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1. Ultima Thule


2. Return To The Morbid Reich

Decades went by as the crusades marched on
Huge army blessed by sanctuary in black
Guardians of Empire, our Morbid Reich
Sky touching castles, dark palaces where Evil never dies

[lead Spider]
[lead Peter]

We march again to wipe out the unpure
All light is threatened by the dark flags
Smashed by the might
Ruined and splintered, the age of demise has arrived

[lead Peter]
[lead Spider]

Beyond this veil, veil of tears, we take all life forever
Pride and glory, lust and hate, it's all what we feel
Emerging from the Netherworld, into the light
Our shields all covered by warm virgin blood
Crows and vultures fly over heads
Foreshadowing the return to the Morbid Reich
Displaying foes heads on the spikes
We are coming back, coming home

3. The Black Eye

Flash blinding eyes, chariots descend
Dark gods coming back to the Earth
Through the black distant eye
Upon the blood-red skies
Their horned crowns glowing, crushing yell of death
Welcome back!!!

[Lead Spider]

Gates are opened, now winds take command
Human skulls under feet
"We came again to claim and reign"
Eyes full of hate, their hands holding fire
Mighty power strikes, thunder lash

[Lead Spider]
[Lead Peter]
[Lead Spider]

Black demon's eye, a portal to the death
Messenger of genocide
The gods are spreading their wings, cover up the skies
Striking in revenge, the beast is out of Hell

[Lead Spider]

Dark, pride majesty marching in
The world of life is kneeling down humbly
The end or new beginning, life or death
The chosen ones awakened, raising to the stars

[Lead Spider]

Portal is opened, once again
Shadows move, the night is falling down so fast
Blast of fire, never ends
Black eye is calling, into the abyss...
Flash blinding eyes, chariots ascend
The gods rising up to the stars
Through the black distant eye upon the dark skies
Their horned crowns glowing, fading yell in the air

[Lead Peter]
[Lead Spider]

4. Come And See My Sacrifice

Do you see the hill on the horizon
Ahead dark shapes, moving shadows on the burning skies
Just follow whispers, hear the distant moans
Come and see a sadistic show tonight
The arena is yet open to the public
Screaming crowd pushing up to the front
Last flash of the dying sun
Here I am! My suffering has just begun...
Come and see.

My skin like a soil for the maggots
Wounds open keep spiting with the blood
Piercing metal ripping bones deep inside
Boiling eyes and hunger for pain divine...

Arms pinned and spread on the wood
Sweat, blood dripping on my chest
Teeth biting the air
Thorns touching my brain and my soul
Lady Death is about to arrive
My pain overpowers all life
I cry but my voice has decreased
Welcome to my show!!!

[Lead Spider]
[Lead Peter]

Nails burn and disrupt my skin
Spear touches my heart with its cold
Applause rises suddenly
Now it's time to die...

The soil is soaked by my blood
Lady Death gave a kiss for goodnight,
No pain nor light anymore
Dignity just died tonight

[Lead Peter]
[Lead Spider]

5. Only Hell Knows

Once upon the time
The Gods need a change
Dethrone or destroy
Just to kill the silence

Above or below
By fire or by Sword
So human feelings
Like hate or disgrace
Why a need to kill, to fight, burn, enslave
Why a need to die...

Only hell knows

Banners flutter proud
The armour is ready
No forgiveness, no mercy
Go now and kill them all!!!

Once upon the time
The Gods go to war
Punish or revenge
Just to show the power

Above or below
By fire or by sword
Obscure feelings
Like faith or treason
Why a need to crush, to grind or disembowel
Why a need to rape, to crucify
Why a need to raise, to fly, dictate and rule
Why a need to fall

Only hell knows

6. I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul

I am who listens to the wishes and prayers
Every time as you kneel by my feet
I am the oppressing whisper in your head
In time when desire controls and commands

My piercing eyes never fall asleep
I smile to the tears going down your cheek
My cold touch is what you fear in the night
My breath is the path to the gate of your Hell

My power may steal your voice from a throat
I am the low in this world of sin
Unknown, untouched
"I am the God in my domain"

7. Don't Rip The Beast's Heart Out

I hold the light
Forever cherishing in darkness
I was touching stars
Giving them gleam and might
And I was betrayed

Angels sent by the greed of the God
Impaled all my love and faith
My proud wings now burned and shattered
Acid tears in my eyes

But Lord in his lust
Just opened my chest
With smile on his face
Took my bleeding heart out
I cried

I raised Hell
By fire and death
My grief turned to wrath
No empathy, no sympathy
Now beast is free

Killing, destroying
Out of all control
Punishing this damned world
I see red

"To feel" means "to kill"
All tears on my face
Just dried up forever

Blinded by anger or poisoned by greed
Remember my words
Never rip the beast's heart out

8. I Had A Dream…

I had a dream
And I was travelling far among the stars
Worlds behind the gate
Where the night is a shield against the light

I had a dream
Land inhabited by the creatures
Killing, destroying, enslaving themselves

I clad my wings
I descended with fire and death
Bringing them fear and pain
Turning their land into my domain

I came spreading disease
I was detaching their flesh from their bones
I killed those who demur
And I was eating their young

I was building thrones and the cities full of filth and disgrace
I designated, precipitated and punished by taking the mind
With the head

I had a dream
Temples, priests, sacrifice
Blood and fire is all what they trust
I gave them the knowledge
Seal by the light of the stars above

Now fever is over
Pain in my eyes
But I remember that night
As I was the God

9. Lord Of Thorns

Somewhere, nowhere
A man became a God
Spreading words and lines
Washing brains of sick believers
Visions scratched in a book

Indoctrination, mind castration
Rules of pain and suffer
False love with no regret

Lord of thorns
Flesh, blood and pain
Pathetic incarnation of human shame and slavery

The dead stretched on the wood
Infecting groans and tears
Promise of a dead-land
Lies that burn all hope now

"I send my pain among you all
Now feel the thorns in your souls
I meet you all in promised land
Just leave your flesh and bones"

Mortal burden like disease
Roots in hearts with the lies
Blinded crowd with no volition
Highway to the grave

Lord of thorns
A cult of the dead
Master of illusions
A path to the dead end

Lord of thorns
Flesh, blood and pain
Lord of thorns
Your slavery and shame

10. Decapitated Saints

Black rotting blood invades my ailing flesh,
Destroys and burns me down alive,
Ulcerated lips stinking of death,
Excommunicated creators of mine,
Blasphemous words and eyes that bleed,
In horrible never ending torments,
Waiting for hell my dead body looks ahead,
That will be soon the end.
Prepare you to die,
That comes unexpectedly,
Ask nobody "Why?",
It's just an inevitable thing.
Still existing mind being in deadly fear,
Soon will be only heap of musty rot,
Tongue, heart and all my guts shall be digested by the necrophagic grubs.
No hope I must die and turn to ashen dust,
My soul will fly away to realms of dead,
Absurd resistance, I feel, Darkness takes my soul,
I'm only, after all, the slave of hell.
Raise from this grave,
Is fear in your eyes?
You have to leave your flesh,
Still wait for you - decapitated saints.
I've died to live in everlasting world,
Where reigns death and holy law of hate,
Omnipotent lords feeding the groans,
Of turn souls imploring for mercy,
I'm, in the place, where sin is all around,
And blood flows from every clipped head,
A billion dirty souls decay in ones own blood,
Awaiting beneficial touch of force, that let 'em die!
I'm raising up above eternal mists,
Heavens lie at feet of mine,
Wandering the sky I see transformed Christ,
Whose head I'm holding in my hand.
Is it possible the heaven is the hell?
Perhaps it's my own terrible dream,
Clipped sacred heads seem to say to me,
"That's true, the sky has turned to fire!"

11. They Are Coming…


12. Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel

Our troops are ready to plunder and burn
Lightning strikes on command
Mark of death on the shining steel

We proudly hold the black banners high
Marching through the enemy's land
We sing the Devil's song

Always ready to lead and to die
We smile as the war reigns
And never kneel when the death is close

We proudly hold the black banners high
Marching through the enemy's land
We sing the Devil's song

Who else can trust so much the commanding Gods
To sacrifice life, soul and the world
Now war is lost, our tombs are cursed
Please, pray for us in Hell

13. Troops Of Tomorrow

[The Exploited cover]

Troops of tomorrow
Troops of tomorrow

We're troops of tomorrow
We're hanging round today
We're playing tough music
Cos it's hard time money

We need a new solution
We want it quick
We're getting frustrated
It's making us sick

We ain't got bright future
We bought it on the never never
Don't want to be city prisoners
We ain't gonna live forever

We gotta stop that dreaming
We've gotta pick up that gun
We're troops of tomorrow
We've got a new vision

14. Raping The Earth

[Extreme Noise Terror cover]

"Man" is superior,
"Man" has the might
He's under the impression he has the right
To take the earth and do as he will
And leave nothing but a deformed hell

Raping the earth and we don't seem to care
Soon there will be no life left here

With such stupidity we are raping the earth
It's been on the decline since man's birth
The harmony of nature is being upturned
Compassion not destruction must be learned

Raping the earth

Peter ‒ Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Spider ‒ Guitars
Paul ‒ Drums

Thanks to mendis90 for sending tracks ## 13, 14 lyrics.

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