Dark Lyrics


1. Poisoned Soul

[lyrics: J.Perez]

Deepest wounds rest in the
destruction of a pain
that still lives and hurts.
Damned wounds openned by
a situation and a lost moment
leaving eternal traces

Negative consequences creates
confuse situations,
opressing the weak minds
of those who change their lives

Adversed experiences obtained
that carried us to uncontrol
Poisoning the soul
for believing in something.

Insatiable repressed desires,
limited roads of ideas,
ignoring possible solutions
limiting us to the established

creating inconsistence
killing the tomorrow
closing the eyes
we see that it doesn't matter anymore

Damned wounds that left eternal traces
poisoned soul

Adversed experiences obtained
that carried to uncontrol
Poisoning the soul
for believing in something.

2. Learned Helplessness

[lyrics: D.Bermudez]

Following the flow
Dragged by the absurd
remains or existence
suffoccated by constant agressions
to what's sacred

Fighting with distress
to recover the lost
Running through the maze
that only offers
the mortal certainty
of our inevitable confinement.

Indifference lies hidden
under the form of demagogy
Our wrath remains helpless
And the latent impotence drown us
Depriving fair men from his honor
submitting em to the eternal shame
To final resignation

The nightmare reappears everyday
Hiding itself under
the tense atmosphere of the trivial
Reminding us that our survival
Depends only on the fragile temperament
Of an implacable violence
Indiscriminated an merciless.

Living this eternal
and cruel masquerade
We find ourselves unarmed
exposed to the
expectation of the unexpected

The inminence of atrocity
intimidate us
becoming our nemesis
keeping us in the absolute present
as our last promise.

The dizziness of reality is now
Our feared and final hell.

3. The Lower Man

[lyrics: D.Bermudez]

Beyond understanding
Where anger flows
The thruth of our nature
lies hidden
Unreasonable questions burning our minds
About our future, about our past

Scratching the doors of knowledge
Searching the lost kingdom of piety
Through time and space
Looking for something that we never lost
In a grotesque feast
of self compassion.

Kneeling before
his own uselessness and fear
Blinded by his own anger and pride
Caressing his own poverty
Sinking in his own misery

Digging the grave of his last ilussion
Drowing in the sands of homesickness
Lies the lower man.

Creeping sloth devours
His worm eaten spirit
Takes him to the road to hell
Made of self indifference and wrath
Appeasing his frustration
in the hope of eternal life.

Always wondering why, never wondering how
Waiting for salvation
Seeking the thruth outside
Ignoring It lies, in eternal struggle
Lives the lower man.

4. Lymbic Zone


5. Consummatum Est

[lyrics: D.Bermudez]

Disorder instigation
Social disease
War is untying before the inminent
civilization's end,
Distorted thoughts
murder counsciousness.

Elemental instincts emerge as low
Survival replaces understanding
And death rises as a worship icon
Now virtue is a corpse in decomposition.

Social involution, lost of reason
Force prevails over intelligence
Impelling the inevitable
return to the animal instinct
While ideologies evaporate
In the massacre's warmth.

Excited multitudes
crawl to the vortex
Their elemental passion is to kill.
Their appetite and voraciousness
devours hope
There's no other way
by their self destruction

Social involution, lost of reason
Force prevails over intelligence
Impelling the inevitable return
to the animal instinct...

The inexorable destruction
marks life extermination

Consumatumm est.

6. Unchainment

[lyrics: N.bermudez]

I have been rescued by understanding
It got me out of an invisible prison
Out of the cemetery of rout
off the blindness universe

Lifeless minds murdered by failure
Bodies hanged by chains of resignation

I'm escaping through
the tunnel of knowledge
So although it seems to never to end
It is the only exit
to the paradise of comprehension.

Ihave been released from
the false ideas temple
I have been released from
the mediocrity temple
from the learned helplessness temple

My wounds slowly will heal
the scars from the chains will erase
A battle inside I will win
Then new lands I will conquer.

7. Syndrome Of Alienation

[Lyrics: D.Bermudez]

Ignorance embrace us with its dark mantus
The past chase us, impregnating us
with its effects
Their errors and utopias arise over again
Through our acts.

The possibility to find the way
to perceive and interpretate events
In a coherent way
Is vanished, is contaminated
By external influences
Unrelated to the rigorous
searching of the essence
Slanted by the desesperate necessity
of knowing it all
Kepping as the last purpose
the satisfation of personal interests.

By this way we will never find the way
To the acceptance of our nature
Rationing lies inmerse in a eternal lie
As result of the infinite confluence
of conceptions.

Distortion of the facts
manipulation of hope
Advantaging of ignorance
immerses true knowledge

Subjecting us to the eternal vanishment
of knowledge.

8. Hipostasis


9. Tormenta Interna

[Bonus Track]

David Bermudez – Bass
Nicolas Bermudez – Guitars
John Perez – Vocals

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