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1. Breathing In A New Mentality

I'm the desperate
And you're the savior
There's been something else
Talkin' in my ear
Someone save me
When I Speak It begins to decay
I'm not about to bury myself
Oh, God! My hands are shaking again
Calm down! Now I can't feel the floor
And my vision takes it's toll on me

Oh, God! It's racing through my veins
I'm afraid there must be some kinda mistake
Oh, I'm in over my head again
reach in and grab a hold of me
I'm so scared that I've started to slip
They say that I'll never change
I'll prove them wrong
It's over
I hear the calling but its passing through
Clean me up show me how to live
Tear me down
Let me start again

2. Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home

I'm no leader I'm just a mess
It's not the way it's supposed to be
It's just the way that it is
I'm afraid we are all victims here
And the one whose in charge
I've lead us all astray again
Oh, how the plot thickens!
Are we too far gone?
We always assume the worst
I'm afraid no ones listening anymore
I'm freaking out
I'm so sick
I'm making me sick
Don't look down
The only thing in my way is myself
I'm just thinking out loud
How can I still be alive
I should've been gone so long ago
I can't get away from it all
I messed up like I always do
I gave you nothing
I took you nowhere
You're still listening
The world around me
Has taken a turn for the worst
I'm left alone
Climbing to the top
Should I jump should I stay
Can I make another day
I am the one whose wrong
God forgive me

3. A Fault Line, A Fault Of Mine

I'm not scared, but this is happening
I'm not afraid, but this is real
It all comes at once
From every single direction
This time I'm not sleeping at all
How could this be real
I've failed you
I was lying when I said
I was looking north
I was too scared to show what I am
Bear with me this is all I have left
This might be more than a simple conversation
It's been dancing around in my head
For quite some time
Just the thought
Of cleaning up myself
I stare at the wall
Watching my time float away
It's all been a blur
And nothing will change
I was lying
This is defeat

4. Emergency Broadcast... The End Is Near

At the end of it all
We will be sold for parts
We will try to rebuild
But we ate it all away
All ambitions now run dry
Someone stop this thing, turn it off
In search of new life
Nothing will be left to walk this earth again
Turn it off...
Our hopes and dreams
Will be swallowed
We always said it wouldn't end up like this
We will be the new ice age
We will be the new plague
Disguised as a colony
We will wipe them all away
Feast your eyes
Or just rip 'em out
This is it for us
It's time to panic
We always said it wouldn't end
It wouldn't end up like this
We are the cancer
We are the virus
Tell me it's not too late

5. The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed

Someone has sown me shut
And tied me to a bed
They locked me up
Oh, God!
This is where they all
Throw me to the wolves
Dragged behind and trampled on
I can't keep clawing at the jaws of hell
The silence is killing me
Nothing to calm the nerve
Write down my thoughts
And read me my rights
Repeat, repeat, repent and repeat
The cycle never really ends
'Till they admit that it's real
Everything is leaving me wondering
I hate that I'm questioning
You're everything
This is how it seems to me
I've drowned myself in self-regret
This is how I wanna be
This can't be how I wanna be
They just spin in perfect little circles
And that's all they know
Nothing's right, just left alone
Sinking in will be just fine
None of them will ever know

6. We Are The Involuntary

Just drifting along with the world
Every motion is paranoid and paralyzing
Give it up or give 'em hope
Let us all survive the wake
We, we're a race, a human race
Under the glass behind it all
Watch us crawl so fearfully
I might be wrong after all
But weren't we just so delicate yesterday
Sit back and think about it
Sleep it off, sleep on it
Come to, and make your motions
Listen up
There's a calling ahead
A desperation
A falling of man
We are all lost in the sound of separation
Hands in the air and love at our sides
There's gotta be something bigger
With the beating in our throats
And the tremble in our grip
This can't be it
I'll come up for peace
I'll come down for truth
I'll give in, I'll give up for you
The floors are shaking
And we've lost our step
Oh Lord, have mercy on us all

7. The Created Void

Let's do this for each other
Let's do this for truth
I give for you, you give for me
Let me take you somewhere I can't explain
I'm stumbling right in front of you now
I won't refrain from guiding you there
Normal is not so far
Was it just a dream
Or something much more
We are not alone
Since you agreed to follow
It's all in my head, if you want, you can look inside
There's nothing but red and all the mess I've been
It's all in the way I say what I don't mean, and mean what I don't
I need to speak of you and what is real
They will never understand
What eats at our insides

8. Coming Down Is Calming Down

Facing forwards, sinking in thin air
Help me to learn to breath again
I know I've lost my way
So show me
There are demons inside my head
I always let them win
I have to learn to suffocate them
The lost ask for a hand
But I can't stop, I never stop
I've been losing my footing here
I'm all mixed up in this
I need some kind of change
God make it stop, I can't make it stop
This place is getting smaller
Everything in your darkest thoughts about me might be true
I hear the words you say, I still feel nothing
I put my voice out there for you to hear
But the words never made much sense to you
I've lost my path
I'm fading fast
Time is short
Time is up
This is really my plan
To get out in one piece
Is this really your plan
To keep me lost and on my knees
I say redemption
Can someone help me hold on

9. Desperate Times Desperate Measures

I've been crawling around in the dark for a while.
Sprawled out across the floor.
Not collecting dust anymore.
Define me a parasite.
Define my host.
Trapped beneath the floor.
I slowly waste away.
Now I pull my frail body into the chair.
And look me in the face.
Oh, disappointments, so disappointing.
This may be my last one.
It's gonna be good and hard.
It might be a touch out of key. (a touch out of key)
When this thing breaks.
I will be you
You will be me.
I pray that this is really happening.
When this thing breaks.
I will be you
You will be me.
Let's hope this is short lived and riddled with disease
Oh, God the noise! Is ringing in my ear.
It's so unclear. (so unclear)
I hear them talking.
But can't make out the words.
Speak up. Speak clear.
I hear them talking.
But can't make out the words.
Speak up. Speak clear.
God, where have I been.
I'm terrible company. With zero apologies.
My God where have I been?
Where have I been?
While I sink to the bottom.
I'll sing out as it fills with water.
I hope I've done enough.
When this thing breaks.
I will be you
You will be me.
Let's hope this is short lived and riddled with disease
When this thing breaks.
I will be you
You will be me.
I pray that this is really happening.
I'm worn out.
I'm worn thin.
I will never break through.
I'm worn out
(Where have I been)
I'm worn thin
(Where have I been)
I will never break through.
(Where have I been)
Let me out.
Let me out.
Let me out.

10. Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear

Good God, if your song leaves our lips
If your work leaves our hands
Then we will be wanderers and vagabonds
They will stare and say how empty we are
How the freedom we had turned us up as dead men
Let us be cold, make us weak
Let us, because we all have ears
Let us, because we all have eyes
How they knew that this would happen
We're so run down
Good God! Can you still get us home...
How can we still get home
I'm not dreaming
We're forgetting our forgiveness

11. Desolate Earth... The End Is Here

You said there was nothing left down here
Well I roamed around the wasteland
And I swear I found something
I found hope, I found God
I found the dreams of the believers

Oh, God! Save us all

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