Dark Lyrics


1. Murder The Messiah

To watch his mutilation
And his sublime face
To wrinkle in pain
Tears running down his face

Murder the messiah
Prophet of illusions

Our hate is eternal
We condemn his dogmas
His coming to earth
Will be chaotic again

Murder the messiah
Prophet of illusions

We are marked and we accept
The number of the beast
Spread our and your desires
During centuries we have waited
For his return
Your martirium...is ready

Pain, disgrace
In his cross again
Pain, disgrace and agony

2. Rise The Scents Of Death

Quiet and obscure look
Before a devastated land
The scent of death rises
And it is present everywhere
Clear revelations of intolerance
Battles everywhere

The angel of death present
Satisfies his dark wishes

Every ripped out soul
Is like a prize
Christian lives agonizing
Ritual must go on
More deaths are necessary
Let you massacre
Kill your enemies
With only one short

Kill all hypocrisy
Crush all false hope
Wake the eternal pain
The scent of death rises

3. Thrust The Flag Of Sin

Fixating human nature
Feelings and actions
Without fear of punishment
Of summary condemnation

Without the real knowledge
Of each being's interior

Install your feelings
Without pre-judgment
Of what's good or wrong
That's the satanism we defend

Thrust the flag of sin

Opposition to all dogmas
Destruction of doctrines
Crushing alleged sanctities
That's our way of life

We don't kneel nor prostrate
Before inert figures
Pathetic statues created to press
Join us to install the flag

4. Commando XXI

Power violence
Poor humans
Live your life

Life for the dust
The fortune circle
It's not more a circus

Dog laws
Do not pass about
Critical existence
The men laws

Olhos de sangue
Que trazem a guerra
O ódio e a esperança
De uma fé cega

5. Age Of Chaos

The age of chaos was installed
Inert on violence
Terrible by the chaos
Much has spoken
But any as proved
The age of chaos
When the crucified was idol

Call your name Maha Kali
Call your era Kali Yuga

The age of chaos was installed
Lies and false
Answers were exposed
War for your name
Kill those who are against
Behind this bastard era
The age of chaos was installed

Call your name Maha Kali
Call your era Kali Yuga

No mercy, pay for your mistakes
It is not novelty, we kill for nothing
It is not today if this era has

6. Incarnation Of Salvation

He is already between us
Walking between people
Commanding his legions
His is a not different
From me or you

Make the ritual
That you believe
It's a false law
Blind doctrines

I'm incarnation of salvation
The way and the truth
I'm the light and the faith
I am the Antichrist

The god's face, now I possessed
The triumphal turn is now

Humans without soul
The vengeance does not pass
Of a request of justice
The vulgar era has devastated
The truth was sealed
Now the chaos for the
Christian souls

7. Lullaby For Lucifer

8. Anthems, Marchs And Warsongs

I hear songs of war
Carried by the strong winds
Coming from the battlefield

Anthems of preparation

The war continues
Attacks are inevitable
They didn't succeed to stop

Anthems of preparation

Marches that anticipate the battle
They couldn't control our onslaughts

We are determined to crush
The church and the lies
We are determined to destroy

Anthems of preparation

They will feel the steel of our bayonets
Punishing through their flesh
We will see in their eyes
The despair of their soul

Anthems, marches and war songs

Their blood spilling itself
Through our hands
Stains the ground we step on
Through the earth

Anthems, marches and war songs

9. Revelations Of Holy Lies

We are cruel dogs
We came to reveal
We are called heretics
His doctrine of pretense
It will be totally destroyed
With the fire...

What burns in our eyes
His decimated faith
We will stain with our blood
The great book of the lies

All his greed
It survived for centuries
Telling a dissonant hope
Our blood boils

Revelations of holy lies

10. Orgy Of Flies

[originally by Sarcófago]

There was a time
When all countries were only one
For divine reasons, scientific laws
The human have different colors
Yellow, white, red and black
These are colors of fashion
The one who created us had cursed us
With the gift of life and death

War after war
We have learned nothing
Hate is still alive

In the battle camps
In the wooden shacks
In the streets of the cities
Orgy of flies
Over unemployed armies
Orgy of flies
Under your nose
Orgy of flies
Over a billion corpses
Orgy of flies

War, hate, anguish and pain
These men, poor humans
So satisfied with others' torment
We want the end of this world
Never will give chance to peace
The flies will forever continue
In their orgy over the corpses
Hate is still alive

Felipe Eregion ‒ Vocals, guitars
M. Mictian ‒ Bass
D. Arawn ‒ Guitars (lead)
Mauro M. Duarte ‒ Drums

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