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1. Declaration Of War (Intro)

The ultimatum has been stated,
And time has expired.
We can no longer see this world
Being dominated by hypocrisy.

We declare war,
Seeking freedom.
We will no longer stand
Alienation crawling over these lands

We shall crush their heads,
For now war is inevitable.
With hateful eyes
We stare at the enemy that shall be beaten.

Behold our armies!
Behold them advancing
In the name of blasphemous freedom.

Destruction and bestial devastation
Is what we offer to our enemies.
Death to their dogmas and doctrines.
We shall mercilessly crush their empire.

We shall establish a new order
No gods, no masters, no religion.

2. Catholocaust (War To The Catholicized)

A revival of crucifixion
To end this weak addiction
Of accepting god's mistakes

The awakening of human nature
Against god's whims and perversions.

Never again shall guilt and fear
Command human behaviour
For a catholocaust shall erase
The idea of a holy saviour.

Total human deprivation,
By psy-catholic education.
Total nature misconception
To be destroyed by
Our war declaration.

Declaration of war.

Even more than your messiah.
Victim of our holocaust!
Is that your god's desire?

3. Black Metal War Commando

Elite troops
Ready to attack,
Destroying hypocrisy
As a way of life.

Mass hypnosis
Assaulted with hate.
Violent interventions,
Made to provocate.

Fully loaded weapons
To aim, shoot and annihilate
Religious mind domination
And their preachers of fakes.

Hungry for revenge,
War is what we shall taste!
Hungry for revenge,
War is what we shall taste!

War has been declared,
Peace is not an option.
Black metal commando
Shall attack with
Unholy devotion.

4. Through War... Destruction Of Heavenly Corruption

Corrupted by "good",
Confusing the truth,
Angelical topics
Exposed human wounds.

Hear the screams
From the abyss.
Don't dare to spit rules.
This war is your deed
Hatred on me!

War of revelation,
No acceptance of redemption.
For too long the divine hand
Has swayed humanity's cradle.

Such filthy corruption,
Spreading mass illusion
And, finding no retribution,
Humanity's led to destruction.

Bombing christian ideology,
Holy institutions fall to pieces.
Inverting heavenly intentions,
Like christian crosses inversions.

5. Unearthly Warlord (Evil Force Attack)

I've come
Proclaiming war,
I've been breaking
God's sent commands.

I've been unleashed
To unmask christian preached lies.
Attacking holy institutions,
Delusion of heavenly retribution.

No more christian preached lies
Shall have importance
On human life.

Die, servants of the light.
The unholy revenge is here.
Christianity's death is near.

Rise, servants of the night
Attack by all means
Every slave of god's whims.

Preacher of masked fakes,
Be the victim of our rage.
I am the cause of your god's woe
Bringing revelations
Of unholy truth.

6. War Over Promised Land... The Anihilation

Marching forward to destroy
Pseudo-humans and their joy,
Terrorizing christian lives,
Destroying faith of all kinds.

That inhuman race
In the promised land

Destruction of religion
In god's own dominions

Destruction of the promised land
War over the promised land
Annihilation of the promised land
War over the promised land

A church is in sight: DESTROY!
Christianity's is in sight: DESTROY!
Hail war, annihilate: DESTROY!
Hail war, annihilate: DESTROY!

7. Hino De Devoção Aos Deuses Da Guerra

8. Zyklon B (Second War Holocaust)

So much pride,
On being the eternal victims.
So much pride,
On have being easily beaten

So much freedom given
To a filthy race.
So weak they are,
Proud to live on disgrace.

Allegedly having
Their god by their side
Doesn't necessarily
Make them right.
Unleashing second holocaust,
For punishment shall be repeated,
Attack their greedy new found joy.
Zionism must be destroyed

They are targets of our rage!
We'll destroy their entire race.
We'll bring holocaust back.
Zionism's disgrace.

9. War Hate Disgrace (Destruction Is Iminent)

Where lands were created,
Allegedly by a peaceful master,
Death rises in the air
Proclaiming disaster

War / hate / disgrace
War / hate / disgrace

A deeper examination
Of what reality is,
Shows that god has failed
We've fallen into the abyss
In the chaos
Of god's invention
Humans are victims
Of god's "biggest inspiration"

10. Unleashing Unholy War

Raising our weapons,
Christianity is our target.
War to destroy
The reason for blindness
Attack with a stone heart,
We are unleashing unholy war

Revealing against
A weak saviour
Of heroic corruption
And humanity's
Self destruction.

Attack by all means
Every christian belief.
Conquer their lands,
Install the flag of sin.

Install the sense of confusion
Over "world peace"
Christian illusion.
Total war to eliminate
Institutions made to alienate.

War, war, war, war,
War to eliminate the
Installment of blind hope.
War, war, war,
War to eliminate the
Followers of the cross.
War, war, war,
War to eliminate the
Installment of blind hope.
War, war, war, war...

11. Marching To War... To The Victory

12. Mors Et Destructio Sanctis Rebus (We Are The True War)

Mors et destructio sanctis rebus! [3x]

We are the true war!!!
War, war, war, war!!!

Lord Thoth ‒ Vocals, guitars
Tyr ‒ Guitars (lead), guitars (acoustic)
M. Mictian ‒ Bass
Leghor Suppay ‒ Drums
Hostis Daemonium ‒ Keyboards

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