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1. Screams' Warrior (Intro)


2. The Night Of The Bastards

No piety, nothing to say
No forgiveness, no pray
No justify, no escape
No reason, no words

It's written in our hearts

Kicks, punches, cuffs
What do you prefer?
This is only the beginning
We'll cynical this night
Think to our lies
Think to our promises
You must pay
For everything

This is the night
Of the Bastards
This is
The night
...your last night

Ten stabs! That's what
I have Do with you

Revenge for our right

3. Burnt Alive

I got a story to tell (you)
It's about my secret passion
I burn the people alive
using different ways
Watching a body while it's burning
and its screams spread

Theirself through the space
in a silent night
the smell of his flesh ravish my brain
my ecstasy is covered in a terrified body
With a jerry - can

I don't use knives or guns I need just
A lighter It's so great vision to see

A running man
Wrapped by the flames
An human brand running to an inevitable death
I think to be a genius not a madman
Burnt Alive Burnt Alive

This is an art not a homicide

Burnt Alive Burnt Alive
No complication just Burnt Alive

4. No Satan No God

Stupid people, you believe
In something unnatural
You need Christ... you need Satan
They're the different sides of
The same coins

No Satan No God
Angel of the love
No Satan No God
Angel of the death

Catholics prey their god
Satanists sacrifice their life
but the human mankind can't survive
Only the strong survives

No Satan No God
Think by yourself
No Satan No God
No esoteric presence

Use your brain, no fuckin' imposition
It's your life, it's your energy

Weaker men follow the holy lords
painted guys like in a carnival show

Disgusting slaves of a surrealistic religion
I'm free without God and Satan

Religion isn't good for myself
preying your personal god show your weakness
Scream for your Satan, Satan doesn't exist
Burn the religion you will be much better
Subjected to the cross
No Satan No God

5. My Pride

Pointless life trying to earn money
Subjected to your job and fashions
I got my pride, I got my life
I don't care about your life
No stupid rules for me
You're condemned to be a faggot
slave of yourself
I got my pride,
I got my life
I don't care about your life
Institutions, religious media,
False idols
I wanna be free
I don't need your comprehension
I don't wanna your friendship
Enjoy your ephemeral context
Without emotions and passions
Following success
losing your personality
Be happy, you got your shitty life

6. I'm The Motherfucker

Hey you stay, away
I'm a fuckin' bastard
I don't wanna talk about anything
I don't care about your point of view
I just follow my instinct
I know only hate and disgust

Fuckin' loser you suck
Fuckin' loser you suck

Hey you, ridiculous worm
crawl following any fuckin' trend
Taste the cold of my gun
I'll shoot you till your
Brain will lump out your head
('cause) I'm a motherfucker
This is my life

Fuckin' loser you suck
Fuckin' loser you suck

It's so great feel
your bones
crashed by my fingers

I'm the motherfucker
You'll cry I'll laugh

7. Suffocated

8. Mass Execution

Fuck you bastard
Die bastard

Extinction, pain and torture
are my vital strength
Piece of shit
Don't escape, fucking

Gimme a reason to
leave you on earth
Suffer in silence,
Don't scream, don't cry

Every day I need to kill, with my
gun, only this way I can satisfy
My fuckin' attitude
It's a cerebral orgasm to see
Piled bodies
It's my pleasure,
it's my life, relax
let to die

Gimme your brain
Die by hands
Relax, let to die

Everyone is killed
Different way

Don't ask me
Why I do it
Don't ask me
Why I do it

9. Lessons Of Madness

Here's guys some rules
to be a madman
Love the death
Excite your self through
human's suffering
Choice your victim
among the living
Learn to suffocate
his instinct
Consider him
as your personal toy

Look in his eyes
Search for the respect
Like a puppet in your hands
Shubbing his morality
Use your personal parameter
No difference between hate and love
Show in any situation your violence
Follow the poize of brutality

10. Prelude To...


11. ...Chainsaw Massacre

I'm ready for another day
Another day of hard job
(Chainsaw Massacre) [x3]

Here's my fellow
I love my chainsaw
It's incredible listening
It's fuckin' voice
The while it's
cutting a couple of arms

Every place is good
to find another victim
to submit at my chainsaw
I prefer a woman
I like her innocence
her naivety
I worship her voice

Terrible - Death - Monster
I smell
her perfume
with blood
I can listen her shouting
sensation of strength
I feel myself
I wanna rebuild
Your body in me

12. B.C.N.

13. My Desire! Your Extinction

During the night I always dream the same thing
I don't know the reason, I wanna do it
Waiting the moment to satisfy my self
I imagine your life destructing by my own hands

It's a fuckin' fever, I got the evil inside my head
You think it's a perversion, I think it's a desire
It's unrational pleasure, I have this in my mind
Fucked with a gun, cut up by a knife

Disjointed by a saw, strangled by a string
There is no difference, I wanna your suffering

Your unarmed body on the floor, it's a fantastic vision
I like to kill without stopping

The final extinction is my law
Enjoy my idea... you'll die

14. Dead Man Walking

Closed in this cell
Waiting my hour
Thinking about my life, misery, violence,
By the pang of hunger

You state, you're condemning me, you're killing me
Don't ask me why I have killed
You have condemned when I was born
Now, I'm dead man walking

Few minutes, justice will be done
Your justice, law of who can live
I'll pay my fault, a seat will be the last throne
You will be free, you can condemn
we condemn you You will be never accused

You state, you're condemning me
you're killing me
Don't ask me why I have killed You have condemned
me when I was born Now, I'm dead man walking

That's the end of a life without future
Of an useless existence only this you gave to me
Few minutes, a priest will ask to me
"Pray the 'God'" Embrace the faith
I got no God, that's why I never had a life.
Desperation and anguish were my unique fellows

You state, you're condemning me, you're killing me
Don't ask me why I have killed You have condemned me
when I was born
Now, I'm dead man walking

15. Rip Off...Fuck Off

16. That's All (Outro)


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