Dark Lyrics


1. Epilogue Pt. 1

JIM: Who’s there? Ben‘ s that you?
Goddamit, show yourself!
BILL: Jim, has being so long.
J: You? I’ve being expecting you.
B: I know, it is now the time.
J: Very well, ah, this way, to my home. It’s a long story you’ve longed to hear about.. Dah!
B: Watch it!
J: Thanks, you know I’m…
B: I know, blind.
J: Yes.

2. Departure

Now inside the night,
It takes it’s time boy
And there,
Sits a man by the shore
Blind he was
He waits for you
Another day

You think you can live forever
Being young you say that all
You‘ve got your Dreamworld ticket
Ahead there’s another world

Scared now,
She ran away from home
That night
She stared upon her mirror’s glow

You believed in the dream
You have now the key
And when the dark night falls
You have to sleep with me

You have to walk each path
and free your mind
Notice that,
You leave your flesh behind
No one else Just you and I
See that light
It’s your Departure night

You now mark my words
There are rules you learn
If you break them once

You return back home
Where you’ll weep each night
For what you’ve lost
The reality of illusion

The mist is all now gone you see
Touch the mirror glass you feel
And you’ll be gone
Welcome son

Searching your dreams
You discovered the world
Open your eyes
You have just found the door
Don’t stand in the cold
Stay at my side

Together we sail
On the edge of this tale
Wrapped in a way
That I dare not escape

Follow me, through this lane
Behold, the gates to the Reign

Searching your dreams
You discovered the world.
Open your eyes
You have just found the door
And given your word
You may walk inside

3. The Reign Of Dreams

In a dreaming trail

On the side of your brain
We've reached the gates of the hidden reign
Within he said, lay all the dreams of men
Some in dark they hide
Others desire the light

Bear in mind a thing,
That this world is just an ilussion.
My story you must long to hear
Oh, this one shall not be forgotten

Always mine
I rule the night
Roaming within
Slave to the reign of dreams

Pain and death
I will fight you
Blackened chamber
I’ll learn to live in you
In the dark
A sun will rise so bright and
As a slave I’ll always scream to you

Always yours
You rule the night
Roaming within
King to the reign

Always yours
You rule the night
Roaming within
King to the reign of dreams
(Pain, King, Reign, Dreams, Slave, Death)

Only master
Blind dynaster
To the Reign
I’m your Godamned slave

No escape.
Silent nightmare
Dead end dream

Please don’t you turn away from me
I need to find myself inside your dreams
Let me heal your pain
Let me hear your name
No! No don’t turn away

I have missed the feel of joy
My only wish eternal glory
This only dream I’ve now succeed
And I have lost what once was real

EROLORE: She died
You should have known that. Yes she did. 1716 there inside that room
Go my dear. Go. Is this eerie? Hahaha. You' ve been deceived like a fool by the siren... Is she one of them? No. No. Go my son, find him. Meet him. Goodnight.

4. Room 1716

One rainy night i drove alone,
Was on my way to combat zone
Seems that an evil curse was chasing me
That for years i had ignored

A curse produced by a wicked priest
Back to the days when i was young
And it stains you
Feels like you're going insane
Things never gonna be the same
If you're trying to hide
Only i can seal your mind

Mesmerize and seduce the crowd
Push them all to praise god loud
Hypnotize them blind their eyes
On promised afterlife heaven skies

It hunts you hard until it takes you down
Face your fate
No other way
Can't turn around

Just another step before my grave
Blood everywhere, can't stand this pain
Just a little bit before i say
It's getting late
My vision's gone
But i will stay alive

Only for tonight
Oh please don't go, don't leave
I ain't dead i'm asleep
Can't you hear my screams?
Don't give up on me

Can someone tell me what i'm doing here?
Oh, someone wake me from this awful sleep
I don't like it here, in 1716
Gets cold at nights and there's no one here

When i writhe and twist never
When i sweat and rip my skin
And when voices in my side
Whisper in my ear
"come to me, come to the reign of dreams”

Doctors speak of a girl i killed
How could i know i can't recall a thing!
How did she die, did she die?
I'll never know, in this state i'm in,
I cannot grieve for her

Countless shrieks in melancholy themes

Rolling lost upon my highway of death
Women, children, all‘ve been cast to hell
Said, i can't go there you ask me too much
Got to show the world
Ought to know what's going on
And now it's taking me down
I feel the space spinning round
For the last time
I saw the sun touching the ground
Midnight falling until sunrise,
It brings the hollow dawn
Father, amen, save me now!

5. Eerie

Charming, beautiful mistress,
Start a voyage in my dream
How she slips in my mind,
Breaks my silence with her smile?
And i'm dancing, floating, swimming,
Like a fool in the ocean of lies
I've been deceived

How she looked in my eyes,
And i can't deny her glowing path
How her magical motions rouse an eerie feel
In a way i just can't take no more

Siren of the night,
Oh just sing to me,
Will you?
Lure me to your flight,
Can you dance for me,
Can you?
Take me to your side,
And i'll hold you tight, an' i
Kiss your lips, it's real,
Now i can't stand this eerie feel

Walk into my shallow tomb
Breathe into me, life
Slave me to your soul

Yet satisfied
To your arms,
I surrender tonight
I realized
I had fallen in love
It feels so real this time

Siren of the night
Oh just sing to me,
Will you?
Lure me to your flight
Can you dance for me,
Can you?
Take me to your side
And i'll hold you tight, an' i
Kiss your lips, it's real
Oh stay with me your my

Siren of the night
Oh just sing to me
Sing to me
Lure me to your flight
Now dance for me
Dance for me
Stare into those eyes
Their inferno fire,
Burn my soul
Sorceress dreams you steal
I can't deny this eerie feel

6. Oneiromancy

7. RK

What? No. Such lies!
How could you speak to me with such repulse?
All I wish is to mend your sorrow,
And all I dream is to see you content,
I’m sick of this masquerade,
Tell me, what can I do?
Open my eyes,
I need to find a way to repent

Is it too late, now tell me?
Is there a way, please help me?
I will do anything for you my love

Promise me this, she said
I left a son behind
When the time come,
You’ll be the one haha to

Guide him, to the Reign of Dreams
Light the trail to me
Walk the lane and take him to my tomb

Hold on to me tight
Walk my way, that’s right
Get away together
Stay just for tonight
Is there a reason I linger in life?
Is there a reason you won’t let me die.

Is this just a hallucination?
Is this just a reverie?

Treachery, Deceit, Ominous, Ominous
Sorcery, Witchcraft, Devious, Devious
Lunacy, Madness, Perilous, Perilous
Tragedy, Terror, Impious, Impious
Fakery, Treason, Succubus, Succubus
Lechery, Mania, Incubus, Incubus
Fiery, Brilliance, Luminous, Luminous
Fantasy, Mirage, Revelous

8. Adaptability

We've reached the end of time
The gates of dawn
The edge of night
Remember all the things you've learnt
Keep those secrets in your heart

Finding your dreams
You discovered one love
One that never dies
Never lies

Walking out of my door
I travel the world
Breathing the air,
I breathe the taste of life

I leave behind that place
I spent a thousand nights
One thousand nights!
Climb so high their walls
I make my way through the deadlights

Rise from bed I run away

All alone now,
I walk a lonely shore,
Trying to live again these moments
I realize the feel is gone
God I'm so glad now
Still I can feel the morning breeze
Upon my lips, it feels so cold,
So real, so pure, so strong

But day after day
I felt her kindness wore away
An empty rusty train
I’m so lost on love's mysterious rail
Oh God, how much I wanted her to stay

They are calling me tonight
My Dreamworld memories

Was no one there
To hold on tight
Alone you were my child

Anyway these days are gone
Mirrors speak what they say I'm old
There’s so much pain this heart can't take it any more

I hear her voice, strange games we play
How she's touching my face I can't run away
I can't believe that Rita Kane is standing before my eyes

And yet she’s there, but my eyes say no,
I can feel her pulse that beats upon my own

She is calling me tonight
The woman in my dreams

Was no one there
My faith has died
We finally reunite

The dream is real
I now believe
I come to you tonight


Still her ghost appears every starless night,
It sits upon my bed,
in the candle’s light.
I remember the days, oh
we danced like we’re one.
I remember the days,
we walked in the sand.

Didn’t wanna see,
didn’t wanna feel
Didn’t want your love,
I didn’t want you to die.
Never wanted dreams,
never wanted dreams,
never wanted dreams,
never wanted

Doomed, forever blind
Made my life an eternal night
Haunted until I die
I gave my love to a ghost
And now I pay the price

I wake in the night an’ I find you there
Tiptoeing naked then you lay in my bed

Curled beside me I taste your freezing breath
Folding around me I feel the zephyr of death

Tricks of your mind it’s just a crazy illusion
Oh talk to me, hold me tight
Isolated, I locked myself in seclusion
Stay with me let us ride the night

There by the shore
Not alone anymore
Sits a man that turns his life
Into a strange distant song
Then he turns onto the sea
And he speaks out
His void soliloquy

Stargazing child
I take my leave
My journey ends today

And now it’s time you know
It seems so long ago
Years tend so quick to flow
So long ago

Return to me, return to life
Leave the “Reign of Dreams” behind
Deny your death, deny this lie
Stay with me
let us ride the night
Finding your dreams
You discovered one love
You may close your eyes

9. Epilogue Pt. 2

Now sweet years have passed
Well I can't go that far
Another night I'm gonna dream inside her
Feels so unreal it only takes a while
You're gone I feel I'm going astray

They said in time you'll learn
To live with all your pain
Her velvet arms she always wraps around me
Please don't succumb to the doom that haunts me
Don't let it swallow your heart

I hide all day
To make her stay
Near the celtic shore
Waves sing her song
You wish for mother's hands
Can't touch you
Alone in the dark
You quiver in cold

You squeeze your pillow
At nights you weep
Cause rita kane has died
So many years

All in vain but my life in dreams
Though now she dwells in god's forgotten realms
Never wanted this
(never wanted)
Never wanted these
(never wanted)
I never wanted dreams
I never wanted anything

"I turn my face away from the bright light of day,
I hide her this way”


Alex Hughes – Drums, Percussion
Theodore "Teo" Amaksopoulos – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Lefteris Germenlis – Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Damien (Damianos-Kosmas) Roussos – Vocals
Orestis Fikos – Bass, Vocals (backing)

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