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1. Angels Of Steel

Hell opened the gates
Roar hit the skies
The earth shakes in pain
Under thousand hooves

Pale fluttering feathers
All stained by rusty blood
Skulls crowned with silver
Claws reaching for your lives

Scream, wail, run and pray
Fire and agony, apocalyptic fate

Picture frozen in the eye
Last beat of your heart
Riding death approaching
On the burning wings of wrath

On the wings of wrath

Riders of the sudden death
Angels of decay
Unstoppable and merciless
Messengers of hell

Screaming hellish thunder
On the wings of shining steel
Heralds of apocalypse
Helllhounds unleashed

To kill [x3]

Angels of Steel

2. Tempest

Did I request thee
To enforce your will on me?
From womb to tomb
Being bound to you, maker?

Cast out and fallen
Into my empire
Upon the blood of my soul
That ever was or shall be

Now shunned into fury

A sign, which I know so well
The violent storm about
To surge the savage tempest in a fire
As I render your brightest day
Into your darkest night
Onward! War will form on my command

Dominion of my dreams
Unclean and unholy
Pain and sorrow
Fear me! All shadows are calling now!

[Lead: Spider]

War, chaos, fear and death
Beast inside consumes my humanity
Dark, winged shadow arised
Takes my soul to the void of hell

[Lead: Peter / Spider]

Once words were spoken
From the darkness you must fall
From torture and bliss
Battalions have arrived

As the wind cries
All demons roar in fury
Onward! War! Tempest uncontrolled

3. Prayer To The God Of War

I found the truth in the book of holy law
God speaks to me day and night
Genocide and awe are all to follow
And I never stop to slay at his command

I will spread the graves like pestilence
And the reaper just became my best friend
Drinking blood and slaying all barbarians
This is my prayer, atonement and cleanse

Help me god to fight my weakness
Make my heart as cold as hardest steel
No mercy, no regrets nor despair
I am your warrior, your butcher and believer

Prayer to the god
Confession and deliverance
Prayer to the god
Performance and relief

Now burn!

Lives will burn for your glory
No child can escape from your flock
Even death cannot do us part
Lead my hand of your wrath

I exist to proclaim your domination
By my arm, my words and my faith
Grace for those who will follow
Pain and death for disbelief

Prayer to the god
Confession and deliverance
Prayer to the god
Performance and relief

Prayer to the god [3x]
My prayer to the god of war

4. Iron Reign

Milion human bodies
Dirt, blood and fear
No hope
Like rats in maze of pain
Staring eyes and praying ghosts
No god

Fog is falling down
When the sun is rising to the skies

Silence is like death
The messenger of hell
Coming soon
Distant voices and whispers
Command to march ahead
And die

Docs of war unleashed
Adrenaline attacks the brains
Approaching steel and wrath
So fearless, great and merciless rain

Lacerated heavens
Keep spitting with blood
Creeping fog taking breath away
Corpses lie in the graves
Steel death is flying blind
Piercing skulls and bones in fury
Just agony and cries
Dancing shadows in the fire

Watch this fallen paradise
Feel the end of days
Your bones tread in hell
Like million more will fade away
In the iron reign

[Lead: Spider / Peter]

Sun is falling down
And darkness covers twisted hell

Iron reign rising
Neverending realm of death
Bloody feast on humanity
And only dead can see the end
Of this war

Only dead can see the end
Of this war

Only dead will see the end
Of war

5. No Gravity

Smell of blood and sweat
A sign of the warrior
As battle field roars
And noise crushes ears

As hell breaks loose
And death dominates
You are flying above
You are dancing in the heat

No gravity
No gravity... In the pit

Bodies running and crushing around
Madness and chaos command
Wall of death as privilege for the brave
No gravity in the pit

[Lead: Peter / Spider / Peter]

Smell of blood and sweat
A sign of the warrior
As battlefield roars
And noise crushes ears

As hell breaks loose
And death dominates
You are flying above
You are dancing in the heat

Revolt against the world
Against all holiness
I jump into the pit
To suck the pain from my life

All pain from my life

6. Genocidius

Lust leads to anger
And anger leads to death
War and insanity,
Corruption and decay
Cosmic race to dominate
Destructive insurrection
Rebel yell of madness
Chaos unleashed

War machines ready
To strike, kill and burn
Overwhelming rage
The empire!!!

[Lead: Spider /Peter]

Judgment day has come
All the race now convicted
No mercy no forgiveness
Genocide corroborated

Eruption of madness, terror and fear
The earth in agony, humanity condemned

All stars die in darkness
Like blackness swallowing space
Feel dark side dominion
And everlasting force around

[Lead: Spider]

Join the empire!!!
Join the empire!!!
Join the empire!!!
Enjoy the dark side

7. The Army-Geddon

Brothers, sisters!
Now listen to me, just listen to me!
I shall lead you to the land of your dreams
To the paradise, you have never seen before

Join my war and follow orders
My legions, my army and my fate
We crush all enemies, all the barbarians
By steel, fire and overwhelming hate

Blood is so holy, pure and warm
Fills my veins and feeds my mind
Scarlet brings the power to my soul
Lust and desire possess my mind

So brothers, sisters, no time to waste
Prepare your weapons and your prayers
It's time to win or time to die
The final solution, the armageddon

[Lead: Spider]

Distant lands, the empire of sands
Soil of treasure and desert of gold
Guarded by demons and the false god
City of holiness, desecrated

Join my army now!
Don't ask why or how!
Join my army now!

[Lead: Peter / Spider]

Join my army now!
Join me!!!

From emptiness I rise
Up to the skies
From pain I build my throne
Made of gold
From milion hopes and tears
I was born
Now I'll burn down
The world to the ground

So, join my army now!
Join my army now!
Join my army now!
Join me now!!!

8. Feel My Pain

Shadow trembling in the night
Accruing waves of screams
Virgin womb giving birth in blood
Fear and pain released

I devoured it all
I took it in
And now turning all back
To the god

Bowing souls in maze of dirt
Fleshes torn by steel
Agony of the innocence
Such fear and pain released

Power and solitude of the one
Turned the god to stone
A father who turned to the beast
Feeding with fear and pain
And tears

Banned by your tyranny
Repulsed for all inquiries
I suck pain from your seed
To spit it out to you

[Lead: Peter/Spider]

My pain!
Feel my pain!
Now feel my pain!
My pain!

9. Parabellum

Fear, decay and chaos
Still plundering the globe
All hate now mixed with hope
Aggression uncontrolled

Cities burning bright around
And panic reached the heavens
Prayers and believers
Now screaming for deliverance

Freedom blinds in pain
Turning love to hate
Transmuting wine to blood
In apocalyptic heat

Killing never stops
Killing is in us
Killing never helps
Not to forget no more regret

[Lead: Spider / Peter]

Hate leads to hate
Perpetual revenge
So atavistic lust
Poisons our sanity

Hypnotized dead fleshes
Dancing closer to the flame
Like a moth in last attempt
Of running fast into the light
All consumed by the furnace hate
And searching for the enemy
If you wanna live in peace
Stay ready for the war

Is killing gonna stop?!
Is killing gonna ever stop
To save us all?!

10. Send Me Back To Hell

My eyes and ears
Still remember cries of agony and pain
My innocence has gone for ever
No dreams anymore,
Nightmares tear my brain

I escaped from hell
But my soul has burnt in fire
Does madness help to forget?
Such ocean of tears

The promised land
Sounded like a hope to me
Angels singing and smiling
Bringing back my dreams and calm

Bring it back to me!

The paradise's fallen
Human demons screeching around
Better go to the void back
To my mother war

[Lead: Peter/Spider]

Stop it now!
Can't stand that place anymore
Just send me back!
To the place, where I belong
Send me home
To the pits of fire
Cut the rope
Send me back to hell

...Or push me down

Send me back
Send me back to hell
Send me back
Send me...
Send me back to hell

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