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1. Before The Altars Of Necrotic Karma

Deserted groan from haunted sickened mind,
Not meant to reach deliverance.
The webs so strong that shroud me back to you
And only you can save me from.
Oh, will I drown again into this endless chasm of pain
Or I will mesmerize myself, entering the emptiness.

Murder! Treason! Screaming within.
Dearest! Distant! Our colors fade.

And when your shadow grows chaotic legions march my soul.
I kneel to sacrifice myself to save the rest what's left of you.
As I sink into the Mire, our colors fade.

I let the storm within to deconstruct, devour my will.
Of bond that dies by our own hands, of life that ends before the end.
Our love could only blossom in a soil of blood and tears,
And now we separate the magnets, it's time for farewell, my dear.

As I kneel before the altars of necrotic karma.

Clouds of Nihil above my head.
Chemical rivers running through my veins.
If we could only blossom, but we fade.

Sobriety is lost.
Corrupted self.

As I kneel before the altars of necrotic karma.
Altars of death.

2. Into The Tunnels Of My Sleep

Thick shadows weight upon the Hypnos gates of sleep.
My fears running deep into the borderland of dreams.
I can't rest no more in that capsule I've built from the seizures of my wrongs and the solid walls of fear.

Kneel, my savior, kneel, beside my weakened body
And guard me with your shield in horrid nights like these.
Shivering in liquid state. Half-asleep, half-awake.
In the vortex of ill thoughts when I close my eyes I see the black no more.

Shapeless demons feeding from miasmic soul.
Wake me, oh You, Monarchs of the Not or drown me once and for all.
Godless landscapes are my dreams. Endless tunnels of my sleep.
Here I belong where the walls are echoing my cries:
"Phobetor, Epiales, Patheos, Oneiroi!"

The night is not a host. The day brings no salvation.
In hypnagogic trance, hallucinate, each time I fall apart.
Lucid dreams and dreadful hours
When I close my eyes I see no black.
At the Hypnos gates of sleep into the borderland of dreams.

Kneel, my guardian, kneel, beside my feverish body,
and cover with your shield the wreckage left of me.

3. Hymn To Pan

[Transcript of Hymn To Pan - poem by Alister Crowley]

Thrill with lissome lust of the light,
O man! My man!
Come careering out of the night
Of Pan! Io Pan .
Io Pan! Io Pan! Come over the sea
From Sicily and from Arcady!
Roaming as Bacchus, with fauns and pards
And nymphs and styrs for thy guards,
On a milk-white ass, come over the sea
To me, to me,
Come with Apollo in bridal dress
(Spheperdess and pythoness)
Come with Artemis, silken shod,
And wash thy white thigh, beautiful God,
In the moon, of the woods, on the marble mount,
The dimpled dawn of of the amber fount!
Dip the purple of passionate prayer
In the crimson shrine, the scarlet snare,
The soul that startles in eyes of blue
To watch thy wantoness weeping through
The tangled grove, the gnarled bole
Of the living tree that is spirit and soul
And body and brain -come over the sea,
(Io Pan! Io Pan!)
Devil or god, to me, to me,
My man! My man!
Come with trumpets sounding shrill
Over the hill!
Come with drums low muttering
From the spring!
Come with flute and come with pipe!
Am I not ripe?
I, who wait and writhe and wrestle
With air that hath no boughs to nestle
My body, weary of empty clasp,
Strong as a lion, and sharp as an asp-
Come, O come!
I am numb
With the lonely lust of devildom.
Thrust the sword through the galling fetter,
All devourer, all begetter;
Give me the sign of the Open Eye
And the token erect of thorny thigh
And the word of madness and mystery,
O pan! Io Pan!
Io Pan! Io Pan! Pan Pan! Pan,
I am a man:
Do as thou wilt, as a great god can,
O Pan! Io Pan!
Io pan! Io Pan Pan! I am awake
In the grip of the snake.
The eagle slashes with beak and claw;
The gods withdraw:
The great beasts come, Io Pan! I am borne
To death on the horn
Of the Unicorn.
I am Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan Pan! Pan!
I am thy mate, I am thy man,
Goat of thy flock, I am gold, I am god,
Flesh to thy bone, flower to thy rod.
With hoofs of steel I race on the rocks
Through solstice stubborn to equinox.
And I rave; and I rape and I rip and I rend
Everlasting, world without end.
Mannikin, maiden, maenad, man,
In the might of Pan.
Io Pan! Io Pan Pan! Pan! Io Pan!

4. Welcome To The Ritual

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