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1. Showtime

Welcome to the family

2. Carlito's Way

Im hearing every word you say only Im not listening
I hope you regret this
Attack and destroy the line
Speak the words that you want me to remember and Ill take them to the death, to the death
This is a payment of society
If you promise theres no forgiving me
Just a precaution of security
I want it all, yeah
I must walk on the blood of all humanity
To mark the yard where hope drowned, this is the battleground, here we go
Now well set the tone
Youre becoming the sheep and were the cannibals
This is only a game
As you were bending the rules we built our foundation
You think youre big time?
Youre gonna fucking die big time
Now speak the words you want me to forget, to the death
Enjoy the company
I will show what it is to yearn
We'll shake the fucking ground
Lets burn this mother down
It shook before and well shake it again before were done
This is my payment to society if you promise there is no forgiving me
Attack, we will set the tone we will take it all back
Youre the sheep, were the cannibals
This is just a fucking epilogue
Well shake the fucking ground

3. Donnie Brasco

I promise you from this moment on I will strive to be the one thing you hate but will love unconditionally
I wish you happiness in hell
This songs for you
All of you who said theyll fade out then you turn around and say that youre proud
Run home and tell everyone you know we know youre fake
There are no turning back the hands, your words have been heard by all
You said all you had to say so with that said pick it up, go
You have to run faster than that cause its kill or be killed and youre all out of gas
Ive said this once and I'll say it again
You go in alive, you come out dead and its your best friend that does it
Respect is everything if youre willing to lose your life for it
You only get one chance to be someone, with all that I have Ill scream so that you may hear and wake trembling and you wont know if you are alive but you will wish youre dead
Sacrifice yourself, condemned to waking on a bed of blades
With every drop of blood that falls from youll cry
Condemned to waiting for a better day where every road you take leads you further from the sky
Respect is everything
Are you willing to die to get the chance to become the one thing that everyone wants to be but very few will get to see
And when its all said and done and everyone is gone, youll be left with a life thats worthless
This isnt over yet
Its just beginning

4. Righteous Kill

Ive been to hell and back again, waging wars with all who step before my eyes
Redemption is the sweetest taste that I have come to know in natures wrath
I will be there for the christening, and to satisfy your hunger for the reckoning
Youll acknowlegde all my power, reaping all your dealing while breaking every feeling
You must abandon everything, go
While revealing all your secrets to me
A righteous man before me stands a hero in these filthy lands
Start devouring, savages youre invited
No more can they be guarded
Through the fire, this is suffering in its entirety
Open up and wage the suffering
Turning rotting flesh to walls
You must block the sun from the chosen one
Kneel before your bastard son
I am the chosen one, to hell and back again

5. Scarface

Face me and tell me that this was all for nothing
You took the one thing that I had in this world
It brings me to fall to my knees
I pray you dear God, tell everyone when Im gone, when I return the only ones who will die will be all
So say goodnight to the bad guy
You all turned away
What you have done will be done on to you
In a moment youll all be dead
My only wish was to say goodbye

6. Intermission

Steady from the ground up
Take it down
Line 'em up so they can get knocked down
This room is up in smoke, I'm gonna fucking choke
Welcome to the jungle
The daily ritual has begun
Lets blow the roof off of this motherfucker and get loose
Bounce, til the break of dawn
We will be going strong
The wheel of death has come for everyone
This is a real song about our real lives so put your drinks up cause tonight were gonna party like its 1999
This party's done but the next one has just begun
Not drunk is he who from the floor can rise alone and still drink more
This is the anthem of our new generation
So lets take it all down
This is our anthem, get down
Here's to you, here's to me
The best of friends well always be
But if we should disagree
To hell with you and here's to me
Take it down
Now were falling, the ground keeps calling
Set 'em up, knock 'em down

7. Heat

It never stops
Were living in a world of hatred, everything that you have ever loved will suffer
Dear God if youre here listening, dont you fucking fail me now
Because its never too late to die
Dont waste my motherfucking time
Hatred, hatred kills the things you love to pass the time
The sick and weak are the ones who get left behind
Your only hope is certain death
Its gonna fucking kill us all
De-evolutionized and cursed
Were turning back, goddamn
Were becoming animals, killing instictively
Ive watched you fall aprt
Open your eyes
Enjoy the serenade cause it wont last forever, everything is so beautiful
Enjoy the serenade, it wont last forever
Everything is so beautiful
This ones out to all the shattered bruised and broken souls
Hold on tight cause theres no stops to where were going
Hold on tight, it never stops
Living in a world of hatred
Everything that you have ever loved will suffer
Dear God if youre here, dont you, dont you fucking fail me now
Whos ever fantasized to live forever
How could you be so blind?
The simple truth lies in us all
When will this all be over?
Withholding knowledge from the innocent to become immortal
Wheres your fucking heart?
Its gonna kill us all

8. Any Given Sunday

Welcome to youre full of shit 101
This is a crash course for all the fortunate ones
Now there will be no searching for reason so kiss your ass goodbye
Step down, Im fucking sick of it all
We can fight our way out of the light, we can climb out of hell one inch at a time
This is your new resolution
A last chance to redeem your treason
You glory days die
This is reality but not the one you see
All the fake smiles hiding the truth inside you and all of your wretched ways
Now will pay the ultimate price
Scum of the earth
You will suffer eternal demise
Feel these words burn as they come one by one straight into your black heart
Someday a real way will come and wash the scum from the streets
Theres no handouts when your whole world is drowning in a river of greed
So how the fuck does it feel?
How does it feel to be cast out and all alone?
The more you take the less you give
Its all because in the end youre all the same
Wheres your fortune and fame?
Watch it fading away
Wheres your fortune and fame?
Its fading away
Scum of the earth, you will suffer eternal demise
To the highest mountain I will climb just to throw you off and say goodbye one last time

9. Devil's Advocate

If you had to ask me how hard it must be to walk the path that I have chosen, then youre already to weak to even try
You dont have the heart
The struggle, the sacrifice, this is the only thing I know
Its complicated, some say its overrated
This is happening all because of you
This is the dream they said we would never have
Countless years
Weve sacrificed everything to spread the infection
Yeah, so bang your head
Would you fight for what they say is already dead to the point of suffering
This is the path where you dont have to die to go through hell
This is the birth of hate and death of love
We will decimate the human race
Creating the words of your salvation welcome to a new age, a rebirth
This is, this is the birth of hate
Its too late for your salvation
So who the fuck is laughing now?
The struggle, the sacrifice, this is the only thing I know
Its complicated, some say its overrated
This is happening because of you
Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll
Freedom baby is never having to say youre sorry
So when the fix on at full strength and you cannot stop your hands from shaking, whos side will you choose?

10. City Hall

When the dream is so far gone how hard will you push?
When theres no one to follow, how long til you fade away?
Will you stay?
I must stand alone, I can, I am dreams of the day to come
It never ends, theres no resignation
Would you sacrifice everything you know?
Just to stand alone, I can, I am
So when theres no one left to follow, how long until you fade, fade away
I choose to fight back, I choose to rise not fall
I choose to live not die and I know, I know that whats within me is also within you
When the dream is so far gone, how hard will you push?
When theres no one to follow, how long til you fade away?
And when it looks like theres no where else to go, there is
When it feels like youre all alone, youre not
If you dont wanna fail, you wont
If you wanna live, you will
This is the moment that separates you from everyone else
To everyone whos believed in us through the highs and so many lows, we did it and no one can ever take this away
I am supposed to be here
I was born to be here
I can, I am

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