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1. Blame Game Trap

[Lyrics: N. Bermudez]

I dare you to look
deep inside my errors
don't you see by chance
a familiar face?

Hidden beneath human pride
becomes invisible
Lost in the sea of slanted views
becomes imperceptible

Blinded by the urgency of solutions
clarity can wait for another day
pointing out from your comfortable position
you forget to get and insurance for errors

The lack of objectivity is our
self settled trap

Now you are falling in disgrace
Have ran your race in vain
Always ignoring the hidden face
Filled with tiredness and dejection
You have fell and loose
In the blame game trap

Stumbling and falling
in the search for understanding
forgetting this condition
as result of alienation
playing the role of maximum creation
condeming brothers in the name of perfection.

2. Face Of Emptiness

[Lyrics: D.Bermudez]

Deceptive form of perfection
Lies around the putrid
bouquet of success impragnated
by sceptic desires of beauty an arrogance

Slave puppets of skin an vanity for sale
in a ninety-sixty-ninety
magnetic-cocktail conversation
Waiting to justify a cosmetic existence

Articial touching confection
false commiseration
in fancy dressed
Face of indiference
wearing a suit
in a sarcastic emptiness magnification

Vulgar elegance appetites
dancing satisfied by pride
in the slow valtz of degradation
around the sofisticated icon
of unconssiousness and luxury.

3. Under Threat

[Lyrics: D.Bermudez]

The trap is beside you
waiting to devour
every second trying to subdue
your unwelcomed efforts

Twisting and standing down the storm
containing the fury of the clash
resisting the power of the established
Holding to avoid ourself extermination

Listen to the lost voices of those who fell
under the voracious appetite of the machine
remember everyday that this chance could be the last
cause we all are under threat

Fighting to survive
in the middle of the tragedy
trasgressing the jealous realm
of this bizarre theater.

4. Serpent's Lick

[Lyrics: D.Bermudez]

I am the serpent's lick
dressed in the casock of the truth
exploiting your emotive nature
you will love to be my slave

Feed me with your ignorance
I will satisfy your emptiness
By the power of the words
I will lead you into confussion

I will tell you how to live
I will tell you what to love
I will tell you how you'd wish to die

I only am what you would be
If only you could be it
I am the serpen't lick

Improving the art of deformation
mastering the skill of manipulation
In the name of freedom and justice
Information will be
the most burning of your adictions.

5. Ghost And The Machine

[Lyrics: D.Bermudez]

Who is "me"?
The machine that vibrates with pain?
What am I?
an inner ghost that guides my hate?
Who is "in there"?
A divine comander from a higher soul dimension?

What is "me"
Am I an improved animal
scultured by culture?
Is there an "in there"

I am not the ghost trapped inside
I am just the possiblity made act
Not the machine moved by will
I am in fact the one who acts

No guilt, no merit, no will
I am the interaction become fact
the result of my own action

The ghost in the machine
A trap settled by the past
The source of real confussion
Your self inflicted guilt

I am a confluence of the universe
I am the past, I am the environment
I am not inside, I am not outside
I am your act in me, you are my act in you.

6. Desperate Human's Path

[Lyrics: J. Perez]

Tears of blood are falling
all over my eternal darkest doubt
Floodind the way to the reality

The abyss of uncertainty grows deeper
and it's infinite darkness is the internal dread
that becomes the owner of my soul

...and in the individual internal fight
the answer to the riddle of the fear
appears more confuse, distant and abstract...

Tears that put out the hidden flame of the knowledge,
living in the ashes, the bitter after taste
of an inconclusive act from a lost age

Tears of hate that step to defeat another battle
in the Cold War,... for survival and recognizance

Tears that put out the hidden Flame.

7. Behind Mankind's Disguise

[Lyrics: D.Bermudez]

Living everyday in the imperceptible
uncounscioussness of our condition
The anaestetic innertia of existance
drags us smothly
helping us to forget
the true essence of our nature

Emotional creatures
made of pride and desire
clumsily hidden beneath
the deceptive mask of duty
and rationality

Forgetting the basic rule of the relationships
"What I mean to you is just what your need from me"
Love, hate or importance
is everything the same

Running everyday to satisfy
the meaning of the odd ilussion
A suffocating truth that only
death will take away
Because life goes on for everybody else.

8. End Of Grace


9. Infestation

[Lyrics: N. Bermudez]

The creeping lethal plague
Is now breeding inside the weak
the misfortune of our kind is beyond
the conception of weakedness

Plague of ilussory hope
Takes control and only leaves frustration
Bringing on the catasthrophic syndrome
of alienation

Subjection to imperceptible impossitions
hidden in kindness in atractive form

Silent insertion into
lacking of reason organisms
for devouring lifes and to nourish
with one another's hopes
this kind of blight
sells you cures and solutions
but what mankind is really buying
are doubts and confussions

May be in apereance edifying information
Do you know over what you are building on?

Now views are becoming everyday more obtused
conceptions without foundations
as food for the miserable.

10. Gates Of Deception

[Lyrics: D.Bermudez]

Where can you draw the limit for deception?
when is the final frustration?
How can I find the source of control?
Does my pain increases your strenght?

I am looking for the way out
to stop the screaming of the soul
to understand the reasons to be
to decifer the strange riddle of interaction
I am at the gates of deception

Your false concern
misleads my sacrifice
impurity inundates
usurping my genuine intention
fragments of my innocence
Stunt of a dream
Leaving just the ruin of a paradise for rent

Like a laughing joker
conditions appear to me
to show my own desolation
to demonstrate the misery of existence
saddly dressed like ilussory hope.

11. The Warning

[Lyrics: N.Bermudez]

Coming suddenly
invading silently
crushing slowly
the crucial moment arrives

This words you can (hear) read
but you will never learn
till the beast devours
the last piece of your being
So the warning is here
be the strong one that survives

Crashing once, crashing twice
you will never know
when it's gonna end
Once I said: this chance could be the last,
But sometimes the animals are deaf
living by their selfish genes

Losing perception of acts
becoming the feast of time
and one of those who will fall

Living in the random of posibilities
we are the animal devouring or dying
dragged by the change of times.

12. Mirrors Of Dejection

[Lyrics: D.Bermudez]

Back to the window of the lost ilussions
Reminding the sea of forgotten emotions
Where clouds of emptiness fill the sky
the answer to the riddle lies murdered

Opening the door to the invisible
waiting for the imperceptible
guided by the trace of my bleeding wounds
I am searching for my own forgiveness

Now I just hear the silence so noisy
now I only can look into the dark
seeking the cure to my own deception
I close my eyes to the past

Getting closer to the mirror
I can see the other side of the end
guided by the trace of my bleeding wounds
I am searching for my own forgiveness

Escaping from the beauty of this tragic Me
I fall free into the arms of my next past.

Alejandro Rojas – Drums
Nicolas Bermudez – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
David Bermudez – Bass
John Perez – Vocals (lead)

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