbye
You shall be no more

2. Mental Crucifixion

This is a lie
Deep asleep ‒ forceful wake
Locked in limbonic state
Still frozen in your false world
Feeling what shouldn't exist
Life beckons a testament
What is reality?

Is it what your mind entities?
Saturated view of charcoal skies

In your dead mind that feels alive
Invisible god ‒ the eater of time
Raping your senses to comply
Forcing a world that doesn't exist
Your mind rooted in the darkened abyss
Only feeling what you don't resist
You're left alone

How can you escape what you are?
Your defenses fall

Solid is this fragile world; losing your grasp
Instructed to feel what your soul shows as truth

Lead- Vance

Pulled apart by vermin limbs
Mentally crucified by this chimera

Lead- Mikey

Your senses ‒ are false to you but you believe
Your vision ‒ is gone but still you think you see
Your body ‒ is paralyzed but still you move
Your thoughts ‒ are focused but you're still removed

And now you're binded to your world
A stitch in your threading that shall unfurl
Wake and you shall see:
Your coma is self-inflicted

A second; eternity
A moment; a lifetime

Hallucinations ‒ a dream that is meant to be
A force-fed reality

3. Brain Butchers

Dream or reality
Your memories hide what you knew
Gone, one life ‒ enter a new perception
Enter a new perception
No hope for a dying world
To stop this beast, you must set society free
Remain in permanent psychosis
Everything you knew ‒ everything thought was true ‒ is false.
Emancipate the suffocating
Only then will your mind be your own
Only then will you destroy this throne

Red sand, breathe in; your lungs collapse
This vacuum craves your flesh (permanent psychosis)
No air, breathe in; the body dies
The answer lies within the ruins

Never trust our human nature; death will reveal the key to life
The impure deviations of society shall wallow in their filth
Their lives mean nothing now (their lives mean nothing now)
You must wake from this delusion; save yourself and free your mind
Deeper you fall in the infinite depths of this false world
No, you must stay; this is real
Hundreds of lives depend on you
Destroy this deceiver and your treacherous love
This vile creature that was sent from above

No air, breathe in; the body dies

These blood-soaked floors a price to pay
For the freedom of these mutant slaves
Bleed the world; rid the plague
Drain your veins and stain the soil red
Uncover the tombs of the dead
The bones will lead the way

This closed world shall only be spared with the embrace of the atmosphere; be salvaged by an open mind

Start the reactor

A traitor among the faithful few
A newcomer to the world of the doomed
Deep in the ruins you shall find the machine
With its inception the red shall be blue
With its inception the slate is wiped clean

4. The Prodigal Empire

Contagion, the decay of the sun
Crawling, feasting on us
Wasting our flesh, ourselves
Free to roam endlessly, society is withering
A giant wandering, driven by its plague
Seeking to leech the land; to feed from the rotten hand
Begging for more
Nirvana from the ash
The body is collapsing from within
Threatened by its pathosis
The end is approaching, pulling us toward our demise
And yet this entity, which wallows in its misery
Continues to tear the skin from its bones

This is the end

The Earth has gifted us with our extinction
And so it shall be
The giant falls from its gluttony
Buried by the Earth, and swallowed by the sea

Skin and flesh from its eyes has now petrified
And this prodigal empire ceases to climb the skies

And now the empire that once stood above the rest
Is now a memory spread by its wretched dust
The end was forged by the hands of the beast
Feasting for so long it blessed us with famine

Lust, gluttony,
Greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride
Preached to us from the
Twisted words of faith

Lust, gluttony,
Greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride
Practiced by the weak that crawl the entire empire

You shall collapse once your wretched heart stops beating
We shall collapse once our wretched heart stops beating

5. Borne Extinction

The wretched bleed from the earth
They shall smother the sun; to the end give birth

They crawl the skies; life wastes away
The oasis dries
Terra atrophy

Extinguish the stars; the darkness sweeps
The world is still as the spirits weep

The final plague
Sentenced to Earth
Our final days ‒ enter dead world
The sun drips down and melts the sky
The mountains part; soil and flames collide

And through this pain, they watch silently
All life they disdain
Now a memory

Earth ‒
Fall to your knees
The end is a gift to your kind ‒
An end to the suffering

The final plague
Sentenced to Earth
Our final days ‒ enter dead world

Sorrow, suffering
The bodies of the Earth shall scar the land

Flesh burns to ash
Ash lifted by wind

The dead that remain are dissolved by the sea ‒ a blank canvas left by death's masterpiece

And finally she rests
Parasites and disease conquered by death
The bleeding from humanity
Stopped by the wretched guest

The architects of sorrow have exhausted the light
The Earth now cast in shadows of an infinite night

The giver of light now demands it back
The darkness is pulled, crumbles the Earth painted black

6. Poisoned By Prosperity


7. Time Of Reckoning

[Music by Vance Valenzuela, Lyrics by John Cameron]

Flames of Hell lick this tower of cards
The Devil's called our bluff on the hand he's dealt

Exodus ‒ awaken to consume
Rip the flesh from us
Tear the core apart

As the weeds slither over our own coffin
Lucifer has arrived

Now risen to collect in pain and suffering
His fire burns with the sins of indulgent wealth
The time of reckoning at hand

Crumbled cities at our feet
With no time left to take a stand
Carnage abound and death replete

Those who survive to tell the stories of their scars
May well continue the road to nothingness

For human nature is to drown out what we wish to forget
And thus we drown ourselves in Satan's caress

Fallen, we will not stand up or band together

Only time will tell if our wounds will heal

The fiend destroys himself time and time again

No memories remain, no peace of mind attained
We turn to God, but he turns away

We turn on our brothers cutting ties and killing hope

We turn inward to see the treacherous, to see the parasite

We turn a blind eye to the sacrifice

Suffering will be our salvation
Death and rebirth are one
And though we perish, at last we vanquish
The scourge that we've become

8. Sightless

Live as he lived, suffer as he did
Feast upon these lies like a peasant fed ambrosia
A leech on the wound, verminous knowledge unfiltered yet still consumed
Persecute those who have denied, escaped, exposed this divine prison
Worship he who embraced the wrongdoers; become an arbiter of the noble
Teach humility and practice arrogance

Praise peace and annihilate the wicked
A sheltered life insured by blind faith
This policy defined by the interpretations of your clergy
Bringers of truth or a deceitful disease?
Construct this your pedestal-- high upon it you rest
Deluded from the moniker "sinner"
The blind lead the blind into the depths of an exit-less pit

Suffer as he did
Suffer for your god

Shunned from the diversity of the light
Cast down to be shackled by vague prophecies
You've taken false hope and enforced it on the free

Suffer as he did
Suffer for your god

You've sheltered your eyes from the sun and become blind
Saved from your sins by your effortless conviction

[Lead - Mikey]

Ask for forgiveness so thou can be cleansed, now able to look down upon the miscreants

Praise your idol, praise your church, praise your priest
You will always be sightless
You believe he died for you, but would you suffer for him?

[Lead - Mikey]

Through the centuries you have fallen from your grace
Created senseless violence from a prophecy of peace
Forged a cult religion with a focus on true greed
Become so diseased you can never be freed

Hierarchies of insolence control the flock of sheep
Sinners turn to preachers then to spreaders of disease
The bodies of the dead build your towers to the sky
A good word turned to poison by your infinite lies


9. Cerulean Eclipse

[Music by Vance Valenzuela and Alan Paredes, Lyrics by Ken Sarafin]

A hideous glow in the cerulean sky
A messenger; evil forebodes this dim twilight
A world for the soulless, callous, vacant lives
A void that God forgot ‒ a gift to the sleeping mind
He walks alone and the feral walk with him
A solemn presence unaware and an absent requiem
He despises those who suffer; those who are awake
This land shall remain in slumber; souls for him to take a nightmare in the devil's name

Now lost, they shall be lost forever
The lost will roam this wasteland
For what they seek cannot be found
There is no solace here
No hope from this forsaken, sour ground

This he knows; one fleeting thought
That at this moment he is naught
Never redeemed; Forever they rest
Forever their sleep; An infinite eclipse

[Guest lead ‒ Malcolm Pugh]

Cursed is this silent world
A dream that has no end
Abandoned in the nil
Omitted from the blessed

Woe this gift to the sleeping mind
A feast for the ethereal
Paradise for the specters
An obscurity left in silence

Woe this gift to the sleeping mind
A feast for the ethereal

Eternally imprisoned in this barren illusion
Cognizance left a ghost

Forever they shall sleep

A paradise for the specters
An obscurity left in silence

Forever they shall sleep

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