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1. Awaken

A dense, dull quiver can be felt from far away
Morsels whirls all around, melting down
An aberration into the womb breaks the microcosm
Aurora of a new abstract and elaborated macrocosm
This irrepressible fever plucks on stimulations
A dim halo appears at the heart of this randomness
Its bracing radiation projects patterns all over
The splendor conveys me into a boiling torrent
Freed from the womb, an overwhelming light surrounds everything
Expelled through this intense breach
A whole new set of perceptions gives warmth
The cosiness of gestation has come to an end
Genesis of a new cycle, the dawn of life
As this intimate alcove transforms into a peculiar place
A protective entourage builds up, fulfilling me with great motives
This thirst for the unkown goads me to leave my nymph
A will to fully value every portion of this vast realm
Precise shapes appears as the bewilderneness of the elements is lessened
Merely displaying the underlying fabric of the environment
And I open my eyes to see a...

2. Frost

...gray landscape filled with pitch black clouds
All heat has gone sensing frost
Frost, surrounding everything, freezing it
Trapped into thy consciousness
A flawless void pours into the indefinite shell
Extinguishing the inner discomfort, drowning it
And wiping the haze out of these glass bulwarks
Emptiness of Everything magnifies thy sensitivity
As the pain slowly resorbs and lets the channels free
Motionless ashes structures the horizon
Mentally building an uneven grid
Polygonal nests modeling brightless patterns
The only visible waypoints giving a comprehension
An understanding of the depth of this non energy
The subconscious strings can be felt now
Controlling the actions as a puppet master
This manikin state avoids me to make mistakes
Every little stimulation reproduces an ersatz of freewill
Informations runs through these freshly born pits of senses
The revigorating effect buries the verity of the context
Now the assimilation (is done), host of an education.

3. Hail

Walls of rain washes out the innocence
The magnificent flood carves the letters down the flesh
Hierarchy slips into the felt strings - Alterating it all
Facing the preys as if they were real threats - Schism
Paranoid illusions leading to an higher step of evolution
A lull in the storm
Scattered clouds
At the break of the day
The allayer of fears
Dissipates the marks
Dries out the swamping lands
As water resorbs, ground can finally be seen
Very first sensation of an embodied existence
Fertility welcomes an higher comfort
An abode where experiences can melt.

4. Exmersion


5. Buds

A stream, a motion
Lifting matter through the bonds
Sentience of knowledge
Healing the scars of innocence
I rationally straighten the surroundings, theorise the randomness
Scraping the surface, infinite bandings are exposed
Hypnotised by the vertigiousness of things to come
I break the ropes of whiteness out and burst into buds
Getting closer to a well-defined path
A chess-like game where all pieces are mine
Buds, sprouts
Boundless in cognition
Escalating the tower of Babel
The coiled design mesmerises me
Am I taking this for the promised land?
Bemused by this opportunity
The fragile balance is lost
Too soon to dive in, too late to scarper
I glimpse the agressive vastness of this mental fluctuation
Essence is corrupted by vice emanating out of knowledge
And that unbeatable volition of tasting to ultimate perfection collapses
Magnifying the shadow of failure toward the ramparts of sageness
Now is the moment where my reign begins.

6. Awe

Unleashed, the components takes over everything with no consideration
The will to annihilate every element of this abhorrent scene becomes ripening
A fierce ocean spills toward this already botched up kingdom
It is now my turn to draw strings shackling this disgusting matrix
At the apex of the obelisk, order can be determined beyond one's sight
Escaping the uncertainness of these realms
A ceremony to seat the presidency of a now frigid blossom
Desire spouts down the surface
Eroding this illusion of wellness
Once taking one's lump through hail
I am now casting it back, hampering it all
Evoking awe.

7. Quittance

A regretful instant breaks
This is not the road leading to fullness
This is not what I wanted to reach
This is not the place I belong to
This is not where I was supposed to land
This is not the aim of this routine
This is not why I did build this
This is not a conclusion
This is not who I was meant to be
Why this discrepancy
A cause lost into fraudulent behaviors
Depicting a strong weakness of the self
All integrity shattered in million pieces
Mislead into temptation
This is not a denial, this is the true face of resentment
I demand redemption for all my transgressions
Prepared to strip myself down to the gist
A deafening silence slants over this desert
The burn of these distresses is extinct
I feel now freed from that perturbed shallowness
Ready to take one last impulse and lift off
I am aloud in the escape
Allowed to leave this place.

8. Limbo


9. Plenitude

No longer connected to the ground
The ultimate ascension is triggered
No longer obstructed from my condition
Everything is revealed
Curves crossing and dead ends are all past
The vivid chunk is standing out in front of me
Still out of reach it irradiates my essence
Last breath before air turns into light
The dim contrast of the experience vanishes
Colorless patterns are filled with a permanent brightness
The convergence of every challenges and disillusions
Spurs me beyond the very state of grace
A measureless momentum where matter and mind
Collapses together to commute into Plenitude.

10. Finale


11. Dew Upon Shapeless Bounds


12. Winds From Untold Memories

13. Promises Of Our Early Days


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