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1. Grand Deceiver

I fell for preaching's false
Your words are wrapped in silk
A threat that slowly suffocates
And leads to great illusions

I know you're fake
I know you're a snake
I know you're a myth
I know it all is a great delusion

You speak in light
You dwell in the dark
How dare you to play
With sin and morality?

To wear the scars of treason
Your fall and death
Will plummet my damned soul
Straight into oblivion

You reach from the Holy mountain
Abominations, aberrations
But you are in very essence
Nothing but a lie

How you betray all races
Through the centuries
The foulest pandemic bestowed
And wounds I feel so deep

I know you're fake
I know you're a snake
I know you're a myth
I know it's all just fantasy and lies

2. Litany

[Lyrics: Pavel Frelik, Music: Peter Wiwczarek]

Hateful as it may be percieved, "Litany" can be different things for
different people.
Choose your own enemy and conquer your hatred. Love is the Law, Love under

Fury, hatred, bondage, pain
Anger, blindness, boredom, strain
Slavery, loathing, frenzy, tension
Phobias, fierceness, madness, grudge
Distress, pressure, burden, acid
Disgust, rage, malice, spite
Grossness, rancor, venom, grief
Panic, terror, violence, death

This is what you mean to me

Murder, shash, burn, destroy
Tear, erase, slaughter, scar
Drown, garrote, strangle, slay
Hang, bury, torture, finish
Deafen, blister, mire, flay
Repel, poison, corrupt, damn
Sacrifice, wipe, ravage, singe
Crush, forget, harm, impale

This is what I'll do to you

Cruel, false, mindless, plain
Evil, brutish, perverse, sly
Forceful, stupid, shallow, mute
Cowardly, jealous, gloomy, rank
Tainted, cheap, thoughtless, sick
Vindictive, savage, rotten, gross
Dreadful, useless, envious, dumb
Sleazy, lowly, mocking, sham

This is what you'll always be

3. Emptiness

The sudden loss of hope
The burden of endless suffering
Immense weight upon the soul
And the world that passes by

No hope for a higher power
No angels, no wings to protect
Only darkness that lurks all around
The blissful voice from the abyss
The abyss

In the grip of the festering pain
That thaws the anger within
False teachings stripped from truth
Eroded words from eroded worlds

Benevolent, malevolent
Why do we seek in the past?
Vainglorious as we are
Into torture and bliss
We are a litany of errors
Still blessed and yet so cursed
We don't deserve our place
In history, in time, yeah

4. Despair

Stench of human entities
The absolute of sin
Degeneration dominating
Scum prevails and rules
Suffocating ignorance
And everlasting cruelty
Corrupted saints in golden palaces
Devastating idols

Huge cosmic hybrid
Of the selfishness and envy
Vanity, stupidity
Genetic collapse

Mother Earth annihilated
Skinned and raped by greed
All life is burned and leads to hell
In rhythm, march of the damned

And no god here
No god here
And no god here
No god
No more

5. Steeler

[originally by Judas Priest]

Catch the play now, eye to eye
Don't let chances pass you by
Always someone at your back
Biding their time for attack

Check for decoys, stay sharp-edged
Double-crossers get your head
Carpet-baggers bluff and strike
Kiss of Judas, spider-like

Waiting like jackals
To sneak up and trick you
Wolves in sheep's clothing
Slow death in consoling

Lurking in shadows
They pounce least expected
When you come to
They'll have gone right through you

Tricksters, jilters play their game
Sleight-of-handers, all the same
Masquerader in his lair
Wants to tangle in your hair

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