Dark Lyrics


1. Pestilential Affinity

Intoxication, ensnared
This blissful existence, complacency
A succubus obscured under a veil of falsehood, beguilement

The mask slowly dissipates,
Virulent true form exposed, maliciousness

Your dissimulation identified,
No longer enchanted by your toxic mendacity

Your graces dissolve into repulsion
Now unearthed, deception incarnate.
A fragmented and tainted, hollow shell

Deeply buried hatred free from containment,
Exposure of your disfigurement

Revelation, tenacity overcome
Circumvention from a life of despondency
No longer intoxicated, free from obscurity

2. Abdication of Servitude

Like drones we serve, since birth controlled
Our minds inscribed with a dreamless concept
Ingrained since our arrival
Bursting from these boundaries I emerge, the one who dares to dream

"Who dares speak!?"
I will disrupt your perfect design
"Initiate extermination"

Amongst boundless fields of mindless subjects, programmed to not resist
Millions of soulless vessels are to be harvested, selected and dissected

The machines tirelessly harvest
I stand in a desert of human dust,
Vaporized remains expelled into the atmosphere, I stand isolated

The machines tirelessly harvest
Gaze upon an empty landscape, the ruins of humanity
Flesh removed, organs extracted, the body is utilised

Nothing goes to waste as the bones are bleached
Monuments, now destroyed, the corpse of civilization
The result of expansion, there is nothing left to dissolve

Mindless subjects programmed to not resist,
Since birth our minds inscribed with a dreamless concept

I will not be your subject!

3. Thy Venomous Coils

From the unknown, the unreachable void,
His slumber has been disrupted

Now he's awoken, his vengeance comes
Awoken by the fetor of a tainted realm
The perpetrators, they must suffer

Emerge from thy chthonic quarters, thy retribution cometh
Through fathoms of spoiled azure, the torrents of the abyss,
The bane of all existence, the scourge of humanity

Breach the fold, surface only to behold this counterfeit sphere,
This soulless, noxious, fabricated existence
Unaware of its inherent perdition

Colossal pillars of hardened flesh steal the sun,
Towering limbs becloud this polluted crust

"Suffocate in my venomous coils
You pestilent swarm of ungrateful affliction!
Fester in my shadow, cower before me! I shall revive utopia"

Now he's awoken, his vengeance comes
Awoken by the fetor of a tainted realm
The perpetrators, they must suffer

"Emerging from thy chthonic quarters, my retribution"

4. The Ephemeral Equation

The universe emanates, transforms and destroys
'Til finally merges into shapeless dimensions
Beyond conception of sentient mind

Virtues and failings are inseparable
Like force and matter when they eventually separate

Delusional group-thinking corrupts the bond
Man is no more
Life is an equation incapable of solution,
Yet contains known factors we replaced with false flags

The complete mastery of mind over this world
Is now a forgotten purpose
Evolution is often eclipsed by our prodigal animosity
The harnessing of human nature to human needs

Individuals are ephemeral,
Races and nations come and pass away
But man remains

One should not be sane to think clearly
Rather think deeply and be quite insane
Universe has a core from which to obtain knowledge,
Which is feared and denied by the oligarchy

5. Nihilistic Theorem

Omens of obliteration speak to us
Yet here we stand endowed, with the insidious belief
Of further existence, beyond the cosmic void

For withdrawal has subjugated us
Through the discipline of a long-dead culture
And the collective madness, of denying inevitable change

Corpses fall like burnt leaves
Yet it's good I haven't known, beyond the boon
That sheds a glimpse of divine indifference

Sentient beings proved to be a dysfunctional singularity
In the quantum evolution,
Grasping reality through the illusions
Left behind by social engineering

The world is a savage garden where things are born and die
Where suffering, is irrelevant to the endless dispute
Between cycles of death and creation

The overarching connections between elements
Is nothing but deception of a superior purpose
That bonds us to fluids and flesh

6. Neutralizer

Kneel down to us, your true god
This agnostic horde,
An encyclopedic legion hell-bent on war

The eradication of the myth our one true cause,
Ruination of the sect,

Too long your pious deception
Has provoked the callousness of man
Your hierarchy shall end

Crush the hollow skulls of the saintly
Upon their tainted altars
Raise their sanctums to the ground,
Set them aflame

"Where is your deity now?"


7. Inhuman Reclamation

Pathetic you stand before me, leader of disappointment
For I have returned, behold, great falsifier
The fruits of your endeavours have tormented this realm
You've taken paradise and created hell

Pitiful you beg before me, parasitic infliction,
Witness the result of the perversion of power
The results of your villainy have been recognised
You've taken paradise and created hell

Clutch your ears, your futile resistance
Recognise your failures. Succumb to my superior influence
Images fill your mind, your consciousness is mine

See your wretched guise, the view from your victims’ eyes
Hear their screams, the cries of infants aflame in your hellfire
Ignited by your greed

Feel their pain, feel their hunger, see their demise
With infinite complacency and ignorance,
Confident in your empire over this world
You took resource and created destitution.

I watch you tear at your flesh, clawing at your skin,
Writhing in despair
My influence shall spread among your legions, across this plague
I, originator, architect, destroyer

8. Pervasive Despoilment

Perpetual ignorance, a latent threat,
An incognito cultivation within the shadows

With feeble open arms we welcome infection,
Our fearful retraction of established convention,
The catalyst

Internal disintegration, your empire collapsing
Your desperate need for integration is the cause of your condemnation
Your desperate need for equality opened the gates for infiltration,
The pathogen uprising

This infiltration comes, total fixation on total domination
Without resistance this vile infection shall spread, a matter of time
They are growing in numbers, swarming like locusts,

The mindless brainwashed, enslaved
This subterranean filth will surface
Overwhelmed, the innocent crushed
Overrun, the ignorant devoured

Without resistance, contaminated
Overwhelmed the innocent will be crushed
Overwhelmed the innocent will be enslaved
The ignorant will be devoured by this primitive plague

9. Forge of Finitude

Planetary spirals on the verge of dissipating into ether
Withering species, antonyms of eternity
Astonished by the visions of chaos in spiral motion
For we are bound to the forge of finitude

Branded by the forge yet blessed with the promise of free will,
Destined to return and engulf the cosmic foundry

Elliptical orbits slide through wormholes
Dragging planets in their wake,
Reverberations of agony permeate the very essence of matter

Rhetoric winds consume these barren wasteland
Even when corpses are erased by vermin and oblivion,
We still worship the vultures of destruction

Hail to thee, vultures of elimination
We linger in a state of caustic incubation

Cathode cages are built to purge
Our Vitruvian sense of belonging
Trapped in the shadow of long-lost memories

For we are bound to the forge of finitude,
The source that creates yet dictates
All things must eventually end

Federico Benini: bass;
Doug Anderson: drums;
Daniel Herrera: guitars;
Ross Piazza: guitars;
Ben Wright: vocals.

Recorded at Ritual Sound Recording Studio.
Mixed at OTB.
Mastered at West West Side Music.

Thanks to horrus9593 for sending these lyrics.

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