Dark Lyrics


1. A.I. Aftermath

2. A New Myth

Tradition is our doom
Old scripture is the cancer
The time for ancient symbols
And old values has run out

Our systems are crumbling
Our actions are disturbing
Misguided, alienated
Sleepwalking towards the abyss

Misread mythology
Overrated superstition
This neo-obscurantism
Is the root of our downfall

We must see past religion
And transcend our self and culture
Stress skepticism, break all chains of prejudice

Secular and free from dogma
And systems of belief
A new myth

Maybe there's the key
To a new dawn for humanity
To a new myth

Spirituality and morality
Free from doctrine
A new myth

Learn to train your mind
It's time to find the answers within
Time for a new myth

Expel every taboo
Give way to honest conversation
Far from bias and self-righteousness
Open up to questioning beliefs
The truth lies beyond what you want it to be

3. The Delusionals (In The Name Of Faith)

The very substance of our living,
The essence of what lies beneath
To believe or not to believe,
There lies the question...

What is true? What is false?
Life or death it's what's at stake,
To stay in touch with reality
To truly try to understand

Listen to those who talk
Watch what they stand for
Form your own thoughts
Don’t be led astray
Find the source, believe them not
They might seem, well intended lies!

See what they have done,
The pain that they have caused,
The hate, the shame,
That faith has brought us all
The cost we've paid, the lives at stake,
The blood they've shed, in the name of faith!

The path of reason is full of enemies,
To succumb to empty promises of eternal life is to allow the fear to fester, to take control

Once the eyes of faith have opened confirmation's anywhere

Once belief in afterlife has conquered
Intolerance prevails

Wake up from the deluding slumber
Of the ancient lie

The common places of our language
Conceal the vacuity and strangeness
Of many of our beliefs

Subdue the fear, cast out illusions
Embrace what's real

Wake up from the deluding slumber
Of the ancient lie

4. A Marionette's Lament

As if everything I were, just an illusion of control...
The self-deceptive sense of being someone else

As if I had a choice, pulled by the strings of
Predetermined fact.
The only way to learn, is to accept and see the facts; for what they really are!

Choice, fate, guilt, will, thought, goals,
Merit or fault, only mirrors of the delusion
that you call " yourself"

Freedom, decision, act and volition, all superstition, source and cause, only a product, just a result of space and time.

Love or hate, lust and faith, fail or gain or simply insane;
the strings that determine your sense of
experience and thought... are being pulled again!

A marionette's lament, the realization of lack of control, prisoner of your own thoughts
never to understand exactly why.

Only a marionette's lament,
Only a marionette's lament.

The strings that make you what you are,
Are the strings that determine what you'll never be

The strings that attach you here and now
Are the strings that will detach you from existence!

5. Terror Management Theory

Permanence is an illusion we all love to feed and entertain
We give it form, meaning and names
And in our denial we distract the truth collectively
The unnameable…the ultimate...

The terror lives in me 
This fear I can't escape 
But I should face 
This fate I can't change 

It keeps me up at night 
The awareness of the end 
Should I embrace the darkness ahead?

All these fabrications, every single thing we use to escape
Make who we are…or so we think

Bittersweet's the flavor of existential delight
Have it as much as you can, it's all you'll ever have
Don't let the illusion fool your senses

Completely out of control, your emotions get the best of you
It's the fear you lock inside buffered by your self-esteem

Anxiety...need and pain…
Oh please death come at (at last) once and rid me of them!

6. The Climb Of Sisyphus

From the day you are born
You are fed with the illusion
Expected to play a role, to serve a purpose

No room for inquire
No questioning allowed
Just forced to join this herd

Then your naive self is all wired
Full of ideals, hopes and desires
Another fool to join the race
What is it that you expect to get?

Eventually you'll realize
There is no winner, there's no prize
Where is it that you expect to arrive?
Rolling this boulder all your life

Controlling, possessing
So urged for the outcome
Constantly missing
The wonders before you

Scheming and planning
Obsessed with tomorrow
Too busy with anticipation
To savor the moment

At the top of the hill the boulder will roll
Life will have happened while you pushed a stone
Doomed to start over like Sisyphus before
'Til the end of your days.

7. Empire Of Ashes

Wake up to the stench of rotten doctrine
Cult of the absurd
Witness the incoherent domain of pseudo knowledge, followed by its herd

Delusion and blind faith as core life values
Otherworldly fantasy
Freedom of belief at the expense of countless lives
Dire lunacy

Vacuousness of speech,
Ideological bankruptcy sugarcoated by sanctimonious preachy hypocrisy!

Bigotry, misogyny, demagoguery
The poverty of your thinking will be
Laughing stock of future eons,
The ruins of your theocracy
An Empire of ashes it’s all that will be left!

Antithesis of reason, antagonist of logic
The core value of your doctrine is indistinguishable from mental illness.
Alienation, clouded judgement, the insanity of your toxic rationale:
World destabilizing stupidity!

8. The Prison Within

Perception is the mother of deception
Just watch how interaction, semantics and perspective
Change the way you feel and think
We are not the ones running the show

We're mere survival machines
Vessels for our genes generation after generation

Consciousness is nature's cruelest joke
The phenomenon of feeling like someone
Who isn't really there

The experienced world
Both construct and fact
Come to terms with the bars that lock us in

Your states of mind
Constantly deceive
Learn to deal with the prison within

Prisoners of unexpected change
Slaves to biology in a cage of flesh
Vulnerable to our complex chemistry
Nowhere to be found is the one we so call "I"

It's never been about how happy you can be
But more about how to survive
When you accept the temporary nature of things
Oblivion may be the only place where you'll be free

9. The Existencialist

Impossibility overwhelming me
But I'm done trying to figure it out existence
There is no meaning, purpose, destination
Only the burden of the here and now

Another made up escape
To cope with all of this

All we can have is distractions
From inevitability

I am the meaningless trapped in an absurd world
I am the existentialist
The big picture I see and the causality of it all
I'm terrified to think there isn't more than this

Another day another pointless race
All so caught up in their catch 22
So lost and drowned in hopeless routine
Condemned by time and oblivion

I struggle everyday
To escape the apathy
Fleeting joy, then hell again
The abyss smiles at me

I am the meaningless trapped in an absurd world
I am the existentialist
I am the troubled one
Trapped in the prison of the self
I sometimes crave the end to set me free

I treasure so much the here and now
But then it too soon becomes the past
Existence is the wax of the candle
And time the flame that melts it away

I am the anxious one
The over thinker I can't escape
I am the existentialist
I'm terrified to realize there isn't more than this
So I often crave the end to set me free.

10. Dawn Of Reason

Nicolas Bermudez: guitars and vocals
David Bermudez: bass and backing vocals
Alejandro Rojas: drums

Thanks to bermudeznico for sending these lyrics.

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