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2. Dawn Of Ages

Begin our journey back through mists of time
As we arrive at the dawn of mankind
Engulfed in hatred, the world is at war
A sword is made to bring peace evermore

Created by the nobles one
Raised by champions, Great Defender
Assailed by ravenous fury
Conquered and eclipsed by evil splendour

Now man he cowers in fear and in shame
It holds a power which can not be named
What once held virtue is wicked instead
And none can hinder it's thirst for the dead


Over the mountains and the trees
Through valleys and the seas
We stand united on the plain
Mount up the barricade, or meet the end
Against an army of us all
There is no chance we'll fall, hear the call

Through smoke and ashes stands one mortal man
Alone triumphant, the sword in his hand
The worlds destruction at last is complete
A tale of anguish that's doomed to repeat


3. Realm Of Tomorrow

Oh how it shines...
Pried from the fingers of a dead man
Frozen in time of suicide
In death his hand still clutched the weapon
Body betraying the mind

Steel racing through flesh, onto the next victim
Feel the power, spill forth from hell ascended
Sing with no regret, reduce the threat to nothing
Slave to the sword

Journey on! Unto the realm of tomorrow
Journey on! Only the brave dare to follow
Journey on! To meld the soul with the steel
Journey on! No other way to be free

Can't stop, even if he wanted to
Can't stop, not until he dies

He'll feel the peril and the pain, offered by wielding evil's bane
As all who perish by his hand, combine to make a darker man
Sinister visions cloud his mind, his heart turns quick to dark from light


Onward into the abyss
Now what's left?
On the Plains of Aramethea
Slaughtered them all
Consummate this wicked union

Now, conquered the world
Just one more life left to take...mine

Soon he'll learn the truth, he's been used for slaughter
Deathbringer is bleeding his soul dry

4. General Of The Dark Army

Beware the General, his army comes to call on the dawn
Behold the conqueror, the universe will suffer darkness

Face your death with pride, he will watch it and smile
And feel good inside
Senseless, running is, he'll rip you apart
With eyes as bright as stars, he will slaughter you all
Without remorse
He'll swim in the flood, sustenance is blood
There's no end to the night, forfeit your life

Hunger for the dark
Striking for the heart, blackened from the start
His evil crawls into your mind
Sending shivers down your spine, he is the night

Insane, his primal instinct compels him to destroy

He bleeds the ominous, the power he displays is infernal
As fallow death he comes, the mountainside will shake with his might

Crush your soul to ash, no escaping his wrath, he's built to last
Clasping at your soul, he'll swallow you whole
Pain will make him soar, he's impenetrable, in time of war
Terror blinding your sight, paralysed by the fight
He's master of all, the Dark General


Stone the innocents, Know they deserve it
Rejoice in carnage, Know they deserve it

Mark my words, retribution will never come


5. Daughters Of Winterstone

Demand, consume, repeat the cyclical flow

Man, stolen in the night
Ripped right from the arms of his child
Drain the workforce
Torn, forced into the dark
Working for his heart, cold and blind
More than they can bear

Pushed unto the edge of life
And then further
Pushed unto the edge of life
Expire, replace

Overhead the sun it shines no more
Skies opaque with winter's squall eternal

With faces cast in stone, emerge into the light
We'll never return home, with ashes in our skies

Crushed, kicked, tortured
Quick and painless death you will not find
Slowly, surely, purged clean
Growing ancient, lost within the mine
This is our home

Imprisoned and alone, drowning in the night
We are daughters of the stone, wandering in time


Chained to the factory floor, smoke fills our lungs and our world
There is no escaping this well
Cold to the touch yet it burns, fuelling our whole universe
Living hell


6. Battle In The Shadow (Of The Mountain)

Time approaches!

Whispers fill the waiting hollows
Dread comes forth and bleeds the sky
Look no further than tomorrow
No mistake they've come to die
Overcome and fear no more
Come admire the night's reflection
Fires on the hills below
Darkness stands for death's inspection
Phantoms standing row by row
Mourn the beauty lost in war

He'll slit throats and claim victory with haste

Battle in the shadow of the mountain

Fire rises filling the hearts and the
Eyes, raging, setting the fury alight

No subjection!

Battle frenzy moves him forward
Sword has warped his mind and soul
Takes no heed of side or standard
All will fall and he will grow
Every death adds to his strength
Filled with lust for endless ruin
Fate will sing it's wicked call
With the carnage done and through him
He will see he's killed them all
Drenched in blood of innocents

Battle in the shadow of the mountain


Weeks and weeks could be spent
Collecting the bodies that litter the mountainside
But instead they're left as reminders of the fucking bloodbath

Filled with sorrow he falls to the floor
He knows that he is no more
No more

7. Despair

Scrape... harder
Aftermath sets in on me
I am wretched, detestable, worthless

Compelled to comprehend the guilt
To forfeit everything for atonement

I'll hide away to fight the side that's screaming, What have you done?
And the other that's fine with being, The bloodstained one
Myself against me, two darkened faces, which one will win

Take this affliction of the heart
Dull these wounds of sorrow
Beg for attrition from remorse
My soul become so hollow

I crawled and grasped for it, but still, grace eludes me

I could have been the one to save us all
From forces raging
Instead I chose to fade and lost control
And now I'm paying

This agony is punishment for the choice I made
I've never felt so crushed beneath an overwhelming weight
Destroyed by misery, this aching disease, torment deserved


Turn my hands to stone
God knows my heart's halfway there
Just take away my ability to kill
Alter my moral perception
Turn it upside down

I found a place to escape from Two sides of sin
Shed simulation to become Two beasts within
I'll take the pain and build four walls Fortress of shame
Lock me away for a just cause Bloody dichotomy
I can't erase the consequence of Murderous rage
I'll simply take myself away from This ravaged place


8. The Outlander

Hear him calling out
Don't be a fool, cast away this solitude
Behold the wisdom which reveals the truth
Cruel twist of fate, or foretold destiny
Welcome the power it is yours to take

Out of the sun, a figure comes
Somehow he knows of everything I've done
Time to arise, apologize
He leads me on towards the brightening skies


Nowhere to turn, dishonoured
Pulled me from the fire where I laid to burn
He sails away, break of day
Knowing his words forever resonate


9. City Of Iron

I have awakened from the sorrow
My tarnished soul renewed immortal, Crawling to life
And as the horror animated
Manifests I'm recreated, All doubt aside

Step away from the strife, Embrace the rising tide

In the rays of the starlight, I will rise, Divine Empire
In the rays of the starlight, she will shine, City of Iron

Deathlessness is the curse that I bear
One thousand deaths on my sleeve is the cross that I wear

Discern this fortress cast of metal
A citadel for dusk to settle, stronghold of hate
A stark reflection of my power
Hid within a sable tower, marshal my fate

Step away from the strife, Embrace the rising tide


I am the omen, Fatal harbinger
All beware, Days are numbered

I'll part the shadows, let control fade away, planets align
Celestial arsenal, steel-plated galaxy, moons lit afire

Step away from the strife, Embrace the rising tide


10. The Fall Of The Galactic Guard

Hail undefeated protectors, soldiers unfailing in all
Guiding image of perfection, such a long distance to fall, and they fall
Blazing polished armour is fading (Fading away)
Glory turned to spoiled reputation (Spoiled, tarnished)

Butchers, like voracious creatures sweeping the land
Corrupted by the thirst to overcome all

Long ago they protected us all
Now that's gone, just a world full of murderers

Fear, pain, rage, sheer embodiment
Slight, shame, fail, such a disrespect
Kill, hate, maim, see this cowardice on display

We used to welcome their arrival
They served a justice that no other could provide
Now with the days of truth behind them
What have they done, what have they stood for?

Hush…they approach.
No sound, at night, They come in numbers
Be you small child, Or worthy foe, they care not

They have not come here to save us, run
Take the chance and run
Treacherous perpetrators, cons
Detestable cons
Overlooked and betrayed our trust
Betrayed our trust
Terrorize in the name of force
In the name of force

Demons in disguise, deceivers
Masked as messiahs, misleaders
Corporeal curse, cozeners
Bound and bent upon believers

So low…
Doomed and firm on believing a truth
That never was
That never will be

Watch them gather in their masses to march
On against the forces of the dark
Yet, we know not what we hope for or thought
Is the man an evil or a god?

11. Astral Annihilation

Run tonight, lest death find you

There's no escaping from this raging fire
No running from this flaming universe

Watch the stars collide as we fight
Among the far outreaches of the sky

Solar winds are phasing (winds are phasing)
As we forge ahead (as we forge ahead)
Astral fires are blazing (fires are blazing)
Lighting up the path (path)

Hearts are racing, battle weary
Plans are changing with the tide
One man army, winning clearly
His human nature must survive

Like oceans rising, waves of blood consume

Light the sky with explosions
To blind the enemy's eyes

To tear a heart out, there's no greater spoil

Fight with utter devotion
This war will never retire

Scorched as time keeps on fading
Eternal soldiers of dawn (march on)

Gaze upon
Ravished land
Stoke the fire
Coarse black sand

The shattered remains of stars surround us
And wave after wave of planets fall prey to this tragedy
There must be a way out of this constant hateful design


12. Ripping Through Time

Now a blinding flash before me
All at once I can not see
There a spatial gap is looming, anomaly
Something draws me through the curtain
A force only I can feel
Is this the end of my siege?

Eons and light-years away
Far beyond the fires of our sun
Legend will carry this day on and on!

There's no forsaking what little time we have
It's for the taking, a new momentum

Caught within a spinning vortex
No direction, time or place
Falling toward a destination, uncharted space
Will this rid me of the demons
Lashed upon my soul's disgrace
Or will they simply give chase?


There's no forsaking what little time we have
It's for the taking, a new momentum

Wandering the hallways of my life
The visions frozen just for me
Every mistake I've ever made, displayed

The chance to liberate me from my crimes
My soul's rebirth; recovery
I'll tear away and purge my past at last

Defy the laws of quantum gravity
Break through the dimension
Hide in a world of super-symmetry
A space-time horizon

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